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Name - What is Pip Harper’s full name?

Pip Harper



Role - What is Pip Harper’s role in your story?


"Everyone likes to have fun, really, and I don’t think that that’s a crime."

Gender - What is Pip Harper’s gender?

Male, he/him


Bisexual, no preference

Age - How old is Pip Harper?

36, though he acts about 16


  • my favourite character! (in this universe, at least)

face Looks

American (New York)

Face claim

Andrew Garfield

Weight - How much does Pip Harper weigh?



Height - How tall is Pip Harper?



Hair Color - What color is Pip Harper’s hair?

Dark brown

Eye Color - What is Pip Harper’s eye color?

Chocolate brown

Hair Style - How does Pip Harper style their hair?

Super messy, styled in a slight quiff to the right, parted on the far right. He barely takes a minute every morning to run his hand through his hair, and that's the extent of his grooming routine

Facial Hair - What facial hair does Pip Harper have?

A scraggly goatee beard

Facial features

Pip has a very large, crooked nose, and naturally droopy eyes which make him look permanently tired. He has a 'shit-eating grin' (according to Harry Parkinson) and freckles all across his nose and shoulders

Race - What is Pip Harper’s race?


Skin Tone

Pip has a tanned complexion with warm undertones

Body Type

Pip has an average body; in clothes, he looks quite dull and skinny. His chest has slight abs, but they are hard to see, and they are not very defined at all, on account of never working out. His arms are very skinny, and have almost no muscle concentration

Identifying Marks - What identifying marks does Pip Harper have?

Pip has a black spiky piercing in his left cartilage

fingerprint Nature
Personality type - What personality type is Pip Harper?


  • good-natured; he is a genuinely kind, well-meaning person, despite his reckless actions. Pip gets along with almost anyone he meets, and, an natural-born entertainer, can easily lift people's moods.

  • relaxed; Pip takes things as they come, and does little to change the outcome of his actions. He believes that whatever happens is for the greater good of everyone involved; he calls this mindset 'being relaxed,' others call it 'being ignorant and childish.' Either way, Pip is rarely stressed.

  • optimistic; always searching for the best in every situation, Pip places his faith in the universe, seeing a silver lining to every cloud. This gets annoying quickly in serious situations, but, at times, it is needed. He always has a positive outlook on life, despite his situation.

Pip is wildly intelligent, perceptive, and a quick mathematician, however he wastes those skills in illegal gambling rings, instead of pursing a legitimate, or even just legal, career. He is funny, welcoming, and extremely good at making people feel welcome. In spite of all his qualities, however, he can be overbearing and loud, and is quite immature and senseless when making serious decisions, brushing the consequences of his actions away as 'the universe's plan' instead of taking responsibility. The one thing he can't let go is his brother's death, but he refuses to deal with it properly by acting like an irresponsible thrill-seeker

Mannerisms - What mannerisms does Pip Harper have?

  • uses filler words... all. the. time

  • talks over others

  • laughs when uncomfortable

  • twitches his nose when nervous

  • sings to himself when alone... and sometimes when not

  • winks WAAAAAY too much

  • smiles slightly when confused

  • eyes bulge out when he laughs

Motivations - What motivates Pip Harper most?

As a way of dealing with the death of his brother and best friend, Pip is motivated by his need for 'fun.' He lives for the experience; drinks, money, girls, boys (but never drugs.) He doesn't really care how he gets his kicks, or the money to fund them, so long as the end pays off and his the public remain relatively unharmed. All he wants to do is gamble all day and party all night long, and will go to extreme measures to fund his lifestyle, and doesn't seem to realise that he is indulging in (other than drugs) the same things that got his brother killed in the first place

Flaws - What flaws does Pip Harper have?

Pip is selfish, brash, often too loud mouthed for his own good, overly opinionated, loud, egotistical, childish, immature, and reckless. He doesn't think things through, and refuses to accept that anything might be his fault. He is avoidant and ignorant

Prejudices - What prejudices does Pip Harper have?

