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Name - What is Adelaide Price’s full name?

Adelaide Price


  • Addy (Douglas Franklin and others; just short for Adelaide)

  • Ads (Douglas Franklin; usually in an argument, when he is trying to reason with her)

  • Miss Suburbia (Ruth McCann; condescendingly. Ruth does not like her 'yuppie' upbringing)

Role - What is Adelaide Price’s role in your story?

Quadruple Homicide, Animal Abuse (accused)

“People say I killed my husband that night. I didn’t, I swear on my life. But... seeing my baby... our baby, dead... if he hadn’t blown his brains out, I would’ve done it for him.”

Gender - What is Adelaide Price’s gender?

Female, she/her


Bi-curious, but has only dated men

Age - How old is Adelaide Price?




face Looks


Face claim


Weight - How much does Adelaide Price weigh?



Height - How tall is Adelaide Price?



Hair Color - What color is Adelaide Price’s hair?

Chestnut brown, very dark

Eye Color - What is Adelaide Price’s eye color?

Dark blue, appears almost black in certain lights

Hair Style - How does Adelaide Price style their hair?

Side part to the left, left naturally wavy, down past her chest

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Adelaide Price have?


Facial features

Adelaide has a small button nose, thin lips, barely defined jawline, and freckles across her nose

Race - What is Adelaide Price’s race?


Skin Tone

Her skin is sort of sepia toned with warm undertones

Body Type

Addy is svelte and slim; she has a good figure from years of exercise, with narrow shoulders and slender but muscular legs and arms

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Adelaide Price have?

The left eye is slightly higher than the other, which she is very insecure about. She wears reading glasses

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Adelaide Price?


  • talkative; she has many conversational skills, and can talk about anything for hours and hours. Adelaide feels uncomfortable when left in silence for too long, and doesn't mind how well she knows someone; she will talk to them eventually.

  • outgoing; Adelaide is very extroverted, and loves to spend time with other people. Her friends and family are the backbone of her very being.

  • submissive; she has trouble taking the lead in things, and prefers to let others make decisions, especially in her relationship with Douglas Franklin. She isn't, however, weak, and has very strong opinions which she will voice, but rarely act on if overpowered by someone else

Adelaide is incredibly kind and sincere, however she is also very insecure, and not very strong-willed. She is very chatty out of a desire to feel liked and welcome, which stems from her trauma born from her abusive marriage. Deep down, she is a genuinely good person, and cares about the wellbeing of others, though she is false towards the majority of them out of her need to be liked. This causes tension in her personality, as she changes herself frequently.

She hopes for the best in everybody, and even searches for a drop of kindness in the mind of Ruth McCann, despite her reputation and the fact that she led her husband to suicide. In prison, she is broken down, much weaker and somewhat depressed. Many of her friends stopped contact with her, resulting in her attempting to befriend anyone, including Ruth, as a way to get people to like her again. She cares a lot about her reputation, and is miserable when it is shattered by the media. She clings on to her past life in her mind, trying to rebuild her image in prison instead of moving on and accepting what's become of her

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Adelaide Price have?

  • tends to mumble when intimidated, eg around Ruth McCann

  • hums whilst working

  • twirls her hair around her finger

  • often breaks eye contact

  • blinks quickly when lying, and slowly when confused

  • has a dimple in her left cheek when she smiles

  • picks cuticles

  • puts handle of her glasses in her mouth

Motivations - What motivates Adelaide Price most?

Adelaide is motivated by her family. Up until their deaths, everything she did was for them, and she is destroyed without them, falsely (she claims) imprisoned for their brutal murders. She now just wants to live a good life, and find some peace or respite at Eastbrick. She searches for a friend in Ruth McCann, though she hasn't really found one (but don't tell her that!!)

Flaws - What flaws does Adelaide Price have?

