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Name - What is Virginia, U.S.A’s full name?

Virginia, U.S.A

Type - What type of location is Virginia, U.S.A?


Description - Describe Virginia, U.S.A.

A state on the eastern coast of the U.S.A.

face Culture
Language - What languages are spoken in Virginia, U.S.A?


Population - What is Virginia, U.S.A’s population?

Less than, greater than, or equal to 8.518 million people.

Currency - What currencies are used in Virginia, U.S.A?

USD(US Dollars)

Motto - What is Virginia, U.S.A’s motto?

Sic Semper Tyrannus

Laws - What are the laws in Virginia, U.S.A?

Typical American/Virginian Laws(whatever those are)

Sports - What sports are played in Virginia, U.S.A?

Typically, people in Virginia enjoy watching NASCAR.

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map Geography
Area - What kind of area is Virginia, U.S.A in?

It has five regions. Appalachian Plateaus(Plateaus, obviously), Valley and Ridge (parallel ridges and valleys), Blue Ridge Mountains (Mountains, obviously)

Crops - What crops does Virginia, U.S.A produce?

hay, cotton, wheat, peanuts, barley, tomatoes, corn, potatoes, snap peas, cucumbers

Located at - Where is Virginia, U.S.A located?

The Atlantic Coastal Plain

date_range History
Founding Story - How was Virginia, U.S.A founded?

Statehood granted: 15 May 1776

Established Year - When was Virginia, U.S.A established?


Notable Wars - What notable wars has Virginia, U.S.A been involved in?

The American Revolution, The American Civil War (Confederate state).

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