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Filled with Dragons and magic.

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Adventure, Drama,

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Normal physics and magic

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Uhh dragons owo

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Steel weapons and machines

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This universe contains...
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terrain Locations close
terrain Little-Claw's floating island An island hovering very well off the ground, high enough for the air to thin, but has a self-sustaining airfield.
terrain The Rain Kingdom TREES

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wc The villains
wc The Painted Wings A group of seven dragons, all of different species, all off-colored and looked down upon, coming together to fulfill the prophecy. They are destined to be together, as their wings all show part of ...

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flash_on Magics close
flash_on Aura powers Powerful energy that emits when the user feels strong emotions, such as anger, sadness, hope. Mainly is a magic for powerful beings
flash_on Aerokinesis
flash_on Prophecy You can gaze into the future~ It must rhyme and emit a sinister lingering aura, though, you all know what a prophecy is

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local_movies The Rainforest Dragonet Loch finds a very young RainWing lost in the rainforest, he is too young to fly and is very scared, Loch feels bad and decides to bring him home with her, though he was a little aggressive at first...

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