info Overview
Name - What is Ruth McCann’s full name?

Ruth McCann



Role - What is Ruth McCann’s role in your story?

Serial killer

"If there's one thing I'll never be, it's a liar."

Gender - What is Ruth McCann’s gender?

Female, she/her



Age - How old is Ruth McCann?



  • one of my all time favourite characters

face Looks

Jewish American

Face claim

Anya Taylor-Joy

Weight - How much does Ruth McCann weigh?

105lbs; extremely underweight, and it shows


Height - How tall is Ruth McCann?

5'4; below average height


Hair Color - What color is Ruth McCann’s hair?

Scraggly bleached blonde hair, worn from dye damage, with brown strands behind her ears (see picrew for a better idea)

Eye Color - What is Ruth McCann’s eye color?

Very dark, a deep, jade green

Hair Style - How does Ruth McCann style their hair?

Shoulder-length haircut, naturally straight but has waves due to poor hair products in prison. The strands which are dyed brown are kept slightly longer than the rest of her hair. She has a slight fringe and a middle parting

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Ruth McCann have?


Facial features

Ruth has a long, pointed nose. Her mouth is quite small and her teeth are extremely straight. The underneaths of her eyes are naturally quite dark despite her pale skin tone

Race - What is Ruth McCann’s race?


Skin Tone

Pale white

Body Type

Small-shouldered, with very thin arms and legs. She is underweight but not malnourished, and has no figure or definition in her body

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth has a very pointed nose, and a scar across her left eye from a rugby match when she was 11

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Ruth McCann?


  • intimidating; has an unintentional power over people, possibly by her formal sitting position or cold, abrasive way of talking, or, of course, her reputation

  • cruel; she doesn't care at all about other people, including her family. even those listed in friends, like Oliver White, are only used for company or an outlet to talk to

  • logical; she thinks everything through, hence being able to kill for four whole years before turning herself in (more on this in history!)

Ruth is bold and upfront, never shying away from the truth, though she does not like large crowds. She speaks her mind, and is not embarrassed by her personality disorder. She takes control of any space she fills, and tends to make people feel uncomfortable. Ruth doesn't care whether or not people like her. Her positive traits are limited, and none of them redeem her actions, but include her honesty, sense of humour, confidence, wit, and intelligence. She values the truth over everything else, and is proud of the fact that she never lies

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Ruth McCann have?

  • often tilts her head to one side when thinking

  • almost never stutters when talking

  • scoffs when bored/unimpressed

  • raises eyebrows frequently

  • bites inside of her cheek

  • prolongs eye contact when talking

  • blinks more rapidly when happy

  • talks in staggered bursts when sad or annoyed

  • clenches jaw in anger

  • swears a lot

  • eyelids tend to sag when bored

Motivations - What motivates Ruth McCann most?

Ruth is motivated mainly by her desire for the recognition she was denied as a child. An Atheist raised in a Jewish family, her mother and father treated her differently to her cousins due to her lack of religion, which caused her to loathe them, as well as seek out recognition for other people, and, later, the media. Though she wants to be recognised, she doesn't want to be treated like a celebrity. She would rather be feared than adored, and she seems to have accomplished it. Her persona prevents anyone from even imagining coming up to her if they were to see her

Ruth is also motivated out of genuine bloodlust and psychopathy. She kills without reason (excluding Jason and Casper Brown) without pattern, and, certainly, without mercy.

Flaws - What flaws does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth is self-centered, cruel, and unpredictable. She is a cold-blooded psychopath, and extremely violent and unstable. Not to mention, she is rude, insensitive, and callous

Prejudices - What prejudices does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth has no prejudices, although she immediately dislikes Adelaide Price due to her upper-class appearance, reminding her of the childhood she never got to have, but always saw on TV.

Talents - What talents does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth is a talented liar and manipulator, but also plays guitar, designs tattoos, and grows flowers, although she doesn't have any time for this in prison. She is a quick learner and has an impressive memory, especially for linguistics

Hobbies - What hobbies does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth grew flowers in her flat before her arrest, and enjoys running, drawing, and bowling, although she tends not to be very good at it


Ruth suffers from ASPD and is a clinically diagnosed psychopath


Ruth is a fast runner, talented artist, and engaging public speaker. She is quick to pick up languages, but only speaks English fluently. She speaks some Spanish, and some Latin from high school

audiotrack Music

  • Pyscho Killer, Talking Heads

  • Walk the Line, Johnny Cash

  • Message in a Bottle, The Police

(WIP, bare with me <3)

groups Social
Best friends

  • Bryce Calhoun, Ruth's oldest and, really, only true friend, a classmate from her college. Although they haven't spoken since graduation, Bryce attempted to contact Ruth during her movement into prison. She never contacted him back


  • Adelaide Price, her cellmate, who is somewhat obsessed with and terrified of Ruth. Though she is not a fan of Adelaide due to her 'facade' of feminism and her privileged background, which she envies, Adelaide tries to support her and help her through her move to gen pop, attempting to mould her into a suitable friend. Ruth finds Adelaide difficult to deal with, trying to brush her off as she grows from a nuisance to a full-blown problem in Ruth's eyes as she becomes more and more obsessive as her loneliness grows

  • Oliver White, her psychiatrist, who does not like her back. Ruth finds him to be 'endearing' and 'quaint,' however he thinks that she is a monster, and somewhat unhinged. Due to Ruth feeling comfortable around Oliver, considering him non-threatening, she opens up completely and tells him the whole truth about how her mind works


  • Casper Brown, bodyguard of Douglas Franklin and her final victim. Although they only met once prior to Casper's murder, Ruth still did not like Casper. During their interaction before she kills him, she takes an even stronger dislike to him due to his cowardice. Perhaps not considerable as an enemy, per se


  • Douglas Franklin; although they don't know each other personally, he begins to loathe Ruth after she kills his friend and bodyguard, Casper Brown. Despite this, he can't do anything to her as he dies shortly after, and she is placed in prison

Religion - What religion does Ruth McCann practice?

