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Jona sighs.

"It is the egg of a particular magical insect called a burrow grub. Can you guess its diet, Eve?" he asks.

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Jona smirks.

"I'll leave you in its tender care for an hour."

He places the orb on Eve's skin, where it quivers then bursts open, dozens of green insects - no, worms - swarming across her body and burrowing in.

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A loud ear piercing scream rang through the room as she shook her body in attempt to get the bugs off of her the pain she could feel when they burrowed Into her skin was nearly unbearable, she could feel them inside of her under her skin eating through her like it was nothing she screams lasted about a half of the hour given to the little devils until she was hanging unconscious by her wrists blood dripping from tiny holes left in her body from the bugs the blood trickled out of her lifeless looking body but even in her sleep she could still feel them the never ending pain as her screams continued In her mind

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After an hour, the burrow grubs worm their way out of Eve and wriggle off into various corners.

Jona chuckles as he examines Eve.

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"Oh, you're not even anywhere near your limit, are you? I'm going to break you and enjoy it."

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"You can lie to yourself all you like. As for what I want from you. . . that's not up to you."

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Jona reaches over and grabs a small, curved blade. He examines it, then smiles.

Getting up, he moves behind Eve. A moment later the blade cuts through her skin.

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Jona laughs cooly, slashing Eve's back once more.

And again, he slashes. And again. And again. Until the ground beneath Eve is splattered with blood.