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(you want a writing sample or anything? I think I'm down to join if you'll have me)
(Also, modern carnival, or fantasy, or something else? cuz we've got a character dressed in medieval masquerade clothers and a character who enjoys Snapchat, so I'm a tad lost on the vibe XD also, I'm assuming magic is allowed either way?)

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(And… I completely forgot… I could actually finagle it a bit anyway. Ōn’nyosh is canonically a very famous jester from a planet that’s a huge trade hub with other planets [via magic portals, fyi]. So… basically he could be on a ‘planetary jaunt/trip’, so to speak, and ended up getting caught in all the coming chaos)
(But, that’s if Arya is fine with it)

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Name: Goes by Six.
Age: Appears to be roughly 22. Is definitely not 22.
Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him. 'It' also works.
Sexuality: Yes. Sometimes.
Shipping: You probably shouldn't.
Appearance: Six is of average build: 5'9", 160 lbs. Curly dark brown hair, brown eyes, fair complexion. Full lips, no facial hair, big smile. Average muscularity. The one identifying thing about Six is he has six fingers on his left hand. Also looks slightly unhinged at all times. Can usually be found wearing black, pants, shirts, boots, you name it.
Likes: Many unpleasant things. Rugen's 'Definitive Work on Pain' is his favorite book.
Dislikes: Weakness. Humanity at large.
Backstory: Nothing you want to know, although if you're in his cages as he mumbles to himself, you're sure to find out.