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(Alzayz’ mark actually made me realize that I didn’t come up with symbols for the gods, so… I just did, grin)

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Name: Jaquiez
Aliases/Nicknames, if any: The Sorcerer, Jack, Ruiner of Parties
Race: Mezern native: tall, lanky creatures with keen eyesight, long tails, and exceptional hearing. They are interconnected with nature and the magic that surrounds it. Avid worshipers of Seida’faen (correct me if im wrong im just making this up lmao)
Age: 18
Gender/Sexuality: Male - Demisexual + panromantic
Description: (Please include height) tall and lean, he has deep mocha colored skin and silver eyes. His hair is a little less than shoulder length, and matches the hue of his irises. He stands at about 6’6”, with a constantly sorrowful expression. He typically wears a long black cloak, adorned with silver embroidery and topped off with a silver headpiece with the symbol of Seida’faen.
Personality: Very timid and soft spoken, He simply only views his existence as the sorcerer for the king. He gets incredibly nervous when spoken to about anything other than sorcery, and typically keeps to himself
Backstory: was stolen from Mezern as a child for his notable skills. His captors were soon taken by the kings army, and realizing how precious an asset this child was, brought him to the King. He was raised in the palace by a fellow young Mezern who taught him how to use his connections to magic before she died. He since had been in service to the king, and knew nothing else besides that service.
Notable Powers/Skills: able to control the plants and earth of the world, and listen to what they have to say. Because of this, he can somewhat see what is happening in the far off distance, but not too far as his magic gets cut off. He can also create light by calling upon the power of Seida’faen, and imitate some of her abilities. Is able to empathically persuade people to his will
Other: His eyes have the ability to make anyone submit to whatever he desires of them. He is ashamed of this ability, so he never holds eye contact for more than a few seconds with anyone. He also is missing a tail as per some unknown reason


(It’s alright. And that works. I like him!)
(He’ll probably hate On’nyosh, because he’ll be constantly trying to get him to open up, lmao!)

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(Yep!! That’s why I chose that personality XD)


(You’re good. Alright, I’ve got a King and Queen, and I’m thinking of just dropping the Commander)


(Here’s the monarchs)

Name: King Marithen Avernok

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Marithen the Giant

Race: Human

Age: 29 years

Gender/Sexuality: Male, Straight

Description: 7’2”, 273 lbs, blue eyes, long brown hair, athletic build. He typically wears a silver tailcoat over a sky blue shirt, and grey pants with black boots.

Personality: Gentle giant, benevolent king. He is fair and compassionate, prefers to use diplomacy over violence or intimidation, and is a mild pacifist. He is very forgiving and difficult to anger.

Backstory: Raised to be a fair king. Was educated in many things, but he struggled a bit when it came to military tactics. Was the oddball of his family because of his tall stature, but everyone loved his gentle nature nonetheless.

Notable Powers/Skills: Can fight with most weapons, can ride a horse, is a linguist and a diplomat. No magic abilities.

Other: He can sometimes barely tolerate On’nyosh, but he senses that there is much more depth to the jester than he lets on. Though, he does appreciate On’nyosh’s near-constant mirth.

Name: Queen Consort Esmeralda Taelū Avernok

Aliases/Nicknames, if any: Emma

Race: Human

Age: 27 years

Gender/Sexuality: Female, Straight

Description: 5’9”, 184 lbs. Pale green eyes, long black hair in a fancy braid. Slender shoulders, wide hips, lithe body. Typically wears long blue dresses and tall black boots with lapis lazuli necklaces.

Personality: Quiet, polite, proper. Typically lets Marithen take care of important things, while she takes care of the servants and maintaining the gardens and castle. In private, she can be fiery and passionate. She is quick to hold grudges, and is not very forgiving.

Backstory: Born a noblewoman and taught to be very proper. When she was a child, she had a strong affinity to water, so strong that it scared her parents. She was taken to a priestess, then a sorceress, to figure out what was with her, and the sorceress explained that she had magic in her blood and would become a strong sorceress in her own right. Her parents put her in a school of sorcery where she discovered her abilities and learned how to control them. She was then betrothed to Marithen and has since been with him.

Notable Powers/Skills: Can ride horses and can fight with daggers and a crossbow. Is a powerful sorceress that specializes in Water Elemental magic.

Other: Despises On’nyosh. She hates everything about him, and constantly complains about his presence. She hates him so much that she is quick to snap at any servant that mentions him in any fond way.

—Likes to paint and sculpt.


(And, if there’s nothing else to do [I can’t think of anything], I can put up a starter pretty quickly)


(Let the chaos begin!)
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(Don’t mind the length, lmao! You do not need to write this much. I just tend to write very long starters)

On’nyosh casually dressed for the day. The sky slowly brightened, but it was still quite dark outside. He meandered to the window, pulling aside the curtain, and looked out at the mountains far to the north. Storm clouds had gathered above those mountains, but that was nothing new.

After a moment, he walked to the door, snatching his hat, and made his way out of his chambers. He headed down to the kitchens, his typical route to the throne room, and searched for his favorite cook.

“Martha, my dear, how lovely to see you once again! Are you in heat, or is it just spicy in here?”On’nyosh called to a round, middle-aged woman.

The woman, Martha, along with some other cooks turned at his call. The other cooks rolled their eyes and returned to work, accustomed to the jester’s daily visit.

“Oh, shut up! I already have kids, I don’t need anymore,”Martha snorted as he closed on her.

“Such a pity. The world needs more master cooks named Martha around,”On’nyosh replied with a grin, hovering over her shoulder.

Martha started to blush.

“Are you insulting or complimenting me? It’s so hard to tell with you,”she asked.

“Why, my dearest Martha, I will only ever compliment you! Besides, I know better than to insult you after you chased me around with that big ass knife there,”On’nyosh chuckled, indicating a large cleaver to the side.

“And I will do it again if I have to. Now, shoo, before you make me burn everything I’m cooking,”Martha warned.

On’nyosh laughed and bowed slightly, then wandered off, snatching an apple as he headed for the exit. A loud huff came from Martha.

“What have I told you, On’nyosh?”she snapped.

He paused, laughing, then tossed a gold coin to her.

“If you ever need me, dear Martha… you know where I am,”On’nyosh said as farewell, winking.

Martha caught and stashed the coin then scoffed at him, blushing fiercely. On’nyosh grinned wide and left.

He wandered through the halls again, snacking on the apple. When he was finished, he noted the approach of a servant and set the apple core on the empty platter he carried. The servant rolled his eyes without stopping, long ago becoming used to On’nyosh’s habits.

When On’nyosh finally arrived in the throne room, the sun’s rays were peeking over the horizon. King Marithen was likely on his way to the large hall, but On’nyosh loved entering the throne room before him, just to piss him off.

He stood next to the throne, in his usual place, pulling out three brightly colored balls and juggling them, practicing. He was still new to the art, but it was perfect to pass the time. Humming as he practiced, On’nyosh patiently waited for the arrival of the king.

Marithen and Esmeralda rode side by side along the wooded trail, talking about anything from the beautiful sky to politics. The horses walked along at a casual pace, slowly making their way back to the stables.

It was a peaceful early morning for the pair, though they both knew what awaited them. On’nyosh always liked to wake up before them, and particularly liked to harass Marithen. Esmeralda had tried to convince him on many occasions to get rid of the pest, but Marithen, despite being a target, liked On’nyosh. It was an ongoing argument.

Nonetheless, they continued to enjoy this moment, riding along beside each other, the mellow activity of the woods a soothing change to the bustle of the castle and city.