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Name - What is Aurocor's name?


Description - Describe Aurocor.

The result of the overuse and/or abuse of magic over an extended period of time.

Type of condition - What kind of condition is Aurocor?

Magical corruption

Alternate names - What other names is Aurocor known by?

"The Madness"

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Lifestyle factors - What lifestyle factors affect how contractable or effective Aurocor is?

Someone who uses magic frequently over their lifetime is far more likely to have aurocor. It depends on how much magic is used in relation to an individual's Vaitassien depth. Someone with a very deep Vaitassien can use more magic over their lifetime without getting aurocor than someone with a shallower Vaitassien. If the Vaitassien is repeatedly drained, aurocor typically comes soon after.

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Visual effects - How does Aurocor manifest visually?

The clearest visual symptom to aurocor, and also a sign of how far into it an individual is, is the pupil. The worse the aurocor is, the more ovular the pupil will be, giving the eyes a cat-like appearance. If more magic is used after aurocor sets in, the pupil will gradually become more and more of a slit.

Mental effects - How does Aurocor affect the mind?

The main effect of aurocor is on the mind. General effects consist of mood swings, sudden outbursts, hallucinations, increased aggression, and the habitual use of magic which makes the corruption worse. As aurocor worsens, the mind seems to fracture and an individual can seem spacy and detached from reality. In its worse state, the corruption causes a person to lash out against anyone and everyone even if it's against that person's very nature to do so. No personal attachments nor moral code will keep a person with aurocor from killing whoever crosses their path. By the end, a corrupted individual is a shell of a person and cannot be recognised for who they once were.

Duration - How long does Aurocor last?

Aurocor is life-long and there is no cure however there have been some cases of those with mind magic affinities being able to resist the effects for longer, even sometimes overcoming their impulses through frequent and deep meditation. However, it will always remain and has a lasting impact on one's mental state.

Prognosis - How deadly is Aurocor? What is the most likely outcome for those who contract it?

Aurocor itself isn't deadly but the actions of someone under the influence of aurocor can be deadly to themself and the people around them. The most likely outcome is going mad and many people, if they see someone with aurocor, will kill them before they cause any harm.

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