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Name - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s full name?

Tatsuo: Unsealed

(See Tatsuo: Sealed Form)

Role - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s role in your story?

Companion Soul to Hinata Hayashi

Gender - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s gender?


Age - How old is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])?

264 Dimensional Years Old

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Weight - How much does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) weigh?

200 lbs.

Height - How tall is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])?


Hair Color - What color is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s hair?

Grey (Mohawk)
Black (Shaved sides)

Hair Style - How does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) style their hair?

Floppy Mohawk

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

Light stubble

Eye Color - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s eye color?

Dark blue

Race - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s race?

Companion Soul

Skin Tone


Body Type


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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

He taps his leg with his fingers when he is worried. Rarely speaks or walks unless absolutely necessary. When he does walk, he moves in a fluid motion, often described as graceful. This is because he is often only able to move in human form when fighting, and this fluidity is needed to protect himself and Hinata.

Motivations - What motivates Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) most?

As a Companion Soul, Tatsuo understands that it is his job to protect Hinata. He was created to be a helper, and he intends to fulfill his purpose.

Flaws - What flaws does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

He doesn't work well with the other Companion Souls. As the eldest Companion Soul, Tatsuo believes himself to be of a higher rank than the other Souls. When not under Hinata's direct supervision, such as on the battlefield, he is often bossy and controlling. He tones this down when Hinata is nearby.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

He thinks he's better than the other Companion Souls. As the first made, Tatsuo believes himself to be the most experienced and balanced fighter.

Talents - What talents does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

A skilled warrior, Tatsuo was created to fight battles alongside Hinata Hayashi.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

He has not developed hobbies, due to the fact he is often only in human form to fight or comfort Hinata.

Personality type - What personality type is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])?

aloof and stern. He focuses his energies on his work, and will often neglect himself to help Hinata succeed in her missions. He does not socialize with the other Companion Souls, and when resting he will often simply meditate or observe the situation and report to Hinata what he notes.

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Religion - What religion does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) practice?


Politics - What politics does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?


Occupation - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s occupation?

Companion Soul

Favorite color - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s favorite color?

Dark blue

Favorite food - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s favorite food?


Favorite possession - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s favorite possession?

His grey hoodie. Given to him by Hinata, he treasures it as a token of his servitude to her.

Favorite weapon - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s favorite weapon?

His katana- in human form, he can wield a katana that resembles him when he is in sword form.

Favorite animal - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]]) have?

Companion Soul

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Birthday - When is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s birthday?

August 25

Education - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s level of education?

mid-level- the equivalent of that of a high school student. Self-taught, he gleaned the knowledge he holds from Hinata's memories of her schooling.

Background - What is Tatsuo: Unsealed (See [[Item-70462]])’s background?

He has been in many battles, but has no scars. This is due to Hinata taking care of him; when he is injured, she has him healed. When in sword form, she takes all necessary actions to ensure that he remains in optimal performance condition.

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