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Alzayz couldn't tell what Jaquiez wanted from her, he seemed to be kind one moment and cold the next. She had almost found herself smiling at his half-complimented before deflating ever so slightly the air cooling around her with his last comment. She wanted to laugh at On'nyosh's attempts to become a peacock, but she held it in as she felt the contempt fill the air against her previous positive reactions to On'nyosh. She nodded to the king, "Thank you. Though if I may ask two questions. The first being as to what weapons On'nyosh uses. And the second being why do your court sorcerer and wife,no offense to either, seem to have something against me?"

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Jaquiez looked sadly at On'nyosh. He was used to the jesters attention… he didn't realize how much he actually- Tolerated - it until now. He chuckled at the mention of the reptilian using weapons, but then turned a deep shade of red at the last question spoken by the newcomer.
"Ag-agianst y-you? I… I 'm very very truly sorry I-I really d-din't mean to come off that way, I guess I was just overwhelmed and…" He stepped back, staring at the ground as he wrung his hands together. Oh gods… I really did it again, didn't I

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Yenaliis ran as fast as she could, not knowing wether or not Donnie could keep up with her didn't seem to madder, just as long as she caught the rider. About two leagues back, Yenaliis relised that, no madder how fast she and Donnie ran, they, being on foot, would never beat the rider, who was on a horse, to Cavorin. Yenaliis spotted the rider though the trees, and it looked like she was praying. Yenaliis didn't care to which god she was praying, just as long as it wasn't to all of them. She hated people who didn't know enough to know which got to pray to. It was just laziness to pray to them all.

She looked ahead and spotted a curve in the road that would be just right for Yenaliis to jump onto the horse behind the rider. After that, it would be easy to kill the rider and slow so that Donnie could hop on. Yenaliis ran as fast as she could, just making it to the bend, before the rider passed. She jumped, and landed on the back of the horse, frighting it, and the rider, giving Yenaliis enough time to pull a knife from her boot and slit the girl's throat. Yenaliis felt semi bad for this, not for killing the girl, no she did things like that all the time. Instead she felt bad for leaving such a fresh canvas blank. She stoped the utterly terrified horse, and waited for Donnie, still thinking over the waist of the girl's body.

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Donnie grinned happily, expertly following behind Yenaliis. When they came to the rider, the young banshee reached out, causing the rider to freeze with fear. Hopefully her master would be able to attack successfully.
After the quite bloody ordeal, Chaldoan leapt onto the horse.
"Excellent, my lord! Very good! Quite sad to leave it all to waste though…"


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On’nyosh smiled a bit when he saw that Alzayz was holding back laughter, though he glanced over at Jaquiez and Esmeralda with a stern gaze when he noticed how they seemed to make her uncomfortable.

He held his tongue though, particularly when Jaquiez spoke up. On’nyosh now had the feeling that the sorcerer wasn’t actually going after Alzayz, but he couldn’t quite understand why the man was acting so strangely.

Why the hell did it bother Jaquiez so much that On’nyosh was flirting with Alzayz? He had never seemed fazed by it before, even if most of On’nyosh’s attempts ended in failure. Though, On’nyosh blamed the failures on Esmeralda.

Marithen nodded, then his eyes widened a bit at Alzayz’s questions. He turned to Jaquiez, listening to his explanation with gentle concern, then glanced at On’nyosh.

“Well, he primarily uses the rapier,”Marithen answered.

“Which one?”On’nyosh quipped, snickering.

Marithen sighed, shaking his head. On’nyosh laughed a bit more, then cleared his throat to compose himself.

“Anyway, besides that little joke, yes, I primarily use a rapier. I also use daggers and blowguns. Or, just my big ass mouth,”On’nyosh added with a chuckle.

Marithen nodded at the last part, then turned to Esmeralda. She was composed, though clearly displeased.

“I do not have anything against you, personally, Lady Cicada. It is simply that you seem fond of my husband’s current jester, someone that I loathe,”Esmeralda said calmly.

“Well, if you weren’t such a bi…”On’nyosh immediately stopped at Marithen’s glare. He then cleared his throat like before.

“Let’s just say, it’s a mutual dislike,”he said, watching Marithen closely.

The King accepted that explanation and calmed, though Esmeralda was glaring fiercely at On’nyosh. Like the jester cared.

Jisael barely had a moment to react to the panicking horse before a knife was on her throat. She gasped and jolted, but was thrown off the horse. Blood quickly pooled around her, and she died never knowing what had happened.