Atheist, though her family are Jewish by both race and religion. They rejected her because of her neglect of their faith

Politics - What politics does Ruth McCann have?

Ruth is not engaged in politics, nor does she follow them, but believes in basic human rights, even in spite of her killings. She is very passionate regarding LGBT and women's rights

Occupation - What is Ruth McCann’s occupation?

Ruth worked as a delivery driver for a pizza company before her incarceration

Favorite color - What is Ruth McCann’s favorite color?

Dark red, because it makes her feel powerful and strong, and even somewhat dangerous. She can't deny its violent connotations, either

Favorite food - What is Ruth McCann’s favorite food?

Slightly unripe blackcurrants, because she likes the sharp taste, and they way they turn your tongue purplish-black

Favorite possession - What is Ruth McCann’s favorite possession?

Her mother's wedding ring, purely because it is expensive, not due to any sentimental feeling

Favorite weapon - What is Ruth McCann’s favorite weapon?

A kitchen knife, purely due to its handiness and utility

Favorite animal - What is Ruth McCann’s favorite animal?

A ball python; she thinks they look cool, and had one as a snake during her childhood

Job - What job does Ruth McCann have?

Delivery driver

date_range History
Birthday - When is Ruth McCann’s birthday?

16th September, 1983


Ruth was born in the quiet town of Westerlily, California. She was a home birth to Jewish parents Sue and Christian McCann

Education - What is Ruth McCann’s level of education?

Ruth has a very low education level despite her natural high intelligence; she was taught at poorly rated and understaffed public schools, from which she was constantly expelled for getting into fights. At about age 13, she stopped fighting at school, and instead was expelling for threatening to burn one school own. She remained at one high school aged 14-18, where she met the likes of Bryce and Jason

Background - What is Ruth McCann’s background?

Ruth was born to Sue and Christian McCann, a Jewish family of average standing in California, America. At age 19, after barely graduating from a poorly rated high school, she committed her first murder in the quiet town of Westerlily.

The first few weeks after graduation, she murdered her cheating boyfriend (whom she was apathetic towards) Jason Wiley during a fishing trip. After forging a note, it was ruled as a suicide. After another 14 random, sporadic killings across the span of four years, Ruth decided she was bored of killing without being recognised.

She decided, finally, to kill her second deliberate victim, Casper Brown, bodyguard of Douglas Franklin, after he picked her up when hitchhiking in New York. A week later, she broke into his house, knocked him out, and monologued to him about her motivations before shooting him in the head, calling the police and telling them where she would be in half an hour, and heading to a bridge to savour her last moments of freedom.

She turned herself in for the recognition she always wanted, and was placed at Eastbrick Maximum Security Penitentiary with 47 consecutive life sentences. She spent three years in solitary before being moved into gen pop for good behaviour, where she was assigned Adelaide Price as a cellmate, and was enlisted in Oliver White's therapy scheme, which she found to be exciting but unsuccessful

device_hub Family

  • Sue McCann; she has a bad relationship with her mother, who neglected her due to not conforming to the standards of their religion


  • Christian McCann; she has an equally bad relationship with her father, who supported her mother's neglect and frequently belittled Ruth


  • None


  • None

Love interests

  • Jason Wiley, kind of... her cheating ex-boyfriend from sophomore year. They dated for three months, though Ruth didn't care for him, she just wanted someone to observe other than Bryce. Jason was drowned by Ruth, and became her first kill


  • None

Pets - What pets does Ruth McCann have?

  • Used to own a ball python called Sweeney aged 9 to 12, before he died after she stopped feeding him as an experiment

edit Notes

  • her favourite superhero is Batman

  • hates clowns

  • is strongly opposed to drugs and alcohol, however she does smoke frequently

  • apathetic towards religion

  • does genuinely care about human rights

  • shaves off her eyebrows (not on option on the picrew?) because she wanted something 'iconic' for people to recognise her by

  • has an eyebrow piercing on both sides

  • her favourite subject at school was maths, because she liked how logical and straight-forward it was

  • killed 16 people from 2003-2007


  • "Woo. Girl power." (To Adelaide Price, sarcastically, after she claims to have wanted to kill her husband)

  • I like that; silver to brown to greenish-blue, like an infection.

  • Fear is the most human emotion, I think. It’s just an instinct, a gut feeling, and you can’t get more human or natural than that.

  • "Aw, no, please let me stay. We haven't even gotten to my tragic backstory yet." (Joking, to Oliver White)

  • "I’m not sorry, though. And if there’s one thing I’ll never be, it’s a liar.” (To Casper Brown, after he suggests repenting)

  • "You’re going to live forever, Casper. We both are. Together, the public will never forget us.”

  • "Death isn't some big deal, I don't think. Not so long as you're in control of it." (To Oliver White)

  • I'll drink to that. Hell, I'll drink to anything

  • "You know, this whole 'psycopath' thing? It's ridiculous. I'm no different to you. Hell, if I had grown up in your house with your money, I'd probably be some millionaire businesswoman or something." (To Adelaide Price)


  • religious trauma

  • honestly

  • violence

  • responsibility

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