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The Sentiments of a Missing Child

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This is about a girl and her dog who have been missing for a while and are trying to find their way home.

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Realistic Fiction

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Same as on Earth

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There is no magic.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in The Sentiments of a Missing Child?

The technology level of Earth right now (2019)

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This universe contains...
4 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Keith Wyatt Bierce Background Character
group Nadia Speranza Bierce Main character. The Protagonist
group Tina Ramona Houston-Bierce Background Character
group Bonica Bierce Pet. Side/supporting character. Fellow protagonist.

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terrain Locations close
terrain Richmond The capital city of Virginia.
terrain Virginia, U.S.A A state on the eastern coast of the U.S.A.
terrain Virginia Beach Virginia Beach is a city in the Coastal Plain region of Virginia. It is located near the beach, making it a very popular tourist attraction.

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emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Keith's Wristwatch It is a custom-made wristwatch. It has the word 'together' pressed into it.
emoji_events Bonica's Collar It's a collar. It's pink. It has a bone-shaped plaque on it that says 'Bonica'. It has rhinestones around it.
emoji_events Bonica's Doll It is a doll made of fabric and it looks like a cat.
emoji_events Nadia's Locket It has a brass chain and the part that holds the picture is a heart shape. It has a picture of Tina inside.
emoji_events Tina's bangle It is a silver bangle with diamonds in it and 'forever' carved into it.

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