Nathaniel Norwood


The King


18 when introduced



Other names

Nathan, Prince Nathaniel

Full Name

Nathaniel Alexander Norwood


Nathan Allan, the fake name he gives to Oscar Mitchell and others, since he doesn't want to be treated differently due to being a prince.




Stuff of Dreams

Hair Color

Medium-dark blonde

Body Type

Average height, slender

Skin Tone

Light, freckled



Eye Color


Facial Hair


Hair Style

Not long enough to tie back, but not extremely short either






Leadership, planning, archery.


If Nathaniel lived in a setting with our modern medical knowledge, he'd almost certainly be diagnosed with anxiety, and potentially obsessive-compulsive disorder.


To make his kingdom better for all.


Idealistic, naive, sheltered due to his life at the palace, unprepared for the reality of war. Self-centered, insecure, paranoid. Neurotic.


Against the fae


Reading, playing the viola, chess.

Personality type

Nathaniel always tries to weigh his actions, and treats every decision like a game of strategy. As the youngest prince, he's seen as a bargaining chip for the kingdom, especially after his father King Matthias' death and the hasty coronation of his eldest son Michael. Nathaniel is little more than just nameless soldier in Reginald Arnol's expeditionary force, and is vastly unprepared for the expedition into the Woods. Sweet and clever, though not good at thinking on his feet, Nathaniel befriends the soldiers and begins to see how the commoners live. Once he gains the throne, he's intent on becoming the model king, even if it comes at the expense of his friends. He's very insecure about his public image, trying to keep every detail of his private life (including his relationship with Oscar Mitchell) under wraps. As he ages, he becomes more anxious, especially as he watches Oscar slip into alcoholism and mental distress. A good yet distant father to his eventual children (Walton and Lucia).

Favorite possession

His iron ring, to ward of fae possession

Lovers (Current and Past)

Matthias Norwood (father)
Adria Norwood (mother)
Michael Norwood (older brother)
Edgar Norwood (older brother)

Closest Friend
Favorite weapon

Words, usually

Favorite color



Prince of Alchester


Cut down warfare against the Fae and provided more training to the expeditionary forces, which used to be more or less just handing a teenager a sword and a bow and quiver.
Settled multiple border disputes, namely Saturnae trying to secede from Bassen.
He also made note that upon his death, his children were to work to overthrow a law in Saturnae that infringed on the rights of queer people. Although both Percival Olivier and Oscar Mitchell prompted him to do so in his lifetime, Nathaniel feared that if he attempted to overthrow the law, it would out him to the kingdom.


Not especially religious. He believes in the gods, but is far less devout than Oscar Mitchell.


Marian Arnol: Marian and Nathaniel grew up together, and are closer than siblings. Marian was at his side when his father died, when Michael was nearly assassinated, and when Edgar returned after Michael's supposed death in a faery ambush. Though they are not in love, Nathaniel always figured that he would end up marrying Marian, until Edgar insists on her hand instead. The two marry after Edgar is deposed, although the marriage is solely for convenience's sake.
Oscar Mitchell: Nathaniel was unprepared for the trials and tribulations that came with the expeditionary force, and Oscar Mitchell took him under his wing. Around Nathaniel's age himself, Mitchell joined the army to provide for his injured sister Beatrice. The two of them work closely together, and eventually fall in love. Nathaniel, determined to keep his image as a perfect and model king, insists on keeping their relationship a secret, something that will not do much good for Oscar.


The third of King Matthias' children, Nathaniel Norwood was a reserved and quiet boy who never tried to draw attention to himself. He is placed in the expeditionary forces in his late teens, and begins to see the flaws in the kingdom that King Edgar seems to ignore. After befriending Oscar Mitchell and some other soldiers, Nathaniel ends up attempting to desert. He escapes, but Mitchell is caught aiding him. With the aid of Beatrice Mitchell, Nathaniel is able to break the man he loves out of prison, and the three of them (aided by Marian Arnol, Erik Mueller, Alessandra Treleven, and Percival Olivier) decides to retake the throne from his cruel brother. He would go down as one of Alchester's best kings, alongside King Alexander.


Very high in classical studies


April 18th


Matthias and Adria Norwood


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