She is extremely nervous and paranoid, distraught after witnessing the suicide of her husband of eight years. She is also two-faced and capricious, pretending to be different people in front of certain crowds to get them to like her, which stems from her insecurity, rendering her untrustworthy and insincere. She is only like this, however, because she wants to be liked, and isn't necessarily a bad person because of it

Prejudices - What prejudices does Adelaide Price have?

Unconsciously prejudiced against those of a lower class than her as she does not understand how they don't have the same status as her, and considers them lazy

Talents - What talents does Adelaide Price have?

Talented violinist, botanist, and poet. She will definitely beat you in chess, and is masterful at memorising lines, e.g. from novels or plays

Hobbies - What hobbies does Adelaide Price have?

She likes to write poetry, grow plants, practice yoga, and take care of animals. She adores reading and watching plays


She is traumatised by the end of her relationship with Douglas Franklin, including witnessing his suicide. Possibly suffers from PTSD (undiagnosed)


Adelaide is a very fast runner, and is very flexible. She has a very good memory for words, and is exceptionally talented at getting people to like her

audiotrack Music

  • XS (Rina Sawayama)

  • Little Lion Mam (Mumford & Sons)

  • Perfect Illusion (Lady Gaga)

  • Murder Song (AURORA)

  • Primadonna (MARINA)

  • Vincent (Don McLean)

groups Social
Best friends

  • Ruth McCann; her cellmate. They are not really friends, however Adelaide is willing to forgive her for killing Casper Brown and tries constantly to build up a positive relationship, which Ruth shuts down. Nevertheless, Adelaide considers her a friend, and attempts to help her adjust to gen pop


  • Casper Brown, her husband's bodyguard and best friend. They rarely spent time together without Douglas present, but still had a good relationship, and were quite close

  • Numerous unnamed work colleagues and contacts of Douglas, not specifically relevant to the story. They are split between believing Adelaide (thinking she is innocent) and the media (thinking she is guilty). Those who think she is guilty add to the destruction of Adelaide's character, as less and less people like her as the days go by


  • Oliver White , her psychiatrist, who finds her annoying, and despises the idea that she murdered her own children. As the story progresses, however, he starts to believe her version of events, and warms up to her


  • None, really. Many of her ex-colleagues, and even some students, loathe her as they believe she did kill her family, but they don't contact her. The idea that people have turned against her due to what she claims is a lie has worked to destroy Adelaide into fragments of who she once was

Religion - What religion does Adelaide Price practice?

Relaxed Christian

Politics - What politics does Adelaide Price have?

Conservative, but does not understand the extent of suffering experienced by the classes below her

Occupation - What is Adelaide Price’s occupation?

English teacher

Favorite color - What is Adelaide Price’s favorite color?

Sapphire blue, because it makes her feel calm and at peace

Favorite food - What is Adelaide Price’s favorite food?

Scampi, because it reminds her of the beach, which she loves

Favorite possession - What is Adelaide Price’s favorite possession?

Her wedding ring, despite the bad memories

Favorite weapon - What is Adelaide Price’s favorite weapon?

Adelaide does not like weapons

Favorite animal - What is Adelaide Price’s favorite animal?

Ginger tabby cats, especially ones with green eyes. She isn't sure why; they're just... cute

Job - What job does Adelaide Price have?

English teacher

date_range History
Birthday - When is Adelaide Price’s birthday?

4th April, 1969


Sydney, Australia, whilst her parents were on holiday

Education - What is Adelaide Price’s level of education?

Adelaide is highly intelligent, especially regarding the arts. Her favourite subject was always literature, which she went on to teach, because she loved the different worlds it created. She was privately educated, and graduated with honours as the top of her class.

Background - What is Adelaide Price’s background?

Adelaide was born to the wealthy Beverly and Louis Price whilst on holiday in Sydney. They flew back early, naming her 'Adelaide' to reference her birthplace (vaguely) and raised her in the suburbs Brooklyn, New York, where she has spent almost her entire life. She went to a private school, studying literature and classics, and graduated as head girl.

