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Yenaliis looked out the window of a small home and smiled. The sun was rising, the day should be beautiful… She turned to the dead child laying face down on his bed and carefully cut the shirt off of him and laughed quietly… and the blood is pure. Yenaliis pulled out a small knife and began to slice into the boy's back. Carefully she carved, the blood staining her hands red. "This is a good child." She said as she carved. "Nothing basterd like about him, I mean look at the quality of this blood." Yenaliis held up a blood soaked finger to show the boy's sleeping family. She chuckled, wiped the blood on her skirt, and kept carving.
After quite a bit of cutting, Yenaliis took out a bottle of ink and pored it onto the cuts, making them more clear and easer to see. Pocketing the knife, she pulled the blanket back over the child, tucking him in as if he was't dead. And turning on her heals, walked straight out the door, humming as she left.

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Jaquiez sat in his designated area of the throne room, carefully constructing a small fragment of light between his fingers. The light slowly and carefully took form, creating a perfect spherical shape as he held it closer to his face. The warmness felt good, inviting even. Something he hadn't felt in a long time.
When, suddenly, On'nyosh entered.
The young sorcerer yelped as his light dissipated and singed the ends of his fingers. He cussed, watching the flamboyant jester timidly and praying to the almighty Seida'faen that he wouldn't try to talk to him again. The gods knew he couldn't take any more of the reptilian creature's harassing.

Chaldoan giggled softly and wrung her hands together, floating about the room as she watched her master make the boy bleed right before his stupid, idiotic, clueless family.
"Oh yes. Yes yes yes good. good blood indeed my lord." She laughed again, covering her mouth to keep from making any more noise. "Very very good indeed. Best one yet today! Best one for a while… hmm…" She chuckled to herself, then patted the boy's corpse once Yenaliis tucked him in. "Nighty night! Sweet dreams!! Have a wonderful sleep-" She cut herself off as she saw her master leaving, then quickly scampered after, following behind like a puppy. "Very good, Oh so very good indeed my lord!"


Alzayz was making her way further into this new land. She had long since lost any sense of where she was, but at the same time, she knew exactly where she was going. She lightly clicked and set her horse to a slightly faster trot than she had been going beforehand. Alzayz had been riding since before dawn had broken and really just wanted to get some rest. According to a map she had, uh, borrowed, the capital of the kingdom should be only a short ways away if all of her calculations were correct. Course she could be wrong given the little detour she had to take after the last town's guards had chased her after she, again borrowed, the horse she was currently on. But something told her she wasn't.


On’nyosh had noticed Jaquiez, and chuckled a bit at the yelp, but didn’t interact with him… yet. He didn’t want to necessarily spook the Sorcerer more, but it nagged at him that he was so timid. So, instead he continued to juggle for a bit.

For many minutes, that’s all On’nyosh did, though he occasionally glanced at Jaquiez. But, eventually, the silence got on his nerves and he ended his juggling session with a flourish by catching all three balls in one hand. He then grinned at Jaquiez.

“So, Sorcerer that worships the Sun Goddess’s nice ass, how’s your morning been?”On’nyosh casually asked, chuckling.

Marithen and Esmeralda arrived at the stables and put up their horses. They then headed for the castle, and the throne room.

“Love, I get the feeling that this is going to be an especially interesting day,”Esmeralda abruptly commented as they walked, holding each other’s hands.

“What makes you say that?”Marithen asked with a gentle tone.

“I don’t know. It just… feels that way,”she replied.

Marithen hummed,”Well, it is still early in the morning. Maybe On’nyosh is up to something.”

“Oh, don’t even mention him. You know how I hate that man,”she hissed.

“I know, but he is a worldly fellow for his age. He’s much smarter than he acts.”

Esmeralda huffed, waving to dismiss the conversation. Marithen chuckled and softly kissed the back of her hand as an apology. A light smile flashed across her lips. They continued walking in silence.

