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Description - How would you describe 99.H?

very much like ours besides the fact that fantasy creatures exist and are not given the rights that normal humans are.

Genre - What genre best describes 99.H?

Modern Fantasy

date_range History
History - What is 99.H’s history?

This Earth is one in which magic is real but was hidden away until the year 2000 when DarkHeart started attacking universes and draining them of life.

gavel Rules
Laws of Physics - What are the laws of physics like in 99.H?

Are a bit looser than our Earths but not overly cartoon like in that aspect

Magic System - What is the magic system like in 99.H?

Magic is common and able to be learned by those who want to put the work into it.

Technology - What is the level of technology like in 99.H?

Modern except for the higher up financially and those of Haven and other hidden secret organizations

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This universe contains...
7 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Marcus Zerack antagonist
group Ember Daniels *other* co-founder of Haven
group Jacob Fisher/Jeff Ally of Haven
group Tempest Daniels Is the Co-Leader of an organization called Haven
group Annabeth Williams Adopted sister of Rose
group Giovanni Keller charm crafter
group Rose Williams (deceased) was a past love interest of Tempest

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terrain Locations close
terrain Haven Is an old cabin in the woods of almost any continent

3 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Hunter's Sting enchanted yew wood with a silver bow string, has the arrows made from the same material, the tips silver but the rest steel
emoji_events Wolf's Pain Is a silver two foot long blade with a leather grip
emoji_events Founder Pendants Temp and Ember inherited them from their parents

3 magics reorder
flash_on Magics close
flash_on Flame manipulation Able to use almost any forms of flame to one's advantage
flash_on Mental abilities
flash_on Electrical and storm powers. One is able to control every aspect of a natural storm and any source of electricity.

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