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Name - What is Jackson Gavel’s full name?

Jackson Gavel

Role - What is Jackson Gavel’s role in your story?

The Private Eye/Shakespearean Actor

Age - How old is Jackson Gavel?


Gender - What is Jackson Gavel’s gender?


Full Name

Jackson Jacob Gavel

Other names - What other aliases does Jackson Gavel go by?



Unhappy Families

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Son of Jack

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Mallet Used For Commanding Attention

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face Looks
Race - What is Jackson Gavel’s race?


Body Type

Fairly tall, not super muscular but you can tell that he's fit.

Weight - How much does Jackson Gavel weigh?


Skin Tone

Light, slight tan.

Height - How tall is Jackson Gavel?


Hair Color - What color is Jackson Gavel’s hair?

Golden blonde.

Eye Color - What is Jackson Gavel’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Jackson Gavel style their hair?

Occasionally wears a knit hat, and is usually very tousled

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Jackson Gavel have?


Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Jackson Gavel have?

Fairly long scar across his abdomen that he got while trailing someone who pulled a knife on him. He's been shot twice; once before the story starts and once during the climax (in the leg and the stomach, respectively). His career as a private eye leads to him being in dangerous positions a lot, and his time as an actor and his high school sports haven't left him unscathed either.

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Personality type - What personality type is Jackson Gavel?

Jackson is generally cheerful and tends to be the 'mom friend' of the group. He's sarcastic and tends to be the less stoic of the duo of himself and Geneva Weston. Much more empathetic than Weston, he is willing to forgive others and believes in not letting your past define you. He tends to do things for fun and adrenaline which leads to bad situations. He's very determined and devoted to his jobs, at one point being more concerned about missing the opening night of the show he was in than of being injured. He tends to put others before himself, even when it's not necessarily the best choice at the moment, and rarely takes anything seriously, especially if it involves his own emotions. He has a tendency to be annoying and grating towards people, and constantly tries to lighten the mood even when he shouldn't. He has a lot of pent-up insecurity, regret, and trauma stemming both from his emotionally abusive mother and the injuries he's received on the job as a PI, but tries to just brush it off. He also talks a big game about being true to yourself but still hasn't come out to his mother. He's very afraid of letting people down, a trait that leads him to take on too many things at once while bottling up his true feelings under a smile. Although he's a capable actor, he often worries that people only pay attention to his looks instead of his skill, and fears losing job opportunities after an injury to his abdomen leaves him with scarring. Absolutely horrible RSD.

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Jackson Gavel have?

Not the best posture, he leans and slouches a lot. The sort of guy who leans in the doorway instead of sitting down. Very relaxed, he doesn't hold himself rigidly.

Skills and Hobbies

Acting, dancing, guitar, thinking on his feet. He's a decent singer, but his strength lies more in acting; his voice isn't bad, it just doesn't really stand out.

Motivations - What motivates Jackson Gavel most?

A desire to help as many people as possible.

Hobbies - What hobbies does Jackson Gavel have?

Acting, singing, playing the guitar, working on his cases.

Flaws - What flaws does Jackson Gavel have?

Doesn't know when to just back down and/or stop, reckless, tends to not think things through, is intelligent but lacking in common sense, impulsive, puts other's well-being before his own, doesn't take much seriously, nosy. He ignores his own issues while trying to insert himself into everyone else's.

Prejudices - What prejudices does Jackson Gavel have?

That politicians are all arrogant snobs willing to sacrifice others to make their plans work.



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Favorite possession - What is Jackson Gavel’s favorite possession?

His brown leather bomber jacket, a gift from his father as a kid.


Julie Taylor (younger half-sister)
Morgan Gavel (older sister)
Becca Gavel (younger stepsister)

Favorite or Associated Animal

The Loch Ness Monster

Favorite weapon - What is Jackson Gavel’s favorite weapon?

Handgun, but he can also throw and take a punch

Occupation - What is Jackson Gavel’s occupation?

Private detective, aspiring theatre actor.

Politics - What politics does Jackson Gavel have?

Left-leaning, in-between liberal and leftist. Probably a soc-dem, if he was pressed to choose.

Religion - What religion does Jackson Gavel practice?

Raised Catholic, no longer practicing. On some weird in-between of Catholic and agnostic.

Favorite or Associated Color

Greys and greens.

Favorite food - What is Jackson Gavel’s favorite food?

Curly fries


  • He dyed his hair electric blue when he was in college, but quickly got annoyed by it and ended up going back to his natural color soon after.

  • He gets involved in lots of hobbies but drops them after a year or so. For example, he's been in a cover band (guitar/backup vocals), two or three cult-classic-movie inspired musicals, a group that drunkenly performed Shakespeare, and stand-up comedy.

  • A Chorus Line is his favorite musical, as well as being the one that got him into theatre, but his favorite role was Tulsa in Gypsy.

  • Jackson tends to layer his clothing, usually wearing a t-shirt, a flannel, and his bomber jacket, not to mention a hat and--occasionally--colored contacts.

  • He has a pretty varied sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh; he was a class clown at school and continues his occasionally obnoxious habit of cracking jokes at bad moments into adulthood.

  • He had one pretty awful near-death experience. He had just gotten into the private investigator business, and made the mistake of trailing someone through a rougher part of town during night and got caught by the man he was trailing. The resulting scuffle resulting in Jackson taking a knife to the stomach, although he was able to fully recover.

  • Due to the aforementioned stabbing, he stopped doing shirtless scenes in shows because he felt like showing off two pretty bad scars would break the immersion.

  • Jackson is...not the best driver. He has technical skills and is actually pretty good about using his turn signals and such, but he speeds a lot. He has a slightly beat up car, but it's his pride and joy.

info History
Education - What is Jackson Gavel’s level of education?

College level, majored in Criminal Justice and Theatre

Birthday - When is Jackson Gavel’s birthday?

March 7th


Carol and Brian Gavel. They divorced when he was 8, though Brian and Carol stayed in the same city. Carol received custody of Jackson and his older sister Morgan, and she soon remarried and had a daughter. Brian remarried as well, to a woman who already had a daughter.

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