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Name - What is Tatsuo: Sealed Form’s full name?

Tatsuo: Sealed Form

Item Type - What type of item is Tatsuo: Sealed Form?

Companion Soul: Katana

Description - Describe Tatsuo: Sealed Form.

Tatsuo: Sealed Form is the first Companion Soul to Hinata Hayashi. Tatsuo: Sealed Form is a full-sized katana, with a navy blue silk ito and a chain attached to the puchi and menuki. There is another chain that is attached to the menuki only, with a small gear connected to it. The saya is dark blue with gold accents, and the tsuba is shaped like many interlocking gears. The kojiri is also gold. The blade is silver colored. Every other part is navy blue.

redeem Looks
Materials - What is Tatsuo: Sealed Form made out of?

Soul fragments (various and part of Hinata's)

Weight - How much does Tatsuo: Sealed Form weigh?

2 lbs

date_range History
Year it was made - When was Tatsuo: Sealed Form made?

Hinata's 100th year.

flash_on Abilities
Magical effects - What kind of magic does Tatsuo: Sealed Form possess?

Can transform into a human.

edit Notes

Companion Souls are created in the mind of the creator, with iron and pieces of soul. One of these pieces comes from the forger, bonding Soul and Master. The various pieces of soul combine to create one new, whole soul. This new soul allows for the Soul to take on any appearance when Unsealed. However, Souls cannot remain in Unsealed form for long, due to the fact to remain Unsealed the Souls taps into the Master's energy. Companion Souls can be forged only once every 100 Dimensional Years, due to the strain of creating them. However, you must have someone teach you how to forge a Companion Soul the first time, or you will be unable to do so ever. You must continue to forge them every year as well, or you will never be able to do so again. Each soul takes one week to forge.


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