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It's a show, watch it, it's amazing

I temporarily forgot about it until @VinegarSoup reminded me, so I'm making a rp :D Oc's are welcome, but please don't make them too overpowered

Caine: @VinegarSoup
Pomni: @Avhira-The-Eldritch-Horror
Ragatha: Me
Jax: @IcarusFightsTheSun
Kinger: @TheWanderingPoet
Zooble: @Serenity88
Bubble: @IcarusFightsTheSun

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If you want to make an OC, please fill out the following form:

Age (If known):
How long they've been in the Digital Circus:

@VinegarSoup group

Name: Benny
Age (If known): unknown (around 20 though)
Appearance: a lengthy solid black shadow of a cat with eyes all over their face (9 in total) and wears a blue bow tie
How long they've been in the Digital Circus: 3 years
Likes: jokes, the dark, food
Dislikes: spiders, anyone staring into their eyes too long, talking to much