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"Exactly. So could you blame if I was crazy? No matter how bad you had it, Eve, I had it worse. Even if I did snap and torture you, do you think you'd be alive to talk about it right now? No, you wouldn't. That's how I know it wasn't me as I am now. As I am now, I wouldn't even kill a spider."

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Jona sighs and lands again, sitting down and bringing his knees to his chest.

"I know. . . I'm just. . . done. With being treated like I'm a weirdo, a freak."

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"Don't apologize. It's not something you have to apologize for." Jona replies.

"Anyways, I'll go now. I've said basically what I wanted to say. You'll know how to contact me if you want to, though I doubt you will."

He gets up and starts walking away.

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Jona turns his head away and starts walking again.

That night, a letter appears in Eve's mail: unsigned, unmarked. It had a phone number, and nothing else.

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Jona lays in his bed, staring at his cracked and scorched ceiling.

He'd done that himself.

He looks at the deep gouges in the plaster walls, the poorly patched holes.

He'd done those too.

He looks at the scratched and stained floor.

That had been him, too.

The entire room was a tale of what Jona had been through after getting out of the military. He'd been mocked and ridiculed for being too scared to go out.

He'd been teased for being scared by the slightest loud noise when he finally did manage to go out.

He knew what Eve was feeling. He knew she didn't have the tools to help herself, though. He hadn't even had the tools.

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She was laying in her bed actually asleep for the first time in a while she was laying peacefully at first before she started dreaming, about what had happened she could feel it all over again the pain the blood, her heart beating and when she would try to wake up it would only get worse she saw him his skin the face the scars everything mimicking 'Jonathan' she hadn't even noticed she was screaming she couldn't stop the pain and the fear was unbearable she'd had dreams before but nothing as intense as this one

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Eventually, Jona manages to pass out, into his own fitful sleep.

He wakes up an hour later, sweating, sitting up fast. He looks around his room, confirming he was still home, then slowly lays back down, falling asleep again.

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Jona jolts awake at roughly 11:30, drenched in sweat.

There was a vague smell of burning, too. He sighs and extinguishes the embers of the fire he must've started in his sleep, rolling out of bed. His ratty sweatpants on the floor somewhere.

He couldn't be bothered to find them.

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Eve grabbed a robe and wrapped it around herself her body shaking slightly due to a draft in the room, she made her way down stairs and to the front door looking through the blinds if the window next to it, all that she saw was her usual pile if mail the mail man would leave on her porch she took a deep breath and unlocked the door before opening it and stepping outside, grabbing the small pile of letters she looked through them quickly before retreating back to the comfort of her home and locking the door once again.