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Name - What is Mara’s full name?


Age - How old is Mara?


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face Looks

Usually wears dark clothes with blue accents. She often wears a hood and a mask to hide her ears and teeth.

She has clawed gauntlets sharpened as blades which aid in both protection and damage in hand-to-hand combat. She will also wear minimal armour to protect her chest and legs but as someone who prefers stealth, she doesn't like to be weighed down.

Height - How tall is Mara?



A giant burn scar across her mouth, cheeks and nose. It fades towards the left side of her face as if she was hit from the right.



Also has long, mobile ears and sharp teeth


About shoulder-length and loose. It's always very messy and knotted and oftentimes greasy as hair hygiene is a 'waste of time'. It's straight except for one part that curls on the right side.

fingerprint Nature

Mara has a mid-tone, rough, husky voice with a light 'south east european' accent.
She sounds as if she had once inhaled a lot of smoke that permanently damaged her vocal cords.

Motivations - What motivates Mara most?

Mara's motivations are very twisted. At first, she only had the instinct to destroy her competition, the ones who had done her and her 'pack', her family, harm. When she began experiencing the rest of the world for what it was this turned into a simple need to survive. For a long time, she lacked much motivation, but as her madness came to her, her old motivations resurfaced and became twisted into a general distaste for all life. Due to outside influences, this quickly turned into the burning need to reduce the world to ash and fulfil an ancient prophecy to end the world.


-Detached, few emotional ties
-Planning and strategising
-Calm and composed

Prejudices - What prejudices does Mara have?

She has an agenda against eltra and they find it difficult to stay alive very long in her presence.
She also has something against all life on Korrei, something brought on from her madness.

Flaws - What flaws does Mara have?

-Aloof, few emotional ties
-Often confused

Outward persona

Her presentation depends on the situation. Oftentimes she prefers to come off as intimidating and unapproachable. She dislikes it when people approach her for anything. But to those she needs something from she is capable of weaselling her way into their circle of trust. But, she avoids actually interacting with people at all, preferring to simply stay out of anyone's line of sight.


Mara is incredibly intelligent. On a good day, she can pick up everything remarkably quickly and is capable of plotting elaborate plans if her fractured mind allows it. Whether they are seen through to the end is another story. As a hybrid, she's relatively incapable of experiencing emotion but even for one of her kind, she's cold-hearted and dispassionate. It's very rare that she ever gets attached to anything and if she did it would more likely be a result of confusion or twisted instinct. She is not bound by feelings nor morals which allows her to do essentially anything.

Because of her age and her intelligence, Mara always knows what she's doing. Every small action and behaviour is often planned and intentional. She's intimidating and can be kind of terrifying but she knows how to act in a way makes her seem more ‘human’. When people interact with her frequently, she can be almost endearing with the little quirks she presents to people.

Not everything she does is simulated. She is a very calm and composed person naturally and, while she can seem quite disdainful, has a placid curiosity of what's going on around her. She does manage to have a sense of humour albeit a dark and dry one and can surprisingly get along well with the average person.

As a hybrid, she faces many inborn problems aside from the lack of emotion including chronic pain, slowed healing, and a slow, creeping madness that has been clawing at her mind since her youth. It's unusual for one of her kind to live as long as she had and it's had a negative impact on her mind. Sometimes she may seem confused, her thoughts skipping from one thing to the next. Sometimes she's unable to discern reality from fantasy and sees things that aren't really there. Sometimes she reverts to a feral, animalistic nature that she finds herself wrestling with more and more as she ages. Her past instincts that are no longer relevant to her situation often twists up from the depths of her mind, blurring the present and the past. The need to eliminate her enemies was blown up into a fierce compulsion to eliminate the entire world. Mara's mind is a mess and she is very susceptible to mind magic.


Aurocor She doesn't technically have aurocor but hybrids are known to show symptoms of this condition over time regardless of their use of magic.

Chronic pain - It isn't as bad as some hybrids but it's still there


Mara has very little care for anything in the world. She only cares about her owns desires and goals without regard to whether these things might be considered unlawful or evil. Morality for her is essentially non-existent and it is therefore difficult to pin one particular alignment.

(True neutral/neutral evil)


Mara trained as a rogue, a specialised warrior tasked with the protection of Meidas, with the Druids for many years and later became a mentor for some time. This allowed her to master many different martial skills and over her lifetime she has become adept in the use of magic.
She has a vast Vaitassien, allowing her to use incredibly powerful magics.

Mara's most prominent skillsets include:
- hand-to-hand combat due to her own agility and strength
- stealth which often comes as a surprise due to her height
- fire magic of which she has many unique uses for

You will not, however, see her ever use a weapon such as a bow.


