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Name - What is the name of Mental abilities ?

Mental abilities

Type of magic - What type of magic is Mental abilities ?

telekinesis, teleportation and mind/emotion reading

flash_on Appearance
Visuals - What do the visual effects of Mental abilities look like?

completely unseen to the naked eye

Effects - What effects does Mental abilities have?

Pushing, pulling, ripping into one physically or mentally.

flare Effects
Positive effects - What positive effects does Mental abilities have?

Able to travel distances quickly, wonderful defensive capabilities and is a very strong ability.

Negative effects - What negative effects does Mental abilities have?

Sometimes, being young can cause the affects to be harder to control

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lock Requirements
Limitations - What limitations does Mental abilities have? What can't it do?

A clear mind is best for mind affects and a need to defend one's self or others is needed for strong offensive capabilities.

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