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Jaquiez looked down, the thought of making eye contact with the jester only frightened him even more.
"Th-that is… that is quite dis-disrespectful to Seida'faen." He said softly, trying to sound stern but utterly failing.
He folded his long arms, rocking slightly in his chair before realizing it was quite impolite to ignore answering On'nyosh's question.
"Its… it h-has been fine." He choked out, looking straight down at the jester's shoes.


Alzayz slowed her horse down as she arrived in Cavorin. Every city she had traveled through in Ethrin had had at least some sense of familiarity, but Cavorin had none of that. She decided to slow down and take it all in for a moment. After doing so she glanced around before seeing a local stable she could drop the horse off at and start exploring on foot. She began to guide her horse there before getting off and taking her bags with her. She left the horse outside the stable and then snuck off into the city letting her feet guide her straight towards the castle. Alzayz wasn't really aware of the people taking notice of her shoulder or the fact that when a guard noticed they seemed to go running off in the same direction she had been going. She had been too busy taking in the sights


On’nyosh snorted,”I could give two fucking shits what Seida’fein thinks.”

He watched Jaquiez, humming in thought. He then nodded in acknowledgement of the Sorcerer’s answer, noticing his gaze. Glancing down, On’nyosh looked at his boots as well. They were tall and black, with maroon thread tied up the front. Faded patches were littered across them, especially around the sole, caused by years of travel.

On’nyosh looked back up at Jaquiez, pondering the man. Why was he so terrified of him? Sure, On’nyosh was loud, but he was fairly harmless unless actually threatened. It bothered On’nyosh that he was so shy.

Marithen and Esmeralda came into the throne room just as On’nyosh was about to speak. The jester turned, giving a deep bow before bursting into laughter.

“Hey, Fat Ass, sleep in again?”

Esmeralda rolled her eyes, though Marithen chuckled a bit. Even though Marithen didn’t like being called ‘Fat Ass’, On’nyosh did have an infectious laugh.

“No, On’nyosh. We had a peaceful morning on the wooded trails,”Marithen answered.

“Oh, that reminds me. I stashed something in those woods. I can’t remember where it was though.”

“No, On’nyosh. No more searches,”Marithen immediately replied, a bit more sternly, sitting down in his throne.

“Damn it! You’re no fun,”On’nyosh moaned.

Marithen chuckled, shaking his head.

At that moment, a guard ran into the throne room, panting. Marithen sat forward, curious and concerned.

“There’s a woman heading here… with a mark on her shoulder. The… the mark of the gods,”the guard explained breathlessly.

Marithen and Esmeralda’s eyes widened at that. Was the prophecy real after all? Esmeralda looked at Jaquiez inquisitively, wondering if he could confirm it.

“Bring her here,”Marithen quietly bade the guard.

He nodded and, after another moment to catch his breath, ran out again to find Alzayz.

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Jaquiez perked up, standing slowly and wringing his hands together.

"I… I perhaps can see if…" He trailed off, closing his eyes and raising his head to the sky, muttering some words to his precious goddess as he received wisdom from the plants and stones among the kingdom. Even the horse Alzayz was riding.
His eyes widened as he stumbled backward a bit, nodding quickly.
"B-b-by the gods, let her in!"


Alzayz had made it through a decent amount of the city when a guard came running up to her. She froze for a second as she tried to figure out what she might have done to warrant this, but came up empty. She instead gave a little nod, "Um, hello?"

"You," the guard took a large breath of air after having run from where Alzayz was, to the castle, and then back to Alzayz, "You have been requested to… to the castle by his majesty."

Alzayz had to think for a moment figuring out which would be better, running or complying. In the end, she gave a little nod, "Lead the way then."

The guard nodded back and proceed slowly to escort Alzayz up and through the castle until they were outside the throne room. She took a deep breath before stepping in with the guard, "The woman your Majesties."


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On’nyosh noted all the reactions to the guard announcing the approach of this ‘woman marked by the gods’. It bemused him why everyone seemed to get so jumpy over prophecies. Half of them never happened, and half of the ones that did never became significant.

Leave it to the gods to fuck with people’s heads.

When the woman was finally escorted in, On’nyosh froze, his eyes wide with surprise. She was from the Mai’djēn Desert, the land of his birth! There was no doubt in his mind about that. And she was also absolutely breathtaking.

