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Jona walks back in front of Eve and starts laughing cruelly when he sees her face.

"What, no witty comeback? No sass or sarcasm? What happened to your bravado, Eve?"

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Jona gives Eve a dark look.

"And how much longer do you think you can keep that up?" he asks, a hand crashing against the girls face, rocking the girl's head back and sideways.

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"Probably not much longer, huh." Jona smirks.

He lifts Eve's head up, examining hes cooly, then lets her head drop.

"No permanent damage. Good."

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Jona looks a bit intrigued.

"How is it that you still have the strength to fight against me? I am quite curious."

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Jona sighs.

"Well, what else do I have that I can do? Hacking bits off is a no."

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Jona kneels in front of Eve, grabing a knife.

"We're going to play a short game. How many cuts before you pass out?"

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Jona slides the blade across Eve's arm slowly, making a decently sized cut.


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Jona makes another cut, a bit of blood smearing on the blade.


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Jona snickers, cutting down to her wrist.

"Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten."