The Enchanter
(Major Character, Ignis)


The now-disbanded Court of Darkness


260, appears late twenties to early thirties.



Other names

King Oleander/of the Court of Darkness, the King of Shadows (a name he stole from Oberon)



Hair Color

Black, after his possession is ended it drains to white


  • Cannot lie

  • Severe reaction to iron and ash wood

Identifying Marks

He has black hair and very pale skin, tends to dress in all black with a plum cape

Body Type

Tall and slender, little muscle.

Skin Tone

Very pale, pasty. Any color it had fades after his possession.



Eye Color

Dark blue, turn all white after breaking free of the Erl King's possession

Facial Hair


Hair Style

Swooped back out of his face


Average, maybe a bit below




Planning anything from an assassination to a party, manipulation, magic.


Very loose posture, uses lots of gesturing when he speaks. Prone to send black, slightly sparkling wisps of magic from his hands if he's upset.


To put it simply, Oleander wants the best. He wants the best court, the best wife (or wives), the best palace, the best magic, etc. and will stop at nothing to achieve this. On a deeper level, he wants to be known, whether through admiration or fear.


Manipulative, violates the personal space of others by entering their minds, ruthless, cunning, overdramatic, hedonistic, doesn't think his actions through.


Against humans, believing them to be foolish and weak, and against the rulers of the seasonal courts, particularly Spring due to his disagreements with the late Queen Juniper.


Finding new young women, fae or human, to kidnap and make his bride, plotting, hosting elaborate parties, burning mortal villages to the ground, lounging around.

Personality type

Oleander is charming and suave, but beneath his seemingly pleasant exterior is a manipulative sociopath who will do anything to get what he wants. After an attempt at enchanting a fellow Fae backfired, he swore off of them and vowed only to corrupt mortal women, believing them weaker. He is very overdramatic and enjoys theatrics. While he was a hedonist and quite overambitious, the more vile actions he makes are the doing of the Erl King, a powerful entity that he summoned and allowed to possess him in order to gain power in a brash attempt in his youth. Once freed from this possession, Oleander is wracked with guilt and vows to kill the Erl King for what he did.


Near-unlimited power when possessed, but drained of it all when he's freed. As he recovers, he gains back some light manipulation.

Favorite possession

His plum colored cloak and his crown of silver, which resembles laurel leaves.

Lovers (Current and Past)

Not really "lovers", but...
- Arranged in a political marriage with Poplar, though neither were in love
- Married Autumn nobility Esther Greybriar for love, and she left once he was taken over by the Erl King and turned monstrous, even though she stayed through his affair.
- Cheated on Esther with Calla (his bodyguard) and Esther soon returned home to Autumn.
- Met Maia Greybriar in the Woods and became infatuated with her; used his magic to enchant her and force her to love him. The enchantment only lasted for a year or so before ending, and Maia escaped
- Met Marya Lenotes, a baker, and smoothtalked her into joining him in the faery world. The two had a fairly steady (although not healthy) relationship until he met Lavinia
- Met Lavinia Grey, a tavern maid, and convinced her that she could find recognition through his court. His attempts to seduce her failed, and he eventually forced himself on her. She fought him off, but he enchanted her for long enough to force her to wed him. She attempted to stab him, and he had her mutilated and tossed into the dungeons
- Ophelia Carinter is his latest...interest, a mortal girl he lured into a faery circle

Closest Friend

Before his possession:
- Poplar
- Aspen
- Titania
- Esther Greybriar
- Calla
- Cypress
Lavinia Grey, for a short period of time

Favorite animal


Favorite weapon

His mental manipulations and his black sword.

Favorite food

Plums and faery wine

Favorite color

Black and dark purple


King of the fallen Court of Darkness


He wants power, as much as possible and as soon as possible. Enjoys ruining human lives when possessed, and is responsible for the faery raids.


Very highly educated in both classical and acedemic topics


May 17th


King Hemlock and Queen Wisteria of the Court of Darkness


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