The horse refused to cooperate with Yenaliis. It bucked when Donnie got on it, then reared up, neighing in a panic.


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"Jaquiez, it's fine. And I understand where you are coming from your majesty. I was merely curious as to where some of the hostility was coming from," Alzayz replied with a slight bow of her head. She was beginning to figure out some of the dynamic of this royal court and apparently her fondness for On'nyosh's mannerisms was putting her in the court minority. She hummed as she thought, "On'nyosh's choice of weapons isn't exactly what I would prefer, but I could work with it. However if you think there is someone else more suitable, then please let me know who."

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Jaquiez wrung his hands together as he took a small step closer to On'nyosh. "Well, I do have my hand in magic. A-and we have a few training areas for the guards. Perhaps you may be interested in either?" He suggested timidly.

Donnie hissed, getting into the horses head and causing it to go into a comatose-like state, with the shadowed being controlling the animal's movements. "My Lord, I have control now."

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Yenaliis nodded, "Good job." She slid off the now still horse, walked over to the body of the messenger and started to rummage in her bag. "Just for the sake of it, let's deliver the message." She pulled out a rolled up piece of paper and opened it. "To his Highness," she began, then started laughing. "They began it with 'To his Highness'? Is that the best they could think of, yes, we will deliver it, then help them as they look for us. wouldn't that be fun?" Yenaliis said, turning back to Donnie.

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Donnie clapped her hands,, giggling and levitating in the air. "Oh, most certainly, my lord! Very good! Good good ideas!"


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Esmeralda nodded.

“Very well. But, besides that, could you please address our Court Sorcerer as ‘Sorcerer Jaquiez’. It is proper etiquette, you see,”she politely requested.

On’nyosh huffed,”Proper etiquette, my ass. Jaquiez is his name, and we all know who Lady Cicada was talking to when she said it.”

Esmeralda narrowed her eyes at the jester.

“Just because you have no concept of good manners, Jester, does not mean the rest of the world is the same way,”she hissed.

“You do realize who you’re talking to, yes? I’ve traveled this entire fucking region, and parts beyond. And, your grand majesty, good manners are hard to come by, especially when there is no aristocracy to be found,”On’nyosh retorted.

Esmeralda bristled, about to give a vicious reply, when Marithen intervened.

“Enough! Both of you. This sort of behavior is intolerable, especially when we have a guest here,”Marithen scolded, his voice never rising.

On’nyosh snorted disdainfully at Esmeralda, then bowed once in apology to Marithen, Jaquiez, and Alzayz. Esmeralda watched, nearly lashing out, but instead gave On’nyosh one last glare before composing herself and settling back in her seat.

Marithen waited for the two to calm, then turned back to Alyzayz.

“Now then, back to matters at hand. On’nyosh is technically nothing more than the Court Jester, so he cannot officially train you, though I suspect he will try to train you anyway. But, I do know a few that can fight with almost any weapon you give them. I will send for one of them, to be sure you get the training you need, and desire,”Marithen explained.

On’nyosh snickered at Marithen’s comment, not denying it whatsoever. He then noticed Jaquiez move toward him and rose his eyebrow slightly at him, a bit confused. He stayed quiet about it though, and it was a good thing he did, otherwise he would’ve interrupted both Jaquiez and Marithen.

“That could also be something, if you wish to learn magic as well, Lady Cicada,”the King commented.

The horse had no chance against Donnie and immediately succumbed to her spell. It was utterly under Donnie’s control.


Alzayz frowned as the queen told her off and the air around her heated up to the point where heatwaves were visible. She had had a slightly stressful morning, getting thrown into this and all, and Esmeralda had just lost her respect and her right to a title. Sure, she maybe should have called him 'Sorcerer Jaquiez', but Esmeralda was the only one that had a problem with it. Alzayz gave a slight nod to his majesty, "I understand. I trust you to pick whomever you think would be best. And, I, I am unsure if I am even capable of doing magic. I don't think I have ever shown the capacity to do such things."

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Jaquiez cleared his throat at the queen, scowling slightly. "N-no one has to call me anything. I decide that, a-and i'm not comfortable with… titles." He stammered, yet with a newfound air of dominance. He then turned his attention to Alzayz, wincing at the feel of the heat. "G-g-god… I'd say… you're full of magic!" He whispered excitedly, extending his arm towards her.