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Name: dart frog

Tribe: rainwing

Pronouns: all pronouns

Personality: loves mischief and mayhem, total prankster, almost as loyal as a mudwing, is a good listener, avoids their mental health problems,

Description: 7 years old, long and slender like a snake, normally royal blue with a thick black stripe from the top of their head to the tip of their tail, black splotches all over his body like a hivewing but thinning out around the bottom(like talons and belly) and bright yellow like ink stains on the bottom of his talons, and long horns that curve inwards

Backstory: during a nightwing revolt his parents died and later he ended up in the sand kingdom and wrote an application letter to jma

they like: sandwing food, raspberries, mangos and jokes
they dislike: vegetables, seawings, OLD nightwings and bananas
they have an older friend in the sand kingdom called heatwave who they write letters to sometimes.
favorite color is yellow
NOT vegetarian

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(Heya! Is it too late to join? I’m nearly finished reading the Wings of Fire series for the first time and I’d like to be a part of this!)