Geneva Weston


Law School Drop-Out/Barista
(Major Character, Realistic Fiction)





Other names

Gen, Genny.

Full Name

Geneva Abigail Weston


Abbey West, her go-to fake name.


Aromantic Bisexual

Hair Color



  • Has three screws in her left arm after a car crash.

  • Struggles with claustrophobia, PTSD, and alcoholism after the crash

  • Generally deals with depression in general, but is still in a particularly rough bout after the crash, Jasper's death, and the loss of her dream job

Identifying Marks

  • Nearsighted, rotates between contacts and glasses

  • Almost always dresses in all black, both to blend in and out of a love for that aesthetic

Body Type

Tall and slim build, muscular. Goes on daily runs, used to kickbox.

Skin Tone

Pale, almost unhealthily so. Often has very visible greyness under her eyes.



Eye Color


Facial Hair


Hair Style

Midback length, mostly straight with some wave.


Average. What she lacks in fat, she makes up for in muscle.




Endurance running (something that suffers due to her smoking habit, but that she's working to improve), violin, was a promising law student.


Tends to stand very still, often with her arms crossed. Resting expression is a frown.


Honestly? When introduced, she doesn't really have one. She has a passive interest in getting back to law school, and later develops a vested interest in getting the truth of the Flynn family's corruption revealed.


Self-centered, apathetic, bitter, rude, brash, stoic, manipulative, cynical, nihilistic. She also occasionally smokes, and is very claustrophobic and refuses to ride passenger in cars.


Against most authoritive figures, with a strong distrust in the legal departments. Almost against people in general, with her very introverted and antisocial tendencies.


Drinking, reading, cramming in online classes, running, kickboxing.

Personality type

Geneva is, to put it bluntly, not someone you want to spend time with. Once a promising law student who worked with a well-known lawyer, her future was derailed when he was killed in a car crash on the way to a career-starting case. Geneva's left arm was badly broken, along with a handful of less severe injuries, and her medical debt ended up taking priority over her student loans, leading to her dropping out of college. She feels aimless in life, and takes up drinking. She's a bitter, cynical nihilist who plays up an emotionally detached front to avoid being hurt, with little regard for how it makes others feel. Even she is unsure if her apathetic act is an act or not; she tries a bit too hard not to care. Initially taking up private investigation solely for the cash (and due to some interference from her friends), she does develop an investment in the truth and in helping others, if only to distract her thoughts from her own issues for a minute. She has practically no brain-to-mouth filter, and often makes rude comments without a second thought, something she works hard to control so as not to lose her job as a barista.

Favorite possession

Her motorcycle, which she bought using the money from Jasper's will

Lovers (Current and Past)


Closest Friend

Jackson Gavel
Jasper Williams (deceased)
Victor Grant
Henry Harrison
Kate Minetta (former Mock Trial teammate)

Favorite animal


Favorite weapon

Handgun, words, blackmail. Not averse to using her fists, either.

Favorite food

Artichoke hearts

Favorite color



Former lawyer, later a private eye
When we first meet her, she's working at a coffee shop




Some in-between of Catholic and Agnostic. Raised Catholic, but has a hard time believing in anything.


Geneva is only about a decade older than her cousin, Della Colacino-McCarthy She was a bright student and had an interest in the law, which led to her internship with Jasper Williams. She showed great promise, but on the day to a court hearing about a corrupt local businessman, the car they were in was struck in what appeared to be a texting-while-driving accident. Jasper was killed and Geneva broke 3 ribs and had a complex break in her arm, which required screws and surgery. She never made it to the case, all the physical evidence was lost in the crash, and after paying off her medical bills, she wasn't able to return to law school and instead worked odd jobs in retail and as a barista. She experienced claustrophobia and a fear of being in cars after the crash, which she combated by selling her car and buying a motorcycle. She also developed PTSD after the crash, and while she already struggled with depression, the crash worsened it. She turned to drinking and occasionally smoking in an attempt to self-medicate, which eventually became alcoholism.


College level


June 19th


Molly McCarthy and George Weston


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