Lavinia Grey


Bride of Oleander
(Major Character, Ignis)





Other names

Vin, Lady Grey, Lady Lavinia

Full Name

Lavinia Helen Grey



Hair Color

Deep red


Had one of her hands cut off and the other broken for attempting to stab Oleander when his back was turned. He also cut her throat and mutilated her tongue for speaking out against her.

Identifying Marks

One hand is missing at the wrist, and cannot speak

Body Type

Fairly tall, skinny

Skin Tone

Very pale



Eye Color


Facial Hair


Hair Style

Long and ragged, tangled.






Manipulation, used to be a talented musician


To survive, or to die taking Oleander with her.


Formerly reckless, doesn't think things through, pessimist, withdrawn.


Against the fae


Formerly music

Personality type

Lavinia is polite and withdrawn, frequently avoiding conversation even before she had her tongue cut out. She tends to seem disoriented or dazed, often staring into space, and seems cold and unwelcoming to those who don't know her. When she latches onto someone, she latches on tightly and will do anything to protect them. All she wanted was to find a place where she could move above her position as a peasant woman, and she got dragged into all of this.


Cannot bleed to death, Oleander still uses this to mock her, lewdly referring to her as 'the inpenetrable Lavinia'

Favorite possession

A pendant, which she received from her parents.

Lovers (Current and Past)

Forced into marriage with Oleander, she loved him at first before realizing his true nature. Felt very strong love towards Marya while she was alive, but she isn't sure if it was truly romantic or just a desire to keep her safe. Eventually meets Prince Christopher Norwood and they become friends, bordering on romantic.

Closest Friend

Marya Lenotes (deceased)
Ophelia Carinter
Christopher Norwood

Favorite animal

Any and all songbirds

Favorite weapon

Her small silver knife

Favorite food


Favorite color

Red and silver


Lavinia was an orphan of the first faery raid, living in the village of Saturnae when it was burned down. She traveled to Bassen, where she worked as a maid and later a waitress. At age seventeen, she met Oleander as he returned from a trip to Oro. He offered her a position in the faery realm, along with the power and glory it would give her, and Lavinia (tired of working long hours for next to nothing) accepted his offer. She returned with him to the Court of Darkness, meeting his current wife Marya Lenotes and his second-in-command Calla, with whom she spent most of her time. Oleander eventually tired of Marya Lenotes and began to make advances on Lavinia. At a dinner party, one of Oleander's nobleman friends (Lord Cypress) made a series of remarks towards Oleander about his many past marriages, implying that he would eventually leave Marya Lenotes for Lavinia. Oleander used his magic to suffocate Cypress as the other guests watched in horror, eventually releasing him after an amount of time that would be fatal to a human. Lavinia left the table soon after in shock, and Oleander followed her, cornering her in a hallway. She repeatedly asked him to let her be and he refused, forcing a kiss on her. Lavinia kneed him in the groin and ran to her room, where she stayed until she heard a shrill scream in the early morning. Oleander had forced Marya Lenotes to stab Cypress repeatedly in the chest, and then plunge the knife into her own heart. Oleander then cheerfully announced that he planned on marrying Lavinia that afternoon. He used his magic to force her to say her vows and marry him, but she managed to sneak a knife from Calla's supply and hid it, strapping it to her thigh. When he arrived in her bedroom that night, she attempted to stab him but failed. Oleander dragged her to the dining hall and forced her to cut off her own hand, then cut her throat so she wouldn't be able to speak, as well as mutilating her tongue. After nearly dying in the cells downstairs, Lavinia convinced Calla to let her go to the Pond, which is filled with a thick silvery water that grants immortality and is housed within the palace. Lavinia threw herself in and managed not to drown, gaining immortality (as in an inability to die via old age, disease, or natural causes) and the inability to bleed to death, which keeps her from dying of her injuries. She stayed in the palace for three years, being dressed up and paraded around, until she met Oleander's newest bride-to-be, Ophelia Carinter, and decided she couldn't let Ophelia Carinter end up like her.


October 5th


Art image credit to the Girl Maker Picrew by Ummmmandy, it's amazing and I highly recommend it!


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