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(May I join? WoF is one of my favorite book series ever. I've also been trying to flesh out one of my characters a little, and this would be a great opportunity to work on her!)

@The_Painted_Wings groupDMs open!

Name: Hatchet (After the deep-sea hatchet fish)

Tribe: SeaWing

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Deep, midnight purple scales, with a brighter purple belly, her over-scales are a dark indigo, with the spines connecting her sail slightly lighter. Her sail is a dull cyan, but her wings and webbing is a bright purple. The chin danglies are a pale pink, and her horns and claws are a dark green. Some of her glow-scales kinda blend into her regular scales, being a slightly paler version of them, with some randomly being a lavender, the glow-scales on her belly are a deep yellow, and her eyes are a dark emerald green.

Personality: Extremely shy and introverted, neither fight nor flight, instead the secret third option – freeze and hope nobody pays attention to you.

Backstory: Her and Sapphire are childhood friends, her mother signed her up for the academy to make more relationships with other dragons.

Other: She’s quite large, only a little smaller than Morrowseer; her imposing figure and reserved personality tend to make her, well, intimidating.

Name: Sapphire

Tribe: IceWing

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: Extroverted, friendly, but takes no shit.

Description: She has pale lilac scales, her over-scales are just a darker version of that. Her underbelly is a lavender blue, and once again, her eyes are a darker version of that. Her wings are a dull mint, and her horns and claws are wisteria, with white tips. She has freckles on her arms and snout that are the same color as her underbelly.

Backstory: Her and Hatchet are childhood friends, (WIP)

Other: She's mute, she knows sign language and aquatic, but prefers to write in a scroll which she keeps in a pouch around her neck.


Name: Rosefinch

Tribe: RainWing/SkyWing

Pronouns: She/her

Personality: For the most part, Rosefinch is pretty calm and relaxed. She's kind and empathetic, willing to help others whenever she's needed. However, she has a short temper and tends to react strongly to things, resulting in more than a few altercations.

Description: She's small and wiry, with quite a few scars, and purple eyes. She has reddish-pink scales, with darker overscales and yellow underscales. She also has dark red freckles, her wings and frill(?) are a sunset orange, and she has two earrings in her right ear.

Backstory: Rosefinch was raised in Possibility by her parents, Amethyst and Papaya. The two had differing views on how to raise her, Amethyst being strict while Papaya was more lax on discipline, though they both agreed on sending her to Jade Mountain Academy after she continued to fight with other dragonets in town.

Other: Rosefinch has a weird combination of fire and RainWing venom, allowing her to use a sort of acidic fire. She has difficulty controlling it, and is afraid of accidentally injuring someone with it, so she refuses to use it.

(I thought the idea of combining fire with venom was cool, but I didn't want her to be too overpowered, so I thought that making her scared to use it would make sense, especially since she's still a dragonet, right? I can change it if it's too much.)

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(Um, I know I left, but I'm free to come back, if you'd like)

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(Can she have powers (such as shapeshifting), or should she be normal? Just wondering.)

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Name: Lavendar Jardín

Pronouns: she/her

Sexuality: straight

Personality: She is usually very extroverted and cheerful, she loves small talk and helping others, despite her serious look.

Description: She has caramel colored, curly, long hair (usually held in two Dutch braids decorated with flowers or let down with a white scarf); hazel-ish eyes; a very serious look (although she is very kind); and light brown skin.{}

Other: She loves gardening, experimenting with herbs and potions, archery, learning, and listening to classical music. (Idk if that will help with anything.)


(Went ahead and made a second character.)

Name: Fireworm

Tribe: HiveWing

Pronouns: He/Him

Personality: Fireworm is a rather nervous dragonet, which tends to affect others' first impressions of him. He really wants to make friends, but he doesn't really know how to express himself, so most dragons end up thinking he's strange. He's a bit of a bookworm, and knows a lot of random trivia that he'd love to talk about, if he could get over his awkwardness. And despite any bad impressions he's made, Fireworm is very sweet and a great listener.

Description: He has light yellow scales, with darker underscales and black overscales. His talons are also black, and the 'whites' of his eyes are a dark brown while the irises are amber.

Backstory: Fireworm was abandoned by both parents at a young age, or maybe they died? He doesn't know. All he know is that he somehow ended up in Possibility, where he was taken in by Papaya and Amethyst, and raised alongside Rosefinch. Fireworm was sent to Jade Mountain Academy with her in order to learn about the other tribes.

Other: He finds animals much easier to interact with than dragons, and tends to talk to them as if they can talk back.

(Made him Rosefinch's adopted brother, cause why not?)