Before the monarchs or the Sorcerer could speak, On’nyosh bowed deeply, almost going into a kneel. He then straightened, spinning his hat with a flourish before setting it back on his head.

“Milady, meet the monarchs, King Fat Ass… ahem… Marithen, and his bit… wife, Queen Consort Esmeralda. That one over there, is Court Sorcerer Jaquiez. And I am On’nyosh, the King’s Jester,”On’nyosh introduced.

Marithen and Esmeralda stared at On’nyosh in shock for a moment. One, for his unusually formal, if utterly rude, behavior. Two, for his incomplete insult to Esmeralda. And three, his sudden politeness toward Jaquiez.

Marithen then turned away to face Alzayz again. Esmeralda continued to glare at On’nyosh for a long moment, but eventually faced Alzayz as well.

“Excuse the jester. He’s… boisterous, to put it mildly. Wel…”

On’nyosh burst into laughter at Marithen’s apology. Marithen sighed, doing his best to ignore the jester for the moment.

“Welcome to Cavorin, and to the castle. We received word that you were heading this way, and that you also possess a mark that may be of significance. Is this true? And, also, what is your name, madam?”Marithen asked.

The family of Yenaliis’ latest victim woke a few hours later, and discovered, to their utter horror and despair, what had happened. They reported it to the guards, and they became just one of many families that had been marked by the crudely named Ink Butcher.

The city became even more on edge. Superstition led folks to believed that the victimized families were somehow cursed. And with more families being attacked, the more ‘cursed’ individuals roamed the vibrant markets of Vared’nē. The guards and city leaders had no leads, so they did the only thing they could.

A rider was sent to the capital, bearing a plea for assistance. She rode on a horse enchanted with speed and endurance, and hoped she would arrive at Cavorin within a few days.

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Jaquiez blushed at the arrival of the chosen one, but not for the same reasons as On'nyosh. He always felt embarrassed in the presence of important people. He smiled slightly as he rose and shyly waved. He bent himself into a bow as well, sighing at On'nyosh's behavior.
"It… it has come to my attention that you have been marked with something remarkable. Something that m-may save our world from a great evil." He said, turning an even deeper shade of red. He closed his eyes, muttering something softly.
"Y-you come from Mai’djēn, Lady Alzayz, correct?"


Alzayz would have been in more shock at what the king and queen were saying if it wasn't for the taste of familiarity On'nyosh the jester had given her. She was shocked however by the court sorcerer knowing her name. After a moment she gained her composure once more and gave a quick bow baring some similarity to what On'nyosh had done, but much less extreme.She then began to attempt to make some sense of the situation, "Uh, yes my name is Alzayz, though my common name is Cicada, and I am from Mai’djēn. As for what your asking of me, I'm. I'm not quite sure what you're asking of me."

Alayz then moved her cloak so that her right shoulder was there for all to see, "Is this what you think marks me as special? Becuase if so I think you have the wrong person, I'm nothing special."

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Yenaliis watched with the rest of her village as the ridder sped off into the distance. Waving, she faked concern with the other people near her. She would have to follow the rider and make sure that she never made it to Cavorin, at least not alive that is. Yenaliis smiled and then walked back to her little hut and started to pack.
Throwing her bag over her shoulder, she started to walk. The rider may have an enchanted horse, but she had to stay to the road. Yenaliis on the other hand, could walk though the forest and cut about three days off her trip, making it so that she would drive a day before the rider.


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On’nyosh glanced at Jaquiez, mildly surprised by his words, though his eyes were quickly drawn back to Alzayz. Cicada. Of course! That was the translation.

When she bared her shoulder, On’nyosh blinked. So she did have the so-called ‘Mark of the Gods’. But, she also had a gorgeous shoulder, one he would love to… Behave yourself. Now is not the time to be drooling over her.

On’nyosh shifted his hat and fixed a few stray hairs. He then chuckled at his own actions. That’s when her words finally registered.

“I do hope you mean ‘nothing special’ in the sense that the idiot gods have no reason to gloat over you. Because, dear Lady Alzayz, regardless of whether you are marked or not, you are most certainly special. Just look at yourself! You’re absolutely gorgeous!”On’nyosh burst.

Marithen and Esmeralda listened to Jaquiez and Alzayz, both nodding at her introduction.

“Were you not on your way here to announce yourself? Did the gods not somehow guide you, if that is what they did?”Marithen asked, a bit confused.

At the sight of the mark and Alzayz’ following words, their eyes widened, and Esmeralda quietly gasped.

“Milady Alzayz, or would you prefer Cicada, that mark is indeed special. It is part of a prophecy that depicts a Chosen individual with your mark will arrive to battle an ancient evil,”Marithen gently explained.

At On’nyosh’s outburst, Marithen and Esmeralda turned to stare at him. Marithen had jumped a bit at the sudden outburst, while Esmeralda simply glared at the interruption. Though, both of them raised their eyebrows in surprise at his words.

“You’re rather polite today, jester,”Esmeralda commented.

On’nyosh scoffed,”Polite, hell. I’m brutally honest, not fucking polite. And, this beautiful woman, Alzayz, is not some plaything for the stupid ass gods!”

“The gods…”

“Are fucking dumbasses,”On’nyosh said, interrupting Esmeralda.

She glared, but quickly composed herself for the sake of Alzayz. Marithen shook his head.

“Again, excuse On’nyosh,”he said with a quiet sigh.


Alzayz laughed at On'nyosh's words as her cheeks (and the room) heated up ever so slightly. She quickly re-covered her shoulder with her cloak and she gave a half-smile to the king and queen, "I really don't mind his comments, your Majesties. In fact, I quite enjoy them. As for your other questions, I would prefer you call me Cicada. It's nothing against you, I just much rather people who I am not close with not call me by my real name And I, I really don't know why I was making my way here, I was merely going where my feet took me. And I hardly know how to fight, much less go up against some great evil that would be far more powerful and stronger than I could ever dream of. I'm just a mere traveler, your Majesties."

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Jaquiez watched with wonder, bowing slightly before noticing the slight blush Alzayz was donning… toward On'nyosh. He scowled slightly at the jester. Sure, he flirted with every girl he saw, but… none of them had ever really liked him back. None of them were supposed to. He stared at On'nyosh for a while, before turning back to Alzayz.
"Then… then you were most likely lead here. My the gods." He stammered, growing a little annoyed at the newcomer.

Chaldoan followed her master, leading her into the forest and away from danger, toward the great city


On’nyosh beamed at her laugh and accompanying blush, and snickered at her comment about him. It was so rare now that he met a woman that openly appreciated his words. And, even more rare, was for that same woman to be a roamer like him.

Though, it did trouble him a bit that she didn’t know how to properly fight. That would have to be remedied one way or another. And On’nyosh planned to be there when it happened.

He then noticed the slight scowl from Jaquiez. He just barely rose an eyebrow, wondering what he had done to earn that look from the typically shy sorcerer. Was it his comments about the gods? That could explain it.

“Why must the gods always be involved? There are plenty of folks that wander their entire lives. Hell, I was one of them until Sir Fat Ass here hired me,”On’nyosh commented. It was hard to resist another opportunity to insult the gods.

Esmeralda scowled a bit at Alzayz’ comment that she didn’t mind On’nyosh. But, she quickly composed herself, focusing on her next words instead.

Marithen nodded in acknowledgment to everything Alzayz said, then listened to Jaquiez, and On’nyosh’s ensuing comment. A thought then came to him that there might be a slight rivalry going on between the jester and sorcerer. He wasn’t sure though. It was so difficult to tell sometimes, particularly if it was a situation that involved On’nyosh.

“Very well, Lady Cicada. And if you were guided by the gods, then it is good fortune that you have arrived. It is good fortune regardless, honestly. You do have a beauty about you that is so rare this far north. And it would be an honor to supply you with a mentor on fighting, if you so wish,”Marithen said.

