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jax tossed zooble's antennae at a Womblegoggle to keep it at bay, "whoa whoa whoa. what happened to 'your clothes are apart of your avatar', did i miss an update or something?"

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"I have no idea. My shoes are removable, but they kinda disappear when I take them off, only appearing when i want them back on-" Ribbon said, also confused. Pomni looked at Jax, then at Ragatha, then at Ribbon. "Uhhhhh…"

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he expertly dodged them and laughed with a slightly annoyed tone behind it "if you would refrain from violence i'm sure we could get along quite fine!"

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

"what, so we're not supposed to do that anymore? what else am i supposed to do, throw centipedes at raggedy ann?" said jax, his voice sardonic as usual but he looked a little frustrated as he kept throwing stuff at the Womblegoggles to almost no avail.