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Name - What is Rosaline Sole’s full name?

Rosaline Sole

Role - What is Rosaline Sole’s role in your story?

The False Queen

Age - How old is Rosaline Sole?


Gender - What is Rosaline Sole’s gender?


Full Name

Rosaline Miranda Sole

Other names - What other aliases does Rosaline Sole go by?

Queen Sole, Queen Rosaline




Untitled Ehre Story

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Pretty Rose

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Race - What is Rosaline Sole’s race?


Body Type

Tall and slender

Weight - How much does Rosaline Sole weigh?

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Height - How tall is Rosaline Sole?


Hair Color - What color is Rosaline Sole’s hair?


Eye Color - What is Rosaline Sole’s eye color?


Hair Style - How does Rosaline Sole style their hair?

Long and loose, some waves

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Rosaline Sole have?


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Personality type - What personality type is Rosaline Sole?

Rosaline is very intelligent, and was basically raised on the seas. She's very cunning, and is able to spin the tale so crowds side with her, since on the surface she appears to be a mere common woman who took back the power she was deprived, but in reality she is self-serving and abusive to those she dislikes. Although she does have good intentions, her execution of them is less than ideal.

Motivations - What motivates Rosaline Sole most?

To protect the common people and hold the royals to their promises

Flaws - What flaws does Rosaline Sole have?

Self-centered, manipulative, emotionally abusive, cruel

Prejudices - What prejudices does Rosaline Sole have?

Against the nobles, since they broke a promise to her

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Favorite possession - What is Rosaline Sole’s favorite possession?

A battered wooden pendant from her mother

Favorite weapon - What is Rosaline Sole’s favorite weapon?

Her sword

Occupation - What is Rosaline Sole’s occupation?

Queen of Ehre

Politics - What politics does Rosaline Sole have?

While the concept of Rosaline's politics are good (more money given to patch up the poor ports), the execution of them is not. In addition to kidnapping and assassinations, she also lies to her followers about being a commoner (she is actually noble-born) and does barely anything that she promised to do, opting instead to ally herself with Julianna Marlott and the authoritarian state of Twyllo.

Favorite or Associated Color

Red and white

Favorite food - What is Rosaline Sole’s favorite food?


info History
Background - What is Rosaline Sole’s background?

After the king ignored his promise to her family to improve the travelling conditions and instead poured funds into caring for the sick, she grew angry and formed her own band of pirate-like marauders called DONT (Dictatorial Overthrow Nautical Team), whose actions started small but grew into an assassination and abduction, all with Rosaline at the helm.

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