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☆ The Crystal Chronicles ☆

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Fantasy, Adventure fiction, Comedy, Friendship is Magic

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A personal fanfiction project over five years in the making, detailing the full history of Equestria.

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Back in 2017, I decided I wanted to write a backstory for the Crystal Empire. At the time I did not know of the existence of the comic books, and there was very little information given to us through the show.
From there my story grew to encompass almost all of Equestria and beyond.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in ☆ The Crystal Chronicles ☆?

Haha...I have no idea..X) ask pinkie pie

Magic System - What is the magic system like in ☆ The Crystal Chronicles ☆?

There is almost no limit to what you can do, but Unicorns, Alicorns, and other magic-wielding creatures the best at performing magic. The strength of their magic can depend on their magic stores, their level of knowledge, and their emotions.
Earth Ponies and Pegasi each possess a type of sleeper magic.

edit Notes

All the images used are to provide an image of the characters/objects etc.
Some of the images were drawn by yours truly, or were commissioned.
Others were retconned to provide visuals.

Inspiration - What were your major sources of inspiration for ☆ The Crystal Chronicles ☆?

Music, dreams

history Changelog
This universe contains...
8 locations reorder
terrain Locations close
terrain Tartarus A prison in which the most dangerous foes of Equestria are kept
terrain Elysia Pony heaven. Basically. XD
terrain Inferius Pony hell, basically
terrain Alidia A walled city in which the Alicorns make their home
terrain The Crystal Empire Lots of crystals, tall palace
terrain The Capra Range
terrain Harpy Haven A tree-covered mountain, atop which sits the home of the Harpies
terrain Brywood The first village of Equestria, where Star Swirl mentored [[Group-29725]]

4 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Crystal Gem The fruit of the [[Flora-11825]]s
emoji_events Crystal Heart A heart-shaped crystal that protects the Crystal Empire from evil
emoji_events Alicorn Amulet An amulet made in the likeness of an [[Race-49429]], in which rests a diamond-shaped gem Formerly [[Item-41248]].
emoji_events The Dragon Amulet A small diamon-shaped red amulet. The original [[Item-41678]]

2 buildings reorder
business Buildings close
business House of the Wizards A house sitting atop a gentle hill, overlooking the wide open land of Equestria. Star Swirl and the five other wizards make their home here, along with the adopted royal sisters.
business NA Tall and magnificent, the home of the Mantle and the Crystal Keepers

2 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Magic Overload A dangerous condition that happens when a pony's or creature's magic is overamplified
bubble_chart Horn Rot A condition in which the horn of a [[Race-47151]] or [[Race-49429]] rots from the inside out.

1 continent reorder
explore Continents close
explore Equestria The modern lands in which most of the TV show MLP: FiM take place in.

1 country reorder
flag Countries close
flag The Lands Beyond The area encompassing Portmanteau and the surrounding regions

5 creatures reorder
pets Creatures close
pets Windigoes Winter spirits that create blizzards and freezing weather
pets Hellions Wolf-like creatures that roam the lands between Alidia and the Zebras
pets Silurian A gargantuan centipede who lives not far from the city of Portmanteau (before the time of The Fall)
pets Zebra A group of shamans who speak always in rhymes
pets Wyverns A vicious type of dragon, with clawed wings instead of front legs

5 deities reorder
ac_unit Deities close
ac_unit Claridade Original keeper of the sun
ac_unit Umbra Original keeper of the moon
ac_unit [Transformation Sombra] Not quite dragon, yet no longer pony, Transformation Sombra stands on the precipice of regaining his full power
ac_unit Shadow Spark After embracing the shadows, and being gifted with wings by Lorelei, Shadow Spark's power has now increased drastically
ac_unit [Transformation Lorelei]

2 floras reorder
eco Floras close
eco Fan Lumen A tall glowing plant with fan-like leaves.
eco Crystal Tree Trees comprised entirely of crystal, they used to grow exclusively in Alidia, until one was introduced to Equestria

8 groups reorder
wc Groups close
wc The Crystal Keepers Pureborn Alicorns who are highly revered by all of Alidia. They are in charge of the equally sacred Crystal Trees.
wc The Mantle A group of six highly adept alicorns, each in charge of different parts of Alidia.
wc The Lost Sisters The daughters of Andromeda, who were separated soon after their birth
wc The Royal Sisters The three daughters of Queen Lauren: Celestia, Andromeda, and Luna
wc The Pillars of Equestria
wc The Five Wizards [[Character-474370]]'s fellow wizards, who helped him raise and lower the sun and moon, and take care of [[Group-29725]]
wc The Village Guard Protectors of the village surrounding the House of the Wizards
wc Crystal Guardians The soldiers who protect the Crystal Empire

1 job reorder
work Jobs close
work Crystal Keeper The destined role of Pureborn Alicorns

1 landmark reorder
location_on Landmarks close
location_on The Broken Pass A path through the Crystal Mountains

1 lore reorder
book Lores close
book Del Darken Marung (The Dark Day) No longer controlled by the Alicorns after the fall of Portmanteau, the sun and moon are absent from the sky for one night and day.

6 magics reorder
flash_on Magics close
flash_on Chaos Magic Unpredictable and dangerous, the opposite of Order Magic
flash_on Growth A very unique ability possessed almost exclusively by [[Race-49428]]
flash_on Cloud walking Most sentient beings that possess wings naturally have this ability, which allows them to walk or stand on clouds without falling through them. Includes: [[Race-47149]], Alicorns, [[Race-49427]]...
flash_on Raw magic Magic that has been removed from it's host, and now floats freely
flash_on Shadow magic Darkness/shadow related magic
flash_on The Nightmare Forces The remains of Lorelei's raw magic, which was taken from her after she betrayed Alidia

6 races reorder
face Races close
face Alicorns Unicorns or Pegasi who've ascended to Alicorn status Also see [[Race-47149]]
face Earth Pony A race of ponies with no particular distinguishing features
face Pegasi Ponies who are born with a pair of wings
face Dragons Scaly beasts that breathe fire and hoard gems
face Unicorns Ponies who are born with a horn on their heads, which acts as a natural manipulator of magic
face Pureblooded Alicorns The occupants of the city of Alidia

4 timelines reorder
timeline Timelines close
timeline The Crystal Chronicles [Past] [REVISED VERSION] Parts one through four are events that take place before the rise of Nightmare Moon and are recorded here.
timeline Stardust
timeline The Legend of the Crystal Empire
timeline The Crystal Chronicles [Present] Parts five and six take place after the fall of Nightmare Moon and are recorded here. Additionally, prologues and endings for the previous novels appear here as well.

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