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On a triangular planet, further away from our own than even the furthest thing there is, a story is unfolding. A story of revenge, redemption and relatively realistic relationship recounting.

Or more simply, the story of how three girls almost murdered an entire family based on a false assumption, accidentally overthrew two governments and saved the world from a plot of mass destruction.

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No idea

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The history of Iter is far too complicated for a simple description. Our story takes place in the age of humans, but there have been Elves before them and Gods before them, and all sorts of creatures in between.

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Natural Magic

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The very start of the story is 24th June 10385. Try and keep Iolana's birthday (20th April 10363) in mind when making new dates.

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This universe contains...
43 characters reorder
group Characters close
group Ellefen Background Character
group Aleccus Mysturian Antagonist
group Danny Katasko
group Bross Katasko
group Dao Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Magnanus Mysturian Background Character
group Noctis Exhibito Background Character
group Tsui Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Sanda Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Kaoda Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Felia Mysturian Background Character
group Dwigget Ironbeard Background Character
group Iolana Mysturian Main Protagonist
group Morman Meeman Background Character
group Mr. Dike Minor Antagonist
group Mr. Smith Minor Antagonist
group Mrs. Forescythe Minor Antagonist
group Mr. Town Minor Antagonist
group Mrs. Spow Minor Antagonist
group Mr. Bane Minor Antagonist
group Aleaina Exhibito Background Character
group Konnor Katasko
group Judith Katasko
group Kraig Katasko
group Toby Jetse Side Character
group Croychett Rockbeard Background Character
group Rider Knuckle Side Character
group The Holy Governor Minor Antagonist
group Mr. Marvellous Side Character
group Indigo Morning Side Character
group Laeriane Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Ripa Pecunia Background Character
group Moneta Pecunia Background character
group Decussis Pecunia Background Character
group Nomis Pecunia Side Character
group Numis Pecunia Side Character
group Tim Katasko
group Maryanne Crucia Minor Antagonist
group Storyteller Background Character
group The Man On The High Mountain Background Character
group Uitreo Epistimon Background Character
group Petri Epistimon Main Protagonist
group Namhere Exhibito Main Protagonist

4 items reorder
emoji_events Items close
emoji_events Namhere's Execution Stick A thin rapier concealed in a stylish wooden staff.
emoji_events Mr Marvellous's Rather Large Pet War-Machine A large, somewhat sentient robot originally intended as a weapon of mild destruction, now reduced to a domestic pet of mass destruction.
emoji_events Iolana's Double Daggers Two short, light, extremely pretty daggers.
emoji_events Pet-Bot MKIII

2 conditions reorder
bubble_chart Conditions close
bubble_chart Curse of the Immortal The discrepancy between the law of Nature that dictates all living things must die, and the immortality of the Old Gods.
bubble_chart Curse of the Mortal The inherited side effects of the Old Gods incompatibility with Nature

3 governments reorder
account_balance Governments close
account_balance The Peacehuggers
account_balance The Governors The government responsible for running the Eastern Empire. A brutal dictatorship, run by mysterious, faceless suits.
account_balance The Northern Families The central government of the Families, to keep fighting to a minimum and productivity to a minimum.

1 lore reorder
book Lores close
book The Melancholy of Nature The story of how Nature came into being, and its disagreements with the Gods

3 magics reorder
flash_on Magics close
flash_on Dwarven Magic The natural abilities of Dwarf people.
flash_on Elven Beauty The only Magical ability given to the Elves, it allowed for one short burst of destructive power in their most dire of needs. Modern descendants can no longer use it naturally, however Ellefen can ...
flash_on Common God Magic Basic magic available to most Gods

1 planet reorder
public Planets close
public Iter A large, triangular planet suspended from its moon. It has 3 landmasses on it's wet side.

4 races reorder
face Races close
face Dwarf Short, industrial beings who preferred to stay underground and mine for their lives.
face Old God The original sentient life form, from which Elves and Dwarves were born.
face Elf One of the original sentient lifeforms, now effectively extinct. Those with the strongest Elven genes are called "Modern Elves".
face Human

46 scenes reorder
local_movies Scenes close
local_movies C2S08 - Define "God"
local_movies C3S08 - Marvellous
local_movies C4S06 - Forwards Momentum
local_movies C3S02 - Playing With Friends
local_movies C4S01 - Enter The Storm
local_movies C1S3 - Black Sunset
local_movies C1S6 - Katastrophic Failure
local_movies C1S9 - Selling A Sendoff
local_movies C2S11 - Not A Holiday
local_movies C2S01 - Visitors Entrance
local_movies C4S08 - Unnamed - Point 7
local_movies C2S09 - Building 6
local_movies C2S13 - We Should Not Be Alive
local_movies C3S04 - Unamed - Actum
local_movies C3S03 - A Town Of Odd Folk
local_movies C3S06ME - Facade
local_movies C4S03 - Reminisce
local_movies C4S09 - The People You're Trying To Kill
local_movies C0S4ME - Gone
local_movies C5S1 - Home
local_movies C0S0 - Introduction A brief introduction to the world and how it works
local_movies C0S1 - Workaholic Iolana wants to do more work BUT Magnanus wouldn't let her because he's worried for her health THEREFORE Iolana has to give up THEREFORE She decides to see her friends
local_movies C0S2 - Namhere Is Here! Iolana visits [[Building-889]] to meet Namhere BUT Noctis answers, and it appears Namhere isn't in BUT She is THEREFORE Sneaks up on Iolana to scare her THEREFORE Iolana gets heccing scare...
local_movies C0S3 - Petri Dish Iolana and Namhere go outside BUT They get a call from Petri to say she's on her way by train THEREFORE They race to the train station to see who's fastest THEREFORE They reach the station a...
local_movies C1S1 - Recovery
local_movies C1S2 - On the road
local_movies C1S4 - A trip to the Pharmacy
local_movies C1S5ME - Crucia Confrontation
local_movies C1S7 - Peace On The Water
local_movies C1S8 - Family Gathering
local_movies C2S02 - Cheque Mate
local_movies C2S03 - A Big City
local_movies C2S04 - THE Big City
local_movies C2S05 - Seaway Segway
local_movies C2S06 - Buried In Bloom
local_movies C2S07 - A Really Quite Tall City
local_movies C2S10 - Creative Naming Conventions
local_movies C2S12ME - How I Overthrew A Government
local_movies C3S01 - Sunsoaker
local_movies C3S05 - Still Not A Holiday
local_movies C3S07 - A Meal To Go
local_movies C4S02 - Hitch A Ride With Rider
local_movies C4S04 - That's A Lot Of Wind
local_movies C4S05 - The Man On The High Mountain
local_movies C4S07 - Unamed - Point 6
local_movies C4S10ME - Aleccus.

6 technologies reorder
router Technologies close
router Diamond Steel
router Bankus Bibllicus Basic training for those wishing to get into Economics. Primarily used by the Pecunias to train their children for criminal endeavours.
router Liquid Light
router Bright Steel A bright, durable metal somewhere between iron and regular steel in terms of strength.
router Cruciatus The training undergone by members of [[Group-21182]]
router Assassin Arts A set of guidelines for professional Assassins as laid out by the ancient Assassin Arts book.

1 tradition reorder
today Traditions close
today The Crucia Insignia The Crucia have had a long tradition of branding the backs of their children with the Crucia Insignia. All members of the family wear it.

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