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Name - What is Hinata Hayashi’s full name?

Hinata Hayashi

Role - What is Hinata Hayashi’s role in your story?

(main character)

Other names - What other aliases does Hinata Hayashi go by?

Balance Keeper

Gender - What is Hinata Hayashi’s gender?


Age - How old is Hinata Hayashi?

364 Dimensional Years
(oldest dimensional being)

face Looks
Weight - How much does Hinata Hayashi weigh?

150 lbs

Height - How tall is Hinata Hayashi?


Hair Color - What color is Hinata Hayashi’s hair?

black with a blonde streak.

Hair Style - How does Hinata Hayashi style their hair?

Long in a ponytail, with the blonde streak shorter and stiffer than the rest of the hair. The blonde streak is part of the bangs, which reach down to the edge of her face.

Eye Color - What is Hinata Hayashi’s eye color?


Race - What is Hinata Hayashi’s race?

Human, American Japanese

Skin Tone

Light olive, with yellow undertones

Body Type

Athletic, with a rectangular build

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Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Hinata Hayashi have?

She sighs a lot, and she leans against walls when thinking. She is prone to cussing when in an agitated state, but she usually speaks in a very polite manner. She walks in a confident manner, back straight and head held high.

Motivations - What motivates Hinata Hayashi most?

She wants to prevent what happened to her dimension from happening to another.

Flaws - What flaws does Hinata Hayashi have?

Major depression and she refuses to show any weakness. She goes to extreme lengths to keep from showing that she isn't perfect; she never tries to deal with her emotions because to her that would mean she isn't strong enough to do her job. While she helped her twin work through the trauma caused by their parents' deaths, Hinata herself refused to show her own feelings to her sister, believing it was her job to keep her younger sister safe. Since then, this has developed into locking all of her "negative" emotions away, refusing to speak of them because it would make her weak in her eyes.
With her depression, she often feels as if no matter what she does, it doesn't really matter. She doesn't truly enjoy much of what she does anymore, and the things that used to make her enjoy life (such as working in her diner or taking care of her family) have become menial chores, things to be done because they have to. It also affects her ability to use her powers; she becomes lethargic and is often unable to tap fulling into her powers. She often simply stays in bed when she doesn't have to do her job as a Balance Keeper, under the guise of needing the rest to regain her energy.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Hinata Hayashi have?

Everything is black and white to Hinata. She believes that in this world, there is only good and evil, right and wrong. There is no in-between for her. This stems from her knowledge of the multiverse; each world is destined for either Light or Dark, and there is no in-between for the worlds. If that is how it is for the worlds, why would it be different for anything else?

Talents - What talents does Hinata Hayashi have?

She is very charismatic. When dealing with large crowds of people (Who more often than not are trying to kill her), she can quickly de-escalate a situation with a few carefully chosen words.
She is also an excellent cook; she used to help her mother and father with the family restaurant, and her mother taught her how to make most of the things that they served. Now, she runs her own diner, where she can use her talents as a chef.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Hinata Hayashi have?

Creating things. When stressed or bored, more often then not she can be found tinkering with various robotic parts. This is also how she came to building the robots whom she calls family; she felt alone whenever her sister when off on tour, so she built artificial intelligence robots to keep her company. She doesn't build anymore, though, and instead focuses her creative habits into making new upgrades.

Personality type - What personality type is Hinata Hayashi?

Caring but guarded. She does truly care about most everyone (with the few exceptions being beings who are actively working against the multiverse's balance), but is afraid to grow too attached; she knows that she'll outlive them and that someday she would have to deal with the pain of losing them. She's also afraid that if someone gets too close to her, they might see that she isn't as perfect as she tries to be. However, she still ends up growing connections with people rather easily, despite her best efforts.
When it comes to the use of some of her powers, such as Apathy, she often only uses them to perform her job; when she feels like she wouldn't be able to handle the emotional baggage that came with tilting a world to the Dark, she activates Apathy. She uses it sparingly, though, so as not to run the risk of it backfiring. As for her Fiery Rage, it often only reaches this point when her family is threatened; she will fly into a blind rage, tearing a destructive path through her enemy.

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Religion - What religion does Hinata Hayashi practice?

Due to her personal experiences, Hinata has come to the conclusion that God does exist, and she worships Him. However, she and her twin have a literal cult of worshippers. Hinata, being Christian, tries to get rid of it several times, and she even punched the leader's face once. She absolutes hates it when someone calls her a god or a goddess and she does not shy away from correcting the mistake.

Occupation - What is Hinata Hayashi’s occupation?

Balance Keeper

As the Balance Keeper, it is Hinata's job to ensure that the number of worlds with the fate of Dark is equal to the number worlds destined for Light; more often than not, she has to tip worlds to darkness. Her bosses, the Dimensional Council, hold no true power over her, but she submits to their rulings to set an example to other powerful beings who could oppose the Council. As the oldest Dimensional Being, she is also technically a member of the Council. Officially, she has simply been around the longest, existing before most modern dimensions.

Favorite color - What is Hinata Hayashi’s favorite color?

Gold. Hinata's mother always said gold matched her hair beautifully, and she wears it all the time now in memory of her.

Favorite food - What is Hinata Hayashi’s favorite food?

Burgers. Hinata's parents own a traditional cuisine Japanese restaurant, so more often then not she would simply eat those foods. However, occasionally her grandparents would take her sister and her out, and they would always get burgers from a fast food joint. After her grandparents died (before the end of the world), Hinata and Michi would go out sometimes in memory of them.

Favorite possession - What is Hinata Hayashi’s favorite possession?

Her locket. At the end of the War, Hinata had to battle her lover SM. As he was dying, he sealed his soul into the locket. Now, she keeps it with her at all times, to both remind her that balance shall always reign and to keep her lover close to her.

Favorite weapon - What is Hinata Hayashi’s favorite weapon?

Companion Souls and magic. Companion Souls due to their ability to transform into anything, and magic due to being taught how to fight with it from an early age.

Favorite animal - What is Hinata Hayashi’s favorite animal?


Job - What job does Hinata Hayashi have?

Balance Keeper

date_range History
Birthday - When is Hinata Hayashi’s birthday?

August 25

Education - What is Hinata Hayashi’s level of education?

Highly educated

Background - What is Hinata Hayashi’s background?

She was born in Paradise. She had received a vision of Paradise's destruction and had tried to warn people, but no one believed her since she was only twelve at the time. She only managed to save 300 people, including her twin sister. She and her sister were the only natives to Paradise that escaped; all the rest were born in other dimensions. Her parents died trying to get more people to the portal, leaving Hinata to lead these people. Paradise had been a largely populated world, and now Hinata and her sister were the only people left from this world. Hinata lost her ability to truly believe herself when she was unable to convince more people to escape, but she also learned an important lesson; her visions cannot be altered, no matter what is done to do so.

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flash_on Powers
Natural Powers

Furled Wings: Lifesize wing tattoos she can turn in hawk wings.
Telepathic Uprising: Able to communicate telepathically with others with natural powers.
Fiery Rage: Her hair turns into flames when she is furious, which she can then use in combat.
Raw Power

Learned Powers

Apathy: She can basically turn off her emotions.
Various Elemental Spells

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