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Yenaliis hopped back onto the horse, grabbing its reins. "Shall we go deliver a message?" she asked, clicking her tongue twice and the horse began to move.

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Donnie laughed, forcing the horse to start into a dead sprint toward the capitol. "We shall!! We shall indeed!!" She cackled into the wind


Esmeralda sighed when Jaquiez spoke.

“Alright,”she said quietly. It was unclear if she was surrendering the fight, or if she was just too angry to say more.

She didn’t seemed to react at all to Alzayz’ frown. Though, her brow furrowed in bewilderment at the sight of the heat waves, and she glanced at Jaquiez, having overheard him. Were those heat waves actually magic?

Marithen nodded at Alzayz, ignoring Esmeralda. He was a bit too irritated at her for the moment, but he planned to talk to her later about keeping her hatred for On’nyosh more contained.

He then noticed the heat waves, and he blinked. Glancing over at Jaquiez, he started tapping his chin.

“Are you sure, Milady?”he asked.

“Well, that explains a lot, Jaquiez,”On’nyosh commented with a snicker.

On’nyosh noticed Alzayz’ frown, then the heat waves. He chuckled, feeling the room warm up a bit. It was a pleasant change. He had always considered the throne room a bit too cold for his liking.

“Lady Cicada, I believe you underestimate yourself. Can you not tell that you bring the heat of the desert with you? By the idiot gods, how I’ve missed the heat, and you’ve definitely improved the temperature in this fucking cold ass room. I think your emotions, such as your aggravation at Miss Queenie here, influence your abilities. I may be wrong though, I’m not a mage,”he said.

He ignored the foul look Esmeralda gave him.


Alzayz paused for a moment, the room didn't feel any warmer to her, nor had she felt the cold On'nyosh had spoken of earlier. It had just felt, normal. She hesitated for a second before reaching out to Jaquiez figuring that was what the sorcerer wanted her to do. The air around her cooled down significantly as confusion and wonderment had overtaken her earlier anger. In an almost whispery voice she both answered their questions and asked her own, "I, I didn't know. No one has ever told me about me, uh, making the room warmer before and I've never felt such a phenomenon. I didn't even realize the room would be cold by my normal standards until On'nyosh had brought it up."


(Well, some somewhat unexpected news. Arya is on hiatus for the moment for health reasons, and apparently Lynn deleted her profile [I have no idea why, I noticed it just now pretty much])
(So, @ShadeStar, what do you think we should do? Do we dare attempt this as a OxO, or just call it? Or, maybe even restart/remake this as a OxO, same two main characters, same basic concept [maybe?], and just wing it? I’m honestly still passionate about this story, On’nyosh is a favorite of mine, and I love Alzayz)


(Honestly. I think this as an OxO could work really well. If you want to remake or keep going is up to you. (Also wtf? Lynn was literally active earlier today. I wonder when the delete happened.))


(Hmm… now the hard call of remaking or continuing, lol. Though, I suck at taking over for other people’s characters, so I might end up making a new thread. Still debating)
(I know. If I had to guess, she deleted it within the past handful of hours. I’ve asked a couple other people if they know what happened [unfortunately they’re not on right now], but the only thing I can think of is she got too busy to keep up with the site. Otherwise, I’m completely lost, uncertain shrug)


(Coolio! At me if you end up making a new thread and don't worry, I suck at taking over characters too. (Yeah, this sucks but it's not uncommon. Hope Lynn's doing alright.))


(Yup, I’ll probably do a new one, just for simplicity’s sake. I’m just wondering how to modify it. Because, I don’t want to dominate the rp with my characters [that wouldn’t be fair to you], but I’m also debating if I want to change some of the plot, or even where On’nyosh is situated. I don’t know. I’m open to ideas)
(Yeah, I’m learning the hard way how common it is. Lynn is, I think, the sixth rp buddy of mine to leave, and all within one or two months. Heavy sigh. But, nonetheless, I hope she’s doing alright too. And I also hope Arya gets better)