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Six smiled his most winning smile and kept the ten on the counter.
"What if I said none of you had to pay if you were willing to try a new flavor? I would welcome all of your opinions."
He pulled out 3 bags of a purple-colored cotton candy, a slightly iridescent sheen making it reflect the lighting. "I've been working on the flavor for a while, and I'd like to know what you think. All of you." He slid them each a bag, even the one who'd said they didn't want any.
"Give it a try. I think it's so good, it'll change your life…"

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Joy smiles and takes the bag immediately.

"Thank you!" she exclaims, immediately tearing the bag open and eating the candy.

Her eyes widen in surprise. "That's an interesting take on purple, indeed."

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"There's coconut. Passionfruit. Kiwi. A bit of green apple. A hint of mint, for a bit of kick." Joy says, closing her eyes as the candie dissolves in her mouth.

"Artificial banana, nice touch; and grape." she adds.

She opens her eyes and grins.

"You, sir, are amazing."

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(She's right. . . but just barely XD )

Joy grins.

"Truly, sir, you are a wonder of the sweets industry."


She opened the bag slowly, tugged a small piece of the candy from the rest, and put it in her mouth after hesitating for a moment. Then, she said, "Wow, this is actually amazing!"

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Ezra grabbed a bag and opened it slowly, the smell of sugar hitting him and making him smile. “it smells amazing.” He said then took a large bite the sugars melting in his mouth. “Wooooh.” He said. “That is amazing.”

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Joy notices something after a bit. The world seemed to be changing colors, turning. . . black.

"Oh. . . it's drugged. . ." she slurs before the world goes completely dark.


Jenna didn't register what Joy had said until she had the last bit of cotton candy a centimeter from her mouth. "Wait, what?" The words coming out of her mouth didn't seem right. They felt muted and muffled.

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Ezra watched as the other two dropped and he looked at the vendor. "That was kind of mean." he said before putting another piece into his mouth and then joining his friend on the ground, unconscious.

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Six chuckled quietly as the third kid dropped. He'd made his mix less bombastic over the years, and his favorite part was people realizing the food was drugged and still eating it. That always made him laugh a little.
The three kids woke up in very similar situations. Stripped of their clothes and belongings, locked in electrified cages sitting on the cement flooring of a place they didn't know. The room they were in smelled of antiseptic and the pungent odor of blood. There was a 4th cage with another young person in it, but to all of them, the space was eerily silent.
Magically soundproofed, they'd find out later.
Six was sitting in shadow across the room, watching their reactions.

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Ōn’nyosh glanced up from fiddling with his hair when he noticed something different about the room around him. He noticed three other folks, another guy and two young women. Out of courtesy, he shifted to better hide his privates, though the more brazen part of him wondered why he should even bother.

After a few minutes of looking around, and realizing that he wasn’t familiar with some of the sights and smells around him, Ōn’nyosh noticed Six. His eyes immediately narrowed into a fierce glare, and he flashed several obscene gestures at the man.

“So, you piss-blooded, snaggled-toothed son of a bitch named Fur-Fucked-Shit, what twisted fucking hell do you have planned for us? What, another tart to go with your plate of shit?”he snapped after a moment.

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Joy slowly comes to her senses, and looks around the dark room. She notes her friends - plus a strange looking reptile man - are all in cages, and there's the man who sold them the candy in the first place sitting on a. . . bed?

Whatever the case, they were underground, everyone was clearly naked - which didn't really faze her all that much, though seeing Ezra's bare ass mooning her did ellicit a blush - and Lord only knew what this man was going to do.

She sighs as the lizard starts yelling.

"Jesus Harold Christ, will you shut up? He may not be able to hear you but we sure as hell can."

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(Also, just saying this for everybody, and because I forgot to mention this previously for some weird reason, if I ever need to tone down Ōn’nyosh’s antics, just let me know. His mouth and flirtations can get a little overboard at times, as evidenced, lol)

Ōn’nyosh noticed Six’s smile and his glare grew harsher. He showed off a few other obscene gestures, including some vague and exotic ones he’d encountered in his many travels. He then continued to rant, referencing ‘plates of shit’ many times, along with giving out some rather obnoxious threats.

He was so into his ranting that he never noticed the several clues hinting at the soundproofed area. He also ignored the others around him, his focus solely on Six.

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(Lol, yeah)
(That's fun)

Joy sighs irritably.

She hated people who were overly loud for no real reason.

"Will you shut the hell up?" she roars, grabbing the bars of the cage and rattling them to get the lizard's attention.

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Six noted one of the girls was awake, and chuckled as she reacted to the Jester's shouting. He stood up from his seat and walked over to a shielded corner of the room. He was out of sight for a moment, and suddenly Joy couldn't hear anything. Neither could anyone else. They could hear their own voices, and eventually their own screams, but not each other.
Six stepped back out, noting the Jester was still attempting to condemn him in no uncertain terms to a version of hell filled with excrement, he was sure.

He also watched as the electrified bars of the cage zapped Joy, hard enough to throw her back into the middle of the cage.

The sweet silence descended on them all like a wet blanket.

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Ōn’nyosh finally turned at Joy’s yell and he huffed.

“Fuck off! This asshole deserves every foul word I can think of,”he snapped.

He then paused when he saw the woman get zapped and thrown back. A hum escaped him.

“Well… Good thing I avoided the bars then,”he mumbled to himself.

He then returned to his ranting, but after a few more minutes of no real reaction from Six, he sighed irritably and mumbled the rest of his rant to himself. He hated asshole magicians.