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Name - What is Martha Zhou’s full name?

Martha Zhou

Role - What is Martha Zhou’s role in your story?

The Doctor

Age - How old is Martha Zhou?


Gender - What is Martha Zhou’s gender?


Full Name

Martha Xinya Zhou

Other names - What other aliases does Martha Zhou go by?

Dr. Zhou


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Sweet Smelling, Elegant

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Race - What is Martha Zhou’s race?


Body Type

Short, slender with some muscle.

Weight - How much does Martha Zhou weigh?


Skin Tone

Light brown with cool undertones, some freckles across her nose

Height - How tall is Martha Zhou?

5'2". She usually wears wedge heels to look taller.

Hair Color - What color is Martha Zhou’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Martha Zhou’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Martha Zhou style their hair?

Long and straight, falls nearly to her waist. Usually in a bun or braids.


  • Nearsighted, wears contacts much more often than glasses.

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Personality type - What personality type is Martha Zhou?

Martha loves her job, and won't hesitate to tell you about it. She's been interested in physics for her entire life, and although she knows a lot about the topic, she doesn't like to show others with less knowledge up. She's used to be talked down to due to her autism and refuses to do the same to others. She's clever and sweet, and very enthusiastic about things she enjoys, whether it's a new project she's working on or a new song she enjoys. She likes being the center of attention, but only if it's on her terms. Although she wouldn't call herself naive, she is more gullible than she'd like. A friend of (and ex-girlfriend of) Geneva Weston, she's much more optimistic and cheerful than her.

Skills and Hobbies


Motivations - What motivates Martha Zhou most?

To make a lasting scientific achievement

Hobbies - What hobbies does Martha Zhou have?

Collecting rocks, painting, piano.

Flaws - What flaws does Martha Zhou have?

One of those people who's annoyingly cheerful. Tends to space out and fidget a lot, not super great with social interaction. A bit gullible at times.


  • ADHD

  • Asperger Syndrome

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Favorite possession - What is Martha Zhou’s favorite possession?

Her piano, it's a very nice model.

Closest Friend

Geneva Weston
Jackson Gavel
Matthew Jamieson

Lovers (Current and Past)

Geneva Weston (ex-girlfriend, they broke up when Geneva realized she was aromantic)

Favorite or Associated Animal

Dogs, specifically golden retrievers. She wants one, but her apartment is too small.

Occupation - What is Martha Zhou’s occupation?


Politics - What politics does Martha Zhou have?


Religion - What religion does Martha Zhou practice?


Favorite or Associated Color

Sky blue

Favorite food - What is Martha Zhou’s favorite food?


info History
Background - What is Martha Zhou’s background?

Martha had always been interested in the world around her. She was a curious child, always asking questions about how the world worked. When she was in elementary school, she was diagnosed with ADHD, and was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 5th grade. She developed a special interest in music (specifically piano music) and art history, along with taking up the piano and painting as hobbies. She graduated near the top of her class, and went to the University of Wisconsin Madison before moving to Bell Creek after graduating college.

Education - What is Martha Zhou’s level of education?

College graduate. Got a PhD in physics and minored in art history and music production

Birthday - When is Martha Zhou’s birthday?

May 13th

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