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Name - What is Patrick Douglas’s full name?

Patrick Douglas

Role - What is Patrick Douglas’s role in your story?

The Ensign

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Full Name

Patrick Alazon Douglas

Other names - What other aliases does Patrick Douglas go by?

Ensign/Ancient Douglas, Douglas, Pat


Stuff of Dreams


Witnesses the deaths of Aristotle Jacques and Mab, but manages to escape. Hunted down and unceremoniously executed a few weeks later.

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Noble, Patrician

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A Greek stock comedy character who sees himself as greater than he really is

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Black Water

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Out Of Universe Relevance

The specific type of Alazon that Douglas is based on is the Miles Gloriosus, or the braggart soldier.

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Race - What is Patrick Douglas’s race?


Body Type

On the shorter side, slender

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Skin Tone

Light, tanned from time outside.

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Hair Color - What color is Patrick Douglas’s hair?

Dark blonde

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Hair Style - How does Patrick Douglas style their hair?

Long and fine, usually tied back in a low ponytail.

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Patrick Douglas have?

Some scruff

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Patrick Douglas have?

Crooked nose, from breaking it in a bar fight.

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Personality type - What personality type is Patrick Douglas?

Ensign Douglas is a very loud and brash conscripted soldier in the king's army, befriending Aristotle Jacques as they embark on a journey into the Eris Woods. Douglas (who strongly dislikes being referred to as Patrick) hates that his life is essentially in the hands of a class of nobles that his family has never been a part of, and makes it his goal to survive the quest as safely as possible, often bailing in the actual fights (though you wouldn't know based off his bragging). Despite his friendship with Aristotle Jacques, he bails once it's clear that he won't survive the fight. He prizes his own survival above all else, and it leads to cowardice in important moments.

Motivations - What motivates Patrick Douglas most?

To get his conscription over with, preferably without losing any limbs.

Flaws - What flaws does Patrick Douglas have?

Brash, cowardly, vulgar, all talk and no action, loudmouthed, melodramatic, braggart.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Patrick Douglas have?

Against the fae, though he warms up to them once meeting Mab, and the upper class humans, due to them sending the poor into the most dangerous parts of their battles while they themselves stay back.

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Favorite possession - What is Patrick Douglas’s favorite possession?

His iron ring, to ward off faery possession.

Closest Friend

Louis Rennerman (much, much farther down the line, the descendant of Douglas's sister)

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Favorite weapon - What is Patrick Douglas’s favorite weapon?

Usually uses a pike, but he also has a small knife. And his fists.

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Politics - What politics does Patrick Douglas have?

Wants more of a voice, but isn't willing to actually fight for it.

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Favorite food - What is Patrick Douglas’s favorite food?

A recipe for a leek soup that his mother made.

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Background - What is Patrick Douglas’s background?

A peasant from Bassen, Patrick Douglas (who goes almost solely by Douglas) was conscripted into the king's army at age 24, much to his chagrin. He voices a distaste for the king's willingness to send the poor to their deaths on wild goose chases into the woods, but isn't invested enough to speak up for change to anyone but his fellow soldiers, more interested in his own survival than a longstanding political change.

Though Douglas himself doesn't speak up for the poor, his eventual descendant Louis Rennerman will become an outspoken voice for democracy in Alchester.

Education - What is Patrick Douglas’s level of education?

Low, can read and write decently but that's about it.

Birthday - When is Patrick Douglas’s birthday?

November 10th

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