info Overview
Name - What is Kaedo Dortorres’s full name?

Kaedo Dortorres

Age - How old is Kaedo Dortorres?

~50 (human equivalent of early 30s)

Gender - What is Kaedo Dortorres’s gender?

Male (he/him)

face Looks

Kaedo has a very modest presentation and always wears high-collared, long-sleeved shirts. He typically wears a long, leather trenchcoat usually with fur or wool lining and a green woollen cloak. He wears sparse leather armour - usually bracers and a chest piece - as he doesn't need much protection due to his proficiency with magic. Unless in a more formal or comfortable setting, he will wear the typical tall boots that make it more comfortable to walk through deep snow.

Height - How tall is Kaedo Dortorres?

6'4"/192 cm


The mark of the rotori tattooed onto the underside of his right forearm. A neat slash scar cuts across the tattoo.
Self-inflicted scars all along his forearms but avoiding the tattoo.
A ragged scar that cuts down across his right cheek and jaw, down his neck, past his right shoulder and a bit onto his chest.


Athletic, muscular. Not super lean. Enough fat coverage so muscles like his abs aren't super defined. Powerful legs, arms, and shoulders.


Short, curly. The length reaches to about the nape of his neck.

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fingerprint Nature

Kaedo has a mid-range voice with a light Senkrenese accent (a lyrical, throaty sound - reminiscent of a mix of French and Greek accents). His voice is soft and his speech is generally well-articulated and often flowery. He doesn't speak very loudly but he speaks very clearly and is easy to hear.

Motivations - What motivates Kaedo Dortorres most?

Vengeance most of all.
In his youth, he was a free spirit and had little cares but much happened to make him vengeful.
He sought to make amends for the death of his little brother by joining the army against Bronn and later was entranced by the stories and adventure promised by the presence of Mara. After she betrayed him, the only thing on his mind was killing her, an ambition that increased tenfold after the brutal murder of his family.
Over time, the wear of his corruption and his fatigue made his desire for vengeance dim to nothing.


  • Having empathy and understanding people

  • Knows random, weirdly useful things

  • Open-minded

  • Considers everyone involved

  • Not too bothered by most things

Prejudices - What prejudices does Kaedo Dortorres have?

When encountering a new individual in a higher position of power than him, his first instinct is to not do a single thing they ask.

Flaws - What flaws does Kaedo Dortorres have?

  • Uses emotional reasoning when it's not useful

  • Trust issues

  • Flippant about serious things

  • Intentionally combative towards certain people

  • Apathetic towards most things

Outward persona

Cold, dangerous, and a little crazy. He uses people's negative perceptions of him to create a shield around himself. The differences between his malevolently mischievous side and his grim, aggressive side give him an unstable, unhinged appearance which he takes advantage of.


Kaedo is a very complicated person. Most of the time, he behaves cold and distant, giving him an introverted and unsociable appearance. He has a bitter, testy attitude towards most things and seems to dislike just about everyone and everything. Despite this gloomy, prickly demeanour, his true nature is quite a bit different. He has a very strong sense of humour. He’s an unpredictable and chaotic person so no one can ever know if he's going to do something helpful or detrimental. On top of that, he has a tendency for mischief so sometimes he might just do things for the sole purpose of pissing someone off. The dangerous and slightly unhinged side of his personality is often intentionally exaggerated to put people off and keep some distance. Deep down, he is compassionate, thoughtful, and caring to an extent but the weight of many years of hardship, impossible expectations, and his magic corruption has made him withdrawn. He keeps these traits of his guarded unless he's around those closest to him. In the past, he was known to be extraverted, enthusiastic, free-spirited, energetic, and intensely curious. This long-hidden aspect of himself can be seen more so when doing the things he loves like working on magic or researching history. Even still, he isn't the person that he was and struggles to find good things in the world after so much suffering.




He has no love for rules. He'd much rather do as he pleases, go where he pleases, and act as he pleases. His intentions were once for the benefit of those around him but this changed to be for the benefit of himself. And again, this changed to be a general disregard for the wellbeing of people and he acted at the expense of others.

Chaotic neutral/ lightly touches chaotic evil


As a fully trained rotori, he has many martial skills.

He is skilled at dual-wielding and swordsmanship, often wielding a bastard sword and a shortsword or dagger at the same time. Two full-sized swords are far more difficult for him.

He can also use ranged weapons and knows the basics of hand-to-hand combat.

Kaedo is particularly skilled at stealth and agility, sneaking up on targets and often moving too quickly for an enemy to strike him.

While there is much he has left to learn in terms of magic, he is quite powerful and tends to go by instinct over measured calculations.


Keado has a large Vaitassien and some degree of skill in the use of magic. However, he has much to learn even after spending nearly 20 years in training. Magic is a very difficult thing to master.

He has two magic affinities, electricity and mind (memories specifically).

His electricity magic is the one he's most skilled at as he uses it the most and it comes more naturally to him. He can use it in many different ways and in more powerful forms, can create powerful laser beams and cloudless electrical storms.

Mind magic was something that his mentor never taught him and so he was forced to learn it on his own with the pressures of time restraints. As one of the most powerful types of magic, he had a hard time trying to teach himself how to use it without hurting himself or others unintentionally. He did learn that his mind affinity specialised in memories and once he got the hang of it, could view others' memories.
He would sometimes force a person to relive their most traumatic memories.

groups Social
Languages spoken


Religion - What religion does Kaedo Dortorres practice?

Kaedo believes in the gods but doesn't worship them. He will sometimes pay his respects to the spirits.

Social standing

Kaedo was born to the noble family, Dortorres, who were the kenti of Paget. After joining the rotori, he considered himself to no longer be nobility, rather only having noble blood. After Paget was destroyed, the Dortorres name lost just about all of its power.
As a rotori, there is an automatic degree of respect that comes from those around him however he has no political standing in society anymore.

Occupation - What is Kaedo Dortorres’s occupation?

Ex-rotori, freelance warrior-mage

Kaedo is a fully trained rotori - an elite warrior-mage that lives by the code of the rotori and who protects Meidas - but since he was considered an apostate his rotori title was stripped and his mark was scarred. Despite that, he still fills the role of a rotori just with less honour.



shopping_basket Inventory

A basic, enchanted longsword/bastard sword. It has a brass crossguard and pommel and the blade is double-edged. It can channel Kaedo's lightning into its blade to create a more powerful strike.

A matching shortsword with a single-edged, curved blade.

He has many other assorted weapons that he keeps tucked away in his pocket dimension. This includes daggers, a bow, a spear, and a shield he never uses.


His massive, heavy spellbook where he records and writes spells and magic equations. He also has an assortment of loose parchments with similar things on them.
A separate, smaller book for general writings - thoughts and poetry.


Like...none. He isn't getting paid.

Typical items

A whole bunch of random books including fiction and non-fiction. A lot of history and magic-related topics.
Various ingredients for different sorts of tonics, potions, and draughts. These ingredients might also be used for certain spells.

info History

Paget, Senkrei

Birthday - When is Kaedo Dortorres’s birthday?

20th day of the 2nd month of Autumn, 2144 AL


One of three sons of the kenti family of Paget, the rulers of one of Senkrei's major cities. After being kidnapped as a young adult, he ended up becoming entangled in a great war to the west. He became a rotori, an elite warrior-mage, and eventually joined the Craision army which led to the overuse and abuse of his magic and the subsequent corruption of his mind, turning him into the unwillingly feared and hated person he is now.

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