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Carnivals are fun right? Yes? Well, you and a few friends thought so too until y'all ate the wrong cotton candy and wakeup to find all but one of you locked in a cage sitting in the corner of a white room, w/ your friend tied to a surgical table in the center of said room.
A man/woman walks into the room holding a scalpel. He/she explains that you have all been chosen for a glorious purpose of becoming something more. Each of you will go through a process and come out different, and glorious, and new.

"Oh, my. You are a wonderful specimen. I could do great things with you."

the rules are simple,
don't be a jerk

“-Eat, drink, and be merry. Isn't that how it goes?"
"There's a second part to that expression. But it's not nearly as much fun.”

I'm hoping for around 5/6 characters including the doctor, but that is not set.
If you have ideas on how this can be better, please tell me!
“Sometimes a healthy diet and keeping yourself fit for parts donation comes in handy.”
Six- not 22
Test Subjects:


Name: Jenna
Age: 19
Gender/pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Aroace
Shipping: Like I said, She's aroace
Appearance: Long dark brown hair, green eyes. She's about 5'5", And she has a mole on her neck that she's super self-conscious of
Likes: Horror movies, going on walks, drawing
Dislikes: When people are way too romantic, and also she hates oranges.
She's also Ezra's ex, which actually helped her figure out the fact that she's aroace.


Jenna had heard about the carnival from an ad printed out with a dying printer that someone had stuck to a flagpole. It was supposed to be the event of the summer.

Jenna hated carnivals. She hated the bright lights and overpriced corndogs, and the people screaming as they were tossed around on various flimsy-looking rides. She hated the obnoxiously mushy couples riding the ferris wheel, and the seemingly permanent scent of deep fried food in the air. But, of course, when her best friend found out about the carnival, they insisted on going, and taking Jenna along.

@DancingWithMyDemons business

(that is exactly what i needed, thanks)
(here is my character)
Name: Ezra Markado
Age: 19
Gender/pronouns: Male He/him
Sexuality: pan (he is also crazy fruity)
Shipping: sure
Likes: Cheese, the color purple, raccoons, card games, and orange juice.
Dislikes: Spiders, Heights, Flying, Public speaking, Crowds, Being alone
Other: has self harm scars running up his torso. Dated Jenna for a while and is the reason she is aroace.

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(Hey hey hey, it's me, your local chaos biscuit that likes to take on every new RP they see! I have been invited here, and so I shall join the chaos carnival.)

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Name: Joy Young
Age: Early 20s
Gender/pronouns: She/they, demigirl
Sexuality: Bi
Shipping: Definitely

5'4", about 180 lbs.

Fashion sense is summer styles, even in the winter: - -

Likes: People, fuzzy animals, warm weather, pop music, lo-fi/hip-hop tracks on YouTube, posting pictures of her cats and dogs on Snapchat, making fashion TikToks.
Dislikes: Quiet rooms, the dark, bratty kids and adults, rock music, womanizing males (cough cough), snow