Pip is prejudiced against drug dealers, who he blames (as a group) for killing his brother, refusing to believe that his brother did anything wrong in buying the drugs himself

Talents - What talents does Pip Harper have?

Pip is talented at playing the drums, shuffling and counting cards, arithmetic, cycling, and cracking his knuckles. Not really a talent, but he also has a very high pain tolerance

Hobbies - What hobbies does Pip Harper have?

Pip enjoys partying, gambling, betting, and playing the drums. He loves theme parks, especially going on rollercoasters, and watching action movies. Double points if it's in the cinema for the 'full experience'


Pip has a gambling addiction, and refuses to deal with his built-up grief for his deceased brother


Pip is very, very skilled at maths, especially quick sums involving probability. He thinks logically, which benefits him in the casinos. He is also very brave; possibly too much so for his own good

audiotrack Music

  • Big Spender (Shirley Bassey)

  • Good Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

  • Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks)

  • Vegas Lights (Panic! At the Disco)

  • Money, Money, Money (ABBA)



groups Social
Best friends

  • Barry Sullivan, his chauffeur and best friend since preschool. They share a laid-back, childish sense of humour, and a c'est-la-vie outlook on life, for better or for worse. Barry helps Pip to steal money from Douglas Franklin, resulting in him being sent to a lower security prison in Los Angeles, away from Pip, who misses him badly

  • Jack Harper, his deceased older brother. Jack died of a heroin overdose when Pip was 23, which led to Pip's hatred of drugs. Ever since, Pip has refused to acknowledge his death, and tries to replace him with doing the things that Jack liked to do. He taught him to play poker when Pip was 11, so he started to gamble and play professionally, quickly climbing the ranks to one of New York's best casino regulars


  • Oliver White, his psychiatrist, with whom he immediately gets along with despite their contrasting personalities. He tries to get Oliver to lighten up and engages him in conversation. His infectiously likeable demeanour often results in Oliver getting off track


  • Harry Parkinson, his cellmate. Not really sure whether to put them in friends or enemies; they have a sort of 'love-hate' relationship. Pip doesn't like Harry's violent temperament, and Harry doesn't like Pip's childishness, and they have contrasting outlooks on life, but they have a lot of inside jokes stemming from a similar sense of humour, and Harry helps Pip to heal from the death of his brother, something they are both going through


  • Douglas Franklin, whom he bankrupted and caused to commit suicide. Although they did not know each other personally, Pip knew of Franklin through his brother's drug habits, and targeted him because he partially blames him for Jack's death. Pip was the final straw before Douglas finally broke down and killed himself (if you believe Adelaide Price, at least. NOTE: she is unaware of the fact that she and Pip are in prison together, or even that it was him who stole from her husband, hence she doesn't appear in enemies)

Religion - What religion does Pip Harper practice?

Agnostic, believes in the power of the universe but not a Godlike entity

Politics - What politics does Pip Harper have?

Liberal, leftist; stays out of politics, but still holds strong views. Wants more gun control, and for the government to crack down on drug usage

Occupation - What is Pip Harper’s occupation?

Professional gambler

Favorite color - What is Pip Harper’s favorite color?

Orange, because it was Jack's favourite too

Favorite food - What is Pip Harper’s favorite food?

Hot dogs with ketchup, which he used to eat all the time as a child

Favorite possession - What is Pip Harper’s favorite possession?

His gold ring, the first thing he won at a casino alongside Jack, so it also has sentimental memories

Favorite weapon - What is Pip Harper’s favorite weapon?

Pip is not a violent person, and frowns upon weapons, so none

Favorite animal - What is Pip Harper’s favorite animal?

Golden retriever, because he adores dogs

Job - What job does Pip Harper have?


date_range History
Birthday - When is Pip Harper’s birthday?

