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(oh good! glad to see people are still on here. i'll try to post regularly, once at least five people are here i'll start. and sry to @The_Painted_Wings, but im going to change up a few background things since i don't really know the original plan, but you're welcome to come back and take over if you want)

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(Haha it’s actually kind of lucky for me that this revived only after I finished the series)

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(Heyo everyone- could I join? I finished the series two months ago pretty recently, and I've been feeling pretty hollow since. I can be on pretty much everyday unless I need to focus on my classes in which case, I'll let you guys know.)

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(Wait did I give my character yet 💀 I don’t think I did-)

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Name: Topaz
Tribe (if dragon) : SkyWing
Pronouns: she/her
Personality: She is grumpy (who would have guessed, lol), she tends to look down on people, and she thinks everyone is annoying. Once she somehow makes friends with someone, she is extremely protective over that friend, often getting violent towards anyone who threatens/harms them. She often has to be restrained when someone annoys her, as she’s more of an “actions now, think later” kind of dragon.
Description: Topaz is a little small for a SkyWing, with orange scales and yellow scales near her underbelly and talons. She has darker orange speckles on her snout, resembling freckles. She has a single gold necklace with a skyfire stone as the pendant. Her eyes are yellow.
Backstory: Her mother insisted that she goes to the academy, to meet dragons from other tribes. (WIP)
Other: Topaz is slightly prejudiced against other tribes (especially the RainWings), often sticking to her own group. She can be persuaded to make friends with other tribes, though 👀

(If I need to change/add something, let me know! I might make another oc later— it depends, though)

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Name: Taharuu (Taha for short, named after a black sand beach.)

Tribe: SeaWing/NightWing (Mostly SeaWing)

Pronouns: She/Her

Personality: She prefers to keep to herself and overthinks a lot. She has a hard time sticking up for herself and would rather get her payback in secret. She is creative and enjoys making clay sculptures and jewelry.

Description: She is larger than most other dragonets and has dark bluish-grey scales. She has NightWing star-scales on her fins and wing undersides. She has SeaWing glow-scales on her body. She wears silver rings on her horns.

Backstory: She lived a relatively normal life in the rainforest with her parents, but she was generally looked down upon for not having any NightWing abilities. Her father sent her to Jade Mountain to hopefully make friends.

Other: She believes the Dragonets of Destiny caused the destruction of Summer Palace, and is a little bitter she never got to see it. Though she doesn't have SeaWing gills, she can hold her breath for an impressively long time. She struggles with hunting and flying because she never got much practice in the rainforest.

Sorry about the wait- made this character up on the spot.
New to roleplay forums, so if there's anything I should change, let me know!