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Name - What is Oscar Mitchell’s full name?

Oscar Mitchell

Role - What is Oscar Mitchell’s role in your story?

The Poet Laureate

Age - How old is Oscar Mitchell?

19 when introduced

Gender - What is Oscar Mitchell’s gender?


Full Name

Oscar Walton Mitchell

Other names - What other aliases does Oscar Mitchell go by?

Ensign Mitchell, "Peasant Prince"


Alazon Lenard, as a pen name for his political works, notably for "A Treatise on Conscription's Morality (Or; the Inherent Daftness of the Draft)". Made of the middle name and surname of two of his former companions (Patrick Douglas and Miette Lenard, respectively) who he believed were unjustly drafted.


Stuff of Dreams

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First Name Meaning

God-Spear, Deer-Lover, Champion Warrior

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Middle Name Meaning

Fortified Town

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Surname Meaning

Who Is Like God

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Race - What is Oscar Mitchell’s race?


Body Type

Average height, broad shoulders and slender build. Some muscle from his time in the expedition force.

Weight - How much does Oscar Mitchell weigh?


Skin Tone

Light brown with olive undertones

Height - How tall is Oscar Mitchell?


Hair Color - What color is Oscar Mitchell’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Oscar Mitchell’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Oscar Mitchell style their hair?

Shoulder length, wavy. Usually tied back.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Oscar Mitchell have?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Oscar Mitchell have?

Fairly prominent hooked nose (also been broken before), round glasses that he occasionally wears. Some visible scars, namely one that courses across his right arm around the elbow region and one on the pad of his left thumb, where a needle went clean through it during one of his jobs.

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Personality type - What personality type is Oscar Mitchell?

Oscar is very loyal to his sister, and is willing to do nearly anything for her. He puts up a perpetually annoyed front while in the expeditionary forces, but ends up dropping it when he meets and befriends Nathaniel Norwood, the sheltered prince of Alchester. Oscar is afraid of growing close to other people, especially after the death of his parents and his sister's injury, and puts up that front in a hope that people will stay away from him. Once you break his shell, he's clever and affable, and a steadfast ally to have. Oscar's lack of having a real childhood (he spent almost all of it working odd jobs) is something he struggles with, essentially living out his teens as an adult, and he has difficulty adjusting to the opulence and drama of palace life. Very devoted to the gods, who are the subjects of most of his poetry. As much as he loves Nathaniel, their relationship is strained by Nathaniel's insistence that the kingdom at large doesn't know that they're together. Desperately afraid of being useless. Once he enters the palace, he becomes increasingly worried about becoming a point of mockery, and puts up yet another front, this time as a detached and easy-going yet dramatic man who's slightly above it all, but engaging anyways, with an "if I make them laugh with me, then they won't laugh at me" mentality. This persona eventually takes over most of his life and reputation, and his feelings of constantly wearing a mask he can't take off drive him to heavy drinking, overspending, neglect, and distancing himself from others. He tends to come off as a bit of a tryhard, and has his fair share of both fans and detractors among Alchester's citizens.

Skills and Hobbies

Swordfighting, strong gut instincts, talented at wordplay and poetry. Has the sort of voice that, while not loud, makes people listen. A talented writer, he wrote Faery Tales For Frightful Children, A Treatise on Conscription's Morality (Or; the Inherent Daftness of the Draft), and several assorted works of poetry and political pieces. He also put together a batch of various myths involving the gods of Alchester in The Lives and Deaths of the Deathless.

Motivations - What motivates Oscar Mitchell most?

To make a name for himself and have stability.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Oscar Mitchell have?

Reading poetry in his free time, when he has any. Writing his own poetry and stories as well.

Flaws - What flaws does Oscar Mitchell have?

Stubborn, selfish, tends to be stern and a bit closed-off to those who don't know him. Very bad at handling the jump from having nothing but the clothes on his back to living at the palace.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Oscar Mitchell have?

Against the fae, and initially against the noble humans

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Favorite possession - What is Oscar Mitchell’s favorite possession?

His necklace, with has an iron ring to ward off faery possesion, and beads for each of the gods.

Lovers (Current and Past)

Beatrice Mitchell (twin sister)

Favorite weapon - What is Oscar Mitchell’s favorite weapon?

His sword

Occupation - What is Oscar Mitchell’s occupation?

Ensign in the royal army, later poet laureate

Politics - What politics does Oscar Mitchell have?

His biggest political opinion (besides being against queerphobic laws in Saturnae) is his dislike for the draft. He publishes a searing expose on it under a false name, but is found out and exiled for it.

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Background - What is Oscar Mitchell’s background?

Oscar grew up in the poor center of Praesi, and worked odd jobs to provide for his family until his parents' deaths when he was 14. He continued trying to make ends meet after his twin sister Beatrice was injured, and ended up joining the expedition force at age 16, where he would meet Nathaniel Norwood three years later. When Nathaniel ends up deserting after his oldest brother's assassination, Oscar helps him escape and takes the fall for him and is tried and court-martialed for attempted desertion. He's able to be broken out before being executed, and flees to Praesi with his sister and Nathaniel, then helps him to reclaim the throne from King Edgar. After joining Nathaniel in the castle, he learns that Nathaniel desires to keep their relationship a secret, a choice he resents but accepts. He's made poet laureate by Nathaniel, allowing the two to stay close, but his fears of being seen as useless or an outsider (as well as his general sense of being overwhelmed by the rather quick leap from poor soldier to wealthy noble) lead him to a life of opulence and crippling anxiety.

Birthday - When is Oscar Mitchell’s birthday?

September 30th

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