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@The_Painted_Wings groupDMs open!


-Nothing too inappropriate, minor cursing is fine
-You can play as OCs, or canon characters, but only if it makes sense for them to be here (no villains or queens), as well as humans learning to speak dragon!
-This is a semi-lit roleplay, but you can use only two lines if you want, honestly, as long as it isn't just a single sentence you're fine
-Do not power-play, you are not Darkstalker
-No animus dragons or animus enchanted items
-If you have a prophecy, send it to me in DMs and we can talk it over
-No discrimination, please, we also don't want to ignore people
-I want chaotic-good energy from this
-Just overall, be nice, you don't know who needs it most :)

-Don't worry if school roleplays aren't your thing, that's only a sliver of what I have planned
-If you don’t know anything about Wings of Fire but you want to join, just play as a human (no powers)
-This takes place two years after all three arcs
-You can play up to three characters (one time/minor characters don't count)

@The_Painted_Wings groupDMs open!

Two years after the defeat of every evil soul brought their way, peace was brought between the ten tribes, though tensions still stand. SeaWings still bitter of the Summer Palace’s destruction. MudWings still mourning the loss of their families. NightWings still fearing Darkstalker will find a way to return. SkyWings still recovering from Queen Scarlet’s tyrannical rule. Many struggles were not cured by ends of wars. That’s why the Dragonets of Destiny made a place where young dragons can grow alongside other tribes, to learn about the hardships they go through, and form life-changing bonds that will develop into alliances.

After spiritual and physical repairs to the Jade Mountain Academy, its reopening is today!

Here's your booklet, it has basic information on all of your fellow students!

Zircon Winglet

HiveWing: Fireworm
SandWing: Sear
SeaWing: Hatchet
IceWing: Sapphire
RainWing: Dartfrog

Cave 1A
Hatchet, Sapphire, and Sear

Cave 2A

Cave 3A

Beryl Winglet

SeaWing: Taharuu
IceWing: Elise


(Is this still open? If not it's fine)

Tribe (if dragon) : SkyWing/MudWing hybrid

Pronouns: He/him, they/them

Personality: Stubborn and cocky but also caring

Description: Scales are mostly red with patches of brown, wings are a reddish-brown gradient. Snout is flat like a MudWing's.

Backstory: Karai was raised as an orphan, both parents abandoning him when he was only a few days old. It was under the MudWings care that he learned his abilities. His adoptive MudWing mother eventually sent him to JMA when he was of age.

Other: His name is Karai

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(Uh, sort of. I just got Pokemon Scarlet and I wanted to give my character some of Koraidon's attributes. I can take them off if you want me to)

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(Hi, I would maybe like to join, if that is okay. Although, I have no idea about Wings of Fire, so I might play as human. )

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(Alright, I might make the character later today or tomorrow.)

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(Sorry, but I realized that I won't be able to rp here. My apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused. 😰)

@The_Painted_Wings groupDMs open!

(It’s all about dragons, there are seven different species on one continent, three on another, all with different abilities and habitats, all the arcs are about stopping wars between the tribes, each with their own prophecy. If you want more info, just ask)

@-LemonTail- language

Tribe: Sandwing/Nightwing

Name: Famine

Pronouns: she/they

Personality: Sarcastic, loud, is gentle but doesnt appear that way most of the time (and more but I'll type it later lol)

Description: A small dragon. Scales very pale, the webbing in their wings is black, the underbelly scales are also black, and the "whites" of her eyes are actually black, and the iris is green. Her tail barb is also black.

Backstory: Was raised by her father with the Nightwing tribe, their mother left them even before Famine hatched. Famine feels more comfortable being with the Nightwing tribe, and gets along with a lot of NightWings their age. Her father sent them to school when they were of age.

Other: I shall figure it out later

@DancingWithMyDemons business

Name: Ian Harrison

Pronouns: he/him

Appearance: Abt 4’5 with peaches and cream skin. He has dull green eyes, a healthy amount of freckles and dark red hair. His hair is shaggy and unkempt, usually covering his eyes in some way. Dresses in white/cream oversized sweaters and jeans, snow boots, and his mother’s Diamond cross necklace.

Personality: Untrusting and shy at first, but friendly and energetic once he is comfortable around you

Backstory: Lived and homeschooled by his dads with a forest for a backyard where he would spend his days making forts and getting lost constantly. Was sent to School to become more aware of the world outside their home.

Other: Is scared of the dark, And loves raspberries.