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Jona laughs softly.

"I'm not really trying to scare you, Eve. I just want you to understand."

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Jona shrugs.

"I truly don't know."

But through all of this, Jona doesn't mention that it doesn't matter if you were inside or outside. You'd get murdered either way.

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Jona thinks for a moment then curses in what sounds like Norwegian. After a moment it flushes, looking embarrased at its outburst.

"Sorry. But, uh, I'm going to have to stay here tonight. I live on the other side of the city."

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Jona looks sheepish.

"Sorry, Eve. I didn't mean to stay for so long."

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Jona waves away the apology.

"It's fine. I've had worse places to sleep."

It starts taking out all the metal in its ears and on its face, then takes off its jacket and shirt.

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Jona turns.

"Oh. Yeah, you too."

It knew exactly how its appearance affected men and women alike, but right now it was feigning innocence. Eve would never be able to tell.

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Jona sighs.

Damn her. At least if she lets her guard down I can kill her easier. it thinks, laying down on the couch.

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Jona falls into the trance-like state that takes the place of sleep. Its gone at the first sign of dawn.

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At about noon, Jona was flaying another family in a magically silent room. At about 2, it finished up with that and removed all traces of its presence from the house. At 3, it bought groceries for itself, then bought a couple things for Eve.

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Eve had mostly spent all day roaming around the town trying to get acquainted with everything and at about 4 she was back home she had bought so food and a couple other things for her house that she would need she unpacked as well before lounging in her living room reading a book

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Jona knocks on Eve's door, holding a couple bags.

It had decided that it would wait awhile before doing anything. Build up trust and whatnot.

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Jona holds up the giant bags.

"I figured you can never go wrong with a mountain of fuzzy blankets."

It pauses, embarrased. "And I lost my house."