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Ōn’nyosh’s eyes narrowed further. That wasn’t an answer. So, it likely wasn’t invisibility. What the fuck was it then? Why did he always get stuck with these magicians?

The cheering made Ōn’nyosh tense a bit. He was caught, trapped. There was no out for him now, and that was likely exactly what this damned magician had wanted. Fuck…

“I better get something fucking good, and expensive, out of this. Otherwise, I may have to fucking hunt you down,”Ōn’nyosh hissed.

Against all of his instincts to not do it, Ōn’nyosh took a bite out the sweetmeat. He then watched his surroundings very carefully, wary of anything strange about to happen.

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"Oh, it'll be good and expensive, believe me." Six said quietly. His smile widened as The Jester took a bite. "And you won't have to hunt me down. I'll find you."

At first, nothing happene to On'nyosh. The sweetmeat was a different flavor than he'd ever tasted, more rich, more tangy and with many more layers. It was like multiple fruits cooked into one taste, like all the fine deserts rolled into one mouthful.
It compelled him to eat more, the rest of the sweetmeat waiting tantalizingly in his hand.

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Ōn’nyosh didn’t know what to make of the magician’s words, but he definitely didn’t like them. Magicians only said that when they had a victim. And now, Ōn’nyosh was a victim.


The taste of the sweetmeat intrigued him, but Ōn’nyosh was already aware that he was in a bad spot. Still, with barely a thought to it, he ate another piece of the sweetmeat.

“There better be a fucking palace full of women waiting for me after this. And, I mean literally, not a fucking metaphorical palace that’s nothing more than a brothel,”Ōn’nyosh muttered, flashing the magician a glare.

He then finished the sweetmeat.

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The crowd laughed at the Jester's indignation, and cheered him on raucously as he finished the sweetmeat.
There was a sudden explosion of bright colors as confetti went off, engulfing the Jester, at the same time that his vision faded to the inky black of unconsciousness.

The last thing he heard was Six joining the crowd, laughing.

From the crowd's perspective, the Jester finished the dessert, and confetti went off, bright bits of paper blowing everywhere, totally obscuring the booth. When it cleared after a few seconds, he was gone. Some cheered, but many jeered.
"A cheap trick! He's in the booth!"
Six merely smiled at them, a bit more, his wolf's mask beginning to have an alarming number of teeth.
"What booth?"
There was a flash of light, and the booth was gone, leaving only the Jester standing in its place. He took a bow and waved to the crowd, before disappearing in a puff of smoke.
The crowd cheered, and in a second flash, the booth was back, with Six inside it again.

If the Jester they'd just seen had the same eyes as Six, nobody noticed. They were too busy buying sweetmeats.

On'nyosh would wake up centuries in the future, in that same spot, just below ground by hundreds of feet. He would find himself stripped of garments and items, locked in a cage with bars that hurt him if he touched them.

Six smiled in his cotton candy booth above, A sudden memory of tricking the Jester had just popped into his head, at the same moment the Jester had appeared in the cage.

Time is such fun. At times.

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Ezra jumps when Joy yells. "Hey Joy!" He yelled back. "Do you know where Jenna is?" He shuffled the cards one more time before sliding them into his jacket. "I want cotton candy, but we can't leave to get some until we're all here!" He waved her over so that he would not have to yell anymore.

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As Ōn’nyosh finished the sweetmeat, he tuned out the crowd. Their noise had become something he was used to. It was a natural part of being a jester, particularly one that insulted folk by habit.

He flinched at the flash of bright colors, just before suddenly passing out. When he heard a new laugh among the crowd, what little of Ōn’nyosh’s mind was conscious knew he’d messed up.

When Ōn’nyosh woke, he immediately realized that his body was bare. He sighed in irritation, then groggily sat up, looking around.

“That fucking asshole. No sense of fucking dignity. And, he took my fucking hat and sword,”he grumbled.

After a moment to realize that he was underground, Ōn’nyosh huffed.

“Oh, Fur-Fuck! You piece of shit! I’ve known worse fucking people than you! I’ve met a fucking god! And, that motherfucker is a hundred times worse than you! So, fucking face me, you goddamned piss-blood!”he called.

Ōn’nyosh then started shouting curses and insults in his native tongue, coming up with some very colorful names for Six.

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"Hey!" Ezra said once Jenna made it over to them. "Do y'all want to go get cotton candy now?" He stood up. "We've been here almost all day and I have yet to eat anything that'll turn my tongue a different color." He looked down at the two girls standing in front of him and smiled. "I love being taller than you."

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Joy smiles. "No, but she'll find us."

As if to prove her point, Jenna shows up.

"Anyways, yeah, I'd like cotton candy. I've had plenty of candy today, though."

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"Plenty is never enough." He started walking toward the food aria. "Anyways, what's a little bit more. We are at a carnival after all." He stoped and turned around waiting for the other two to catch up.

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Six's booth stood off on its own, away from the general food area. It was kinda towards the back of the Carnival grounds, it's own little tent with bright colors buried in the shadows of larger, but empty, booths.
He sat there, on a small folding chair, just waiting. He had people come by and purchase cotton candy, but none of them were the kind of people he was looking for.
Maybe in a few minutes more would come by.

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Ōn’nyosh continued shouting for a good while, but when nothing happened, he turned to muttering instead. He then decided to do something useful and explore the cage. His instincts told him to avoid the bars, so he did, even though he couldn’t get a real good look outside of the cage by doing so.

As he knelt down to inspect the bare metal floor of the cage, his long hair cascaded down his shoulders and face. He sat up, gathering his wavy locks in his hand, then stared at his hair. He usually kept it securely braided, but apparently he couldn’t even have that.

“Fucking piss-blooded asshole,”he said with an irritated sigh.

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"True, true." Joy shrugs.

She spots a peculiar stall that seemed very popular. She points it out.

"Hey, let's go there! Maybe they have cotton candy!"

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Six finished selling some pink, fluffy, pure sugar to a mom and her kid. He watched the child giggle as the cotton candy dissolved in his mouth.
Movement caught his attention, and he glanced up to see 3 kids coming up to the the booth. They all looked to be around 20, in good health, and were unchaperoned by parents or old or younger siblings.
He smiled at them as they approached.