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"Hey, it's okay. I hated this at first too, but eventually I got used to it. And Jax isn't as confident about the whole bunny thing he has going on as he says he is. Come to think of it, I don't think any of us are the most confident, except for maybe Bubble. I know Zooble was really insecure at first, too." She smiled slightly. "Don't tell either of them I told you, though."

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"yeah, get used to it. and by the way, i heard that bunny comment. and for the record it isn't true." said jax. he was a big triangle, tossing up and down what seemed to be one of zooble's antennae.

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Ribbon dropped from the ceiling, smiling. "There's a newbie? And nobody told me?" She asked, shuffling her cards. "Then again, I was busy yesterday. I'm Ribbon. Ribbon Cards. I think it was a stage name before I came here… Because it seemed familiar. Dunno though."