Shortly after the death of her father, she met Douglas Franklin at a shady nightclub in central NYC. They immediately hit it off, and were married in the next two weeks. Together, they adopted a dog called Bert, moved in to a large condo, and had two beautiful children; Maggie and Charlie.

Shortly after the time of Charlie's birth, however, Douglas' bodyguard and best friend Casper Brown (who was also close to Adelaide) was killed by Ruth McCann. This was the final straw for Douglas' already declining mental health, and he became reclusive and paranoid, often abusing Adelaide and using her as an outlet for his anger.

When Pip Harper stole an abundance of money, however, Douglas was left bankrupt, and EITHER:

  • killed his children, dog, and Adelaide's mother, before killing himself and framed Adelaide, which, yes, makes more sense, OR

  • was killed by Adelaide, who also killed her children, dog, and mother

Adelaide claims for it to be the former, and to have witnessed his suicide, however the police were quickly alerted to the house and found her with the gun in her hands. With no money to afford a lawyer, she was sentenced to life in prison at Eastbrick Maximum Security Penitentiary, where she spent two-and-a-half years alone before being assigned Ruth McCann as a cellmate. Lucky girl(!)

device_hub Family

  • Beverly Price; a caring but reprimanding woman, who lived with Adelaide and Douglas Franklin during the last stages of her life as she was very ill. It is unclear whether Adelaide killed her alongside the rest of her family, or she was shot by Douglas, which is what Adelaide claims to have happened

  • Jeanette Franklin (mother-in-law); mother of Douglas Franklin, a skeptical figure who believed her son could do no harm. She initially was cold towards Adelaide, but quickly warmed up to her, due to her effervescent persona


  • Louis Price; a genuinely good man who supported Adelaide all throughout his life, encouraging her academic career but silently disapproving of her marriage to Douglas Franklin, whom he could see through and didn't trust. He died of a stroke in 2000, when Adelaide was 31

  • Harold Franklin (father-in-law); father of Douglas Franklin, a laid-back and humorous man who got along well with Adelaide. They sometimes clashed due to them both liking attention, however this did not severely impact their relationship


  • None


  • Douglas Franklin; most of the information is in history or on Douglas' own page, but, essentially, Douglas was a charismatic but ruthless drug dealer who met Adelaide one night clubbing in Brooklyn. They were married within the month, and had an altogether happy marriage until the death of Casper Brown, when he started to be distant and abusive towards Adelaide, using her as an outlet for his anger, and, depending on who you believe, framing Adelaide for the deaths of him, her mother, their dog, and their two children

Love interests


  • Charlie Franklin-Price; 3-month-old son of Adelaide and Douglas Franklin, who was killed either by Adelaide or Douglas. He was sensitive, and cried a lot, which tired Adelaide, but she loved him more than life itself

  • Maggie Franklin-Price; 2-year-old daughter of Adelaide and Douglas Franklin, who was killed alongside Charlie and the rest of her family, either by Adelaide or Douglas. She had little personality due to her age, but was playful and, all round, a well-behaved baby. Adelaide would never admit it, but she preferred her

Pets - What pets does Adelaide Price have?

  • Bert, a golden retriever. Like Beverly, he was found dead when the police arrived at their house, and it is unclear whether Adelaide or Douglas killed him

edit Notes

  • sucker for chick flicks

  • loves vanilla ice cream

  • really likes Anne Hathaway

  • scared of spiders and (especially) cobwebs

  • cries at movies all the time

  • her lucky number is 7

  • believes in guardian angels


  • "People say I killed my husband that night. I didn’t, I swear on my life. But... seeing my children... our children, dead... if he hadn’t blown his brains out, I would’ve done it for him.”

  • She should know me. My husband. The hurt she caused us. I don’t expect her to, though. She never struck me as a perceptive person. (On Ruth McCann)

  • I do not belong here.

  • "Do you know, can you imagine, the pain of watching the love of your life die in front of you, and then being put on trial for it?" (To Oliver White)


  • abusive relationships

  • innocence

  • harsh treatment in prisons

  • dual personality

  • family

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