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Title kinda says it all, just let me know if you're interested and we can work on fleshing out the actual setting/plot. Hoping for around two others!

Heads up: At the time I'm making this I'm about to go to sleep, so if I don't respond it's 'cause I don't intend to until morning!


I totally didn't save my password or email for that first account, soooo… I swear I'm the same person! lol
Anyways, welcome! Glad to see you guys!

So my first question: what regions do you guys prefer? I personally didn't start playing the games until X and Y, so I'm familiar with Kalos, Alola and Galar from the games. I've also watched a fair amount of the anime tho, so I'm semi-familiar with Unova and Kanto and even more familiar with Kalos.

Regardless of the region we settle on, your team can have pokémon from other regions, including starters (though you can only have one of those). This excludes legendaries/mythicals, tho!


(I'm coming hither. And I claim the rights to having a Mega Absol.)

Just saw this! And fiiiinnne, I guess you can have one of my all time favorites… Lol, just messing with you. I already have a team picked out that doesn't include Absol or Mega Absol, so I'll work on uploading my character and such after we decide on a region.


Btw Imma close this as officially as I can without being able to edit the subject…


Kalos it is! Here's my character. Feel free to elaborate more or less than I did! As long as we get a general feel of your character, you're fine.

Name: Dallas Masey (Image) (Link to Picrew I Used)
Gender & Pronouns: Female, she/her
Age: Fifteen
Sexuality: Asexual, biromantic
Team: Chimchar, Helioptile, Espeon, Sneasel, Gible, Mawile; (mega evolves Mawile)
Background (optional): She was born in the Sinnoh region, but decided to travel abroad and experience the culture in Kalos when she turned fifteen.
Personality: Dallas is generally quiet when she first meets a person. She likes to watch and observe first before acting, and she almost always acts with calmness. That’s not to say she’s not passionate, however, as certain topics will ignite an excitability within her. Battling will also do this.
Likes/Dislikes: She likes pokemon (obviously), baking and cooking, reading, people-watching, and most food. She dislikes most stormy and freezing weather, sleeping outside, and arrogant people.
Goals: She wants to be a famous pokemon coordinator and battle as many people as possible.
Other: She has mild hearing loss after an incident in her childhood with her dad’s Exploud, so she often wears hearing aids to help her make out quieter sounds. She’s also a CODA (child of deaf adult), as her father has profound hearing loss. (More Info) Also this song (X) is a vibe and matches her energy when she's battling.


FYI I feel like I should mention that I'd prefer it if most of your team wasn't evolved or over-levelled. There are a couple exceptions, like with Dallas' Espeon, who evolves in the day with high friendship. Just keep in mind your team should be lower leveled, preferably not over, say, twenty in the game!

This applies to badges, too. Having one or maybe even two is fine, but try to keep the team and trainer relatively inexperienced!

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Name: Kekoa Borchard
Gender & Pronouns: Male, he/him and they/them
Age: 16
Sexuality: Omnisexual(mainly attracted to girls though)
Team: Skitty, Glameow, and Electrike (He doesn't have a full team)
Looks: Light brown hair that is very messy and fluffy, it also needs to trimmed; round dark blue eyes; most of his features are really soft, his face shape, nose, lips, etc.; 5'9; square body shape, very lightly muscled; light skin tone; constantly looks tired
Attire: Black tee; over-sized grey cardigan; red pants; white socks; white sneakers
Background (optional): Kekoa grew up in the Hoenn region but he's travelled to a couple other regions such as Sinnoh and Kanto. He just recently moved to Kalos because of the fashion, landscape and the tasty looking food
Personality: He is the literal embodiment of someone who gets plenty of sleep and is still tired as f**k; really sweet; can't hate anyone and always sees the good in people; no energy whatsoever; procrastinates but always seems to get his work done; cares for his Pokemon a lot
Likes/Dislikes: He loves cat Pokemon, all forms of cooking, sleeping, trying new things, technology, and people. He dislikes being the center of attention, being woken up, and ice type Pokemon(due to childhood trauma in the Sinnoh region)
Goals: His main goal is to become a master chef but he also enjoys being a judge for Pokemon contests

Here's Kekoa!

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Oh I should probably include what he looks like, shouldn't I? I'll change it

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Name: Thomas (Tiki) Roman
Gender & Pronouns: Male h/h
Age: 16
Sexuality: Questioning, probably
Team: Growlithe / Ampharos (his only evolved pokémon) / Chespin / Jangmo-o
Background: His father was an extremely skilled technician and electrician, so his best bud was his Mareep/Flaffy. He evolved it into an Ampharos before Tiki was born, so the Ampharos technically raised Tiki along with his parents. Unfortunately, Tiki’s father passed away when he was 13, leaving Tiki and Ampharos with an extremely close bond. (I hope this is alright? Tiki’s not really a fighter, and neither is Ampharos, so he shouldn’t have any problem with being overpowered).
Personality: A true scientist, through and through. Tiki is always fascinated by the little things, and sees everything as something to be solved. He’s very adroit and resourceful, using his mind more than his heart when it comes to things. He’s a really aberrant individual, never being afraid to stray from the crowd for the sake of discovery. He’s more of a researcher than an inventor, however, but still uses his plentiful creativity whenever the situation presents itself.
Likes/Dislikes: Loves discovery, exploration, travel, learning / Dislikes: there’s really not much he dislikes. He’s a true optimist.
Goals: He wants to be a pokémon research scientist, so he’s traveling around to learn, mostly.
Other: (i’ll probably come back to this and edit it)


Mystic - Kekoa is awesome! And yes, thanks for including a physical description! I honestly forgot about including one, but I'm not gonna change it now lol. Also I relate 100% to his personality. Oh, and I think it'd be interesting to see his reaction to Dallas' Sneasel, since he's clearly not a fan of ice types! (Not to mention Sneasel is also a dark type and very mischievous, which could possibly be interpreted as malicious intent!)

LittleRiver - Tiki is also awesome, and it's more than okay that he has an Ampharos! To be honest, the rp will probably follow a lot more anime logic than game logic, I just didn't want someone with a fully evolved team lol. And I think Tiki's optimism will really balance out Dallas' wariness, tbh.

I think Dallas will definitely get along with both of them. Personality-wise I think they mesh together well, and I can't wait to see your character, murphysgirl! Also don't worry about it, if we do start we probably won't get too far! :)

That does prompt one final question, however. How do you guys want them to meet?

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Yes, Kekoa and Dallas' Sneasel will have an interesting interaction. We'll see what happens ^^

Also, I'm not completely sure on how they should meet but I think it would be best for them to meet somewhere in Lumiose City, sense it's a big place with lots of people and things to do. Maybe they could meet at one of the many cafes?

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(I know a lot about Lumiose City since I've played Pokemon Y for years lmao)