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(Im sorry I keep calling jona they/them I just never had a character like this 😭)

She smiled a them and nodded "well I appreciate the gesture and I will gladly accept I'm starving I haven't been able to go to the store so I'm without food for the moment. " she giggled a little and flipped on the light switch in the living room and walked over to the counter slipping on a jacket that was on a stool

@Nyx-Is-Engaged-To-Jaiden! health_and_safety ac_unit

Eve smiled and walked over to where the food was and grabbed the bag her we can sit in the lounge and eat it'd be more comfortable I've mostly got all my furniture moved in but today is my move in day. " she laughed a little bit as she guided bona into the lounge and sat Indian style in a comfortable looking charge all her furniture was quite nice so was her house she was luck enough to buy this place it was beautiful but so cheap…