21st March, 1971


New York, America, where he has lived his whole life, on account of a fear of planes

Education - What is Pip Harper’s level of education?

Pip went to a public school in New York, where he did not learn much, however his father taught him maths, which he excels in even as an adult. When he was 11, his brother, Jack, taught him to play poker, and it was immediately that he was exceptionally skilled at it, though he didn't start playing it professionally until after Jack's death

Background - What is Pip Harper’s background?

Pip was born, raised, and arrested in New York. His parents, Hannah and Timothy Harper, gave them the best upbringing they could with their finances, alongside his older brother (by two years), Jack, with whom Pip was extremely close with.

Timothy recognised Pip's wasted potential through the public school system, and so taught him about maths, which is his speciality. This caused them to have a stronger bond. As well as this, Jack capitalised on Pip's maths skills, and taught him to play poker when they were 13 and 11, respectively. He was immensely talented at the game, but too young to play for money, so filed the information away in the back of his mind. Pip barely passed high school, and went on to work in a burger chain, not attending college despite his capabilities.

Whilst Pip was making burgers, Jack started buying heroin, most likely from Douglas Franklin. Aged 25, when Pip was 23, he died of an overdose, which completely broke Pip. He started to live like Jack, trying to rebuild the memories he had with his brother with his friend Barry Sullivan (see social), and started to play poker professionally. He quickly climbed up the ranks of NYC casinos, moving on to illegal, underground games, becoming a well-known face in the gambling scene before bankrupting himself in an unfortunate losing streak one drunken night.

Hurried and needing to fund his lifestyle, Barry and Pip broke into the house of Franklin, as a sort of revenge for him 'killing' Jack. Due to the recent death of Casper Brown, and Franklin's poor mental state, it was very easy for the pair to steal around 5 million dollars from him, and blow it all in three nights, before waking up to police sirens. Pip now resides in Eastbrick Maximum Security Penitentiary, with thug Harry Parkinson as his cellmate.

device_hub Family

  • Hannah Harper; a warm, sensitive woman who was a truly good mother. She loved Pip and Jack with all her heart, however become reclusive and withdrawn after Jack's death. She died of complications related to diabetes when Pip was 29, which didn't affect him much. Not that he didn't care; he was, and still is, overwhelmed by the loss of Jack


  • Timothy Harper; a wisecracking, intelligent man and university lecturer who taught Pip everything he knows about maths. He calls Pip every week in prison, and always supported him, though he didn't always agree with his coping mechanisms. He offers support to Pip when he is ready to accept it, and waits patiently for that moment. He had a closer bond with Pip than Jack, but understands Pip's pain, and cares deeply for his son


  • Jack Harper; his deceased brother. (I will now copy and paste the information from 'friends' ;))Jack died of a heroin overdose when Pip was 23, which led to Pip's hatred of drugs. Ever since, Pip has refused to acknowledge his death, and tries to replace him with doing the things that Jack liked to do. He taught him to play poker when Pip was 11, so he started to gamble and play professionally, quickly climbing the ranks to one of New York's best casino regulars


  • None

Love interests

  • None that last for longer than a night


  • None; Pip knows that he would be an awful father

Pets - What pets does Pip Harper have?

  • None

edit Notes

  • HATES drugs because they killed his brother

  • cares deeply about his family

  • love love loves superhero movies

  • thinks sports are dumb

  • big supporter of animal rights

  • pacifist

  • terrified of planes, and has never been on one

  • really hates Adam Sandler movies, but loves Seth Rogen ones


  • The money, the drinks, the girls - and the guys, sometimes, too. I loved winning.

  • Sixteen-year-old me would’ve killed to win 500,000 dollars. Thirty-six-year-old me saw that as pocket change.

  • "Whatever, man. If I die in here, if I never get out, it's all good. I've had a damn good run, right?" (To Oliver White)

  • A simple mindset is harder to forget, easier to follow.


  • overindulgence

  • grief

  • acceptance

  • family

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