Esmeralda gave Marithen a strange look at his remark about Alzayz’ beauty. It didn’t last long enough for him to notice though. She knew well that Marithen’s words were far more innocent than those of On’nyosh, and that Marithen was also too loyal to her to even think of adultery. Though, a little string of worry lingered in the back of her mind that Marithen’s words were not as innocent as she thought.


Alzayz's plan of trying to up her incompetence and unimportance was back firing on her. She had hoped that would get her out of the castle, but all it did was end up with everyone complimenting her. It wasn't that she didn't get compliments on her appearance, but never from a king. Her face flushed further and the air around her noticeably heated up further, but she was oblivious to the change. She couldn't see her getting out of this, not with an argument. She let out a little sigh before letting a placent smile fall on her face, "Thank you your majesty for your kind words. And if you are willing, your majesty, then I would be happy to accept your offer. Though I can't promise I'll be any good."

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Jaquiez huffed. "The gifted one? You will be great!" He said, still excited, though the noticed On'nyosh's captivating stare at her and brought it back down. "I mean, we won't really know, would we?" He said shyly, keeping his gaze on the jester. He stared, a bit shocked at the king, as he brushed off his outfit and cleared his throat. As much as the sorcerer respected the gods, he greatly disliked their 'champion'

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Yenaliis walked, and walked, and walked. Looking back every once in a wile to see if Chaldoan was keeping up. She looked up to the sky and was surprised at how far they had come. At this pace, they would be in Cavorin by midday tomorrow.


On’nyosh noticed Alzayz’ reaction and he dusted off his shirt, despite it being clean. He then checked for any prominent wrinkes, straightening what he found. Afterward, his hand brushed the massive reddish feather on his hat, making sure it wasn’t crooked.

He then heard her sigh and wondered if she was trying to escape. Did she know more of her importance than she was letting on, or was she avoiding the entire situation? He hummed quietly, pondering that for a moment until she spoke.

Jaquiez commented then and On’nyosh glanced at him in confusion, wondering what had brought that shocking amount of enthusiasm from the sorcerer. Was he after Alzayz as well?

He better not be, and that goes for Fat Ass as well. I don’t share women, unless it’s with another woman.

“I could assist in her training,”On’nyosh offered.

Marithen noted her blush and lowered his head slightly, a shy gleam entering his eyes. He hadn’t intended to make her blush more, but the words just slipped out. It was true, though. Not many Mai’djēn women came as far north as Cavorin. Most never went past Vared’nē, which was one reason why the place resembled a Mai’djēn city.

He nodded at her words, then smiled softly.

“With practice, anyone can become good at anything. I will send for the best teacher I know,”he said reassuringly.

He then heard Jaquiez, noticing his continued look at On’nyosh. There was definitely something subtle going on between the two, but Marithen didn’t want to intrude on the situation unless necessary.

He then heard On’nyosh and raised his eyebrow at him.

“You’re a jester, not a trainer,”Marithen replied.

“So?”On’nyosh immediately responded.

“And you only use particular weapons.”

On’nyosh shrugged,”So?”

Marithen sighed, not sure how he could manage to dissuade the ever-persistent jester.

Esmeralda kept glancing at Marithen, her eyes narrowed slightly as she watched him. She saw no sign that he fancied Alzayz, but she couldn’t get his words out of her head.

’You do have a beauty about you that is so rare this far north.’

When did that become important? Why did this woman’s beauty matter at all? And besides, she was a Southerner. She knew another Southerner, and absolutely hated him. And this woman, the witch, was fond of that very man.

Let them have each other, then! The peacock is already trying to woo her anyway! Just as long as she stays away from my Marithen.

At On’nyosh’s offer to help train Alzayz, Esmeralda gave him a quick scowl before composing herself.

The rider, Jisael Menali, a young woman and locally renown horse racer, had made good time. She hoped she could knock off a day or more of travel before sunset, though she knew it would be rough on both herself and her horse. Nonetheless, the quicker she got to Cavorin, the better.

She continued to ride at full speed along the road, never stopping, never slowing. While she held on, she silently prayed to the gods that she would arrive before more harm came to Vared’nē and its people.