Mara is incredibly powerful when she has full access to her Vaitassien. She has two magic affinities - the very rare and powerful time magic, and fire magic

Due to her fire magic affinity, she also has a very severe fire mutation which causes her body temperature to run very high. This means that she has to be careful when using fire magic so that she doesn't overheat. This does mean that she can handle the bitter cold of Meidas very well and doesn't require many layers.
The mutation also makes her fire magic much more impactful.

Her time magic is used sparingly but when she does use it, it can be very frustrating to her opposition. She twists and bends time, reversing time for short periods and sometimes repeating one pocket of time over and over.
Time magic is very difficult and draining and she can't use it often.

Mara is also skilled in other areas of magic like runic magics and enchantments.

groups Social
Languages spoken


Religion - What religion does Mara practice?

Mara has no interest in religion although she does technically lead a cult of sun-worshippers who support the end of the world.

Many do pin her as a follower of Duns, the sun god, but Mara doesn't really care. There are rumours that she is Duns' puppet however.

Social standing

Mara used to have no social standing but she quickly rose as a tyrant, ruling over Serroras and the surrounding area.

Occupation - What is Mara’s occupation?

Previously she was a rogue and a Druid (first to increase her skill and later as a way to spend her time) before she started betraying their codes.
She can also be described as a thief as this was how she lived in her youth.
She eventually became a type of sovereign.



device_hub Family
Pets - What pets does Mara have?

Nuiklahgf - war horse


shopping_basket Inventory

Clawed gauntlets
A single-edged, curved greatsword


An ancient journal once owned by an arvin from over 3000 years ago
Kirice (a large mountain cat) teeth


Mara has no need for money and if she does, she just steals it.

Typical items

Lots of daggers. They never seem to end.

info History


Birthday - When is Mara’s birthday?

3rd of Nicrill, 2294


-Born in Yrna
-Mother, Nydia, escaped before her people found out about Mara's illegal birth as a hybrid (hybrids are illegal)
-Nydia found refuge with a lone alchemist called Galena and they both raised Mara
-The Yrnans found Nydia and killed her
-Galena kept Mara for many years before they were discovered and Galena was killed
-Mara was captured and kept by the Yrnans like an animal
-These Yrnans used Mara for research and experimentation first and foremost as information on hybrids was rare and hard to come by
-She was also used as entertainment in fighting pits and many criminals were sentenced to death by her hand
-She finally escaped in fire and blood, earning the burn scar on her face and the smoke damage in her throat
-Mara escaped and quickly found a foothold in the world, just trying to get by
-Her first instinct was to be rid of those that had and possibly still could harm her but reason warned her of the fact that she was one young person against a nation
-A rogue found her and offered her training from the Druids
-She accepted and spent several decades learning and then mentoring young rogues, building her own skills but otherwise lost for purpose
-A lot of this time was spent exploring Meidas, often going far east to Igraaktass and the psilk
-She eventually encountered a young magic investigator called Iri who turned out to be investigating her
-They played cat and mouse for a long time before Iri gave in, having developed feelings for Mara who saw some use in Iri
-She later began seeing him as a part of her 'pack' and began to protect him as one of her own
-At this point her madness had taken a grip on her mind and her old, fleeting idea to destroy Yrna returned tenfold along with many irrational thoughts that confused the still reasonable part of her mind
-Met Bronn who she planned to groom into a powerful mage who would help her destroy Yrna in a confused attempt to be rid of her confusion
-This ended up backfiring and she was captured and enslaved by Bronn as revenge for her corruption of him
-Mara escaped but her magic was greatly weakened
-She searched for someone who could break through Bronn's magical defences to kill him so her powers could be restored
-She met Kado who she was more careful with and developed a friendship with as a consequence
-The plan worked but Kado, who had become like a son to her primal mind, was not killed like she intended
-Mara took her place and went about bringing the end of the world (at this point she no longer sees the destruction of Yrna as important)
-Kado still lived and proved a dangerous enemy
-The hybrid madness quickly consumed Mara and despite her success in creating huge, destructive firestorms, she became unhinged and obliterated her own forces
-As a testament to her loss of self, she killed Iri
-Kado comes for her and they fight, resulting in Mara's defeat and a broken, ruined world

Background - What is Mara’s background?

Mara was born on the 3rd of Nicrill, third era 2294 during the final moons of winter. She was born in the eltran kingdom Yrna. Yrna was once the largest and most powerful eltran kingdom in Meidas but has since lost a lot of its influence. It is located in the far south-east of the continent. Her birth was illegal and her life was in peril from the moment she was conceived. The winter she was born to was long and brutal.

Originally, she was given the name Ephyra by her mother. She used this name for a large portion of her youth before she became a rogue, after which she was given a new name, Mara. When her mother, Nydia, died and her care was taken on by her step-mother, Galena, a skuira alchemist who had given Nydia shelter while she hid from her people's reckoning. Mara's father was killed several years after her birth. He was a qelna and her mother was an eltra.

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