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Name - What is Giovanni Keller’s full name?

Giovanni Keller

Role - What is Giovanni Keller’s role in your story?

charm crafter

Gender - What is Giovanni Keller’s gender?


Age - How old is Giovanni Keller?


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Weight - How much does Giovanni Keller weigh?

120 lbs.

Height - How tall is Giovanni Keller?


Hair Color - What color is Giovanni Keller’s hair?

dyed green. A dark forest green.

Hair Style - How does Giovanni Keller style their hair?

unkept and bushy

Eye Color - What is Giovanni Keller’s eye color?

icy blue

Race - What is Giovanni Keller’s race?

Anthro Shifter

Skin Tone

Pale white/blue green and white fur

Body Type

Fit and thin.

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Giovanni Keller have?

is very observant and at first is highly shy.

Motivations - What motivates Giovanni Keller most?

Cheesy but Wholesome: Love

Flaws - What flaws does Giovanni Keller have?


Prejudices - What prejudices does Giovanni Keller have?

that he isn't good enough for other people

Talents - What talents does Giovanni Keller have?

quick, smart as a whip and calm

Hobbies - What hobbies does Giovanni Keller have?


Personality type - What personality type is Giovanni Keller?

Very insecure and nervous about most of everything


Born without his sense of hearing

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Occupation - What is Giovanni Keller’s occupation?

Charm crafter

Favorite color - What is Giovanni Keller’s favorite color?

Forest Green

Favorite food - What is Giovanni Keller’s favorite food?

Fish and Chips

Favorite possession - What is Giovanni Keller’s favorite possession?

his charm clip

Favorite weapon - What is Giovanni Keller’s favorite weapon?

his repel charm

date_range History
Birthday - When is Giovanni Keller’s birthday?

March 16th 2001

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