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Codie shook his head, ruffling up his black hair. “I am not that good looking. I don’t have the structure for it.” His dusky grey eyes were round, holding a soft melancholy to them. His nose was small and rounded. His body was lean with some but little muscle. His skin tone was that of a warm beige. He turned to Leo, finally giving the boy a small smiled. “You’re far better looking than me.” And Codie left it at that, watching Eyros make his way over to Leo and him, wary of this new stranger. Each one of them had mysterious motives, he was sure of it.

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Leo shook his head smiling, but Codie had ended the conversation and he'd respect that. He looked up and saw another person walking toward them. "What's up?" he asked pushing off the lion's leg to greet the newcomer.

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Codie stared at Eyros, blinking. He though Leo looked better. Hands down. But he wasn’t going to say that. “Nothing is really— going on other here. Just a small chat.” His cheeks were ever so slightly red from Leo comments. Clearing his throat, Codie held out his right hand. “I’m Codie.” He flicked his eyes between Eyros and his hand, trying to initiate a hand shake.

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Codie thought Eyros shook people's hands roughly and should be stopped. "Uhhh— enchanté… ack! No, that's French." His nervousness started to kick into high gear, especially with two people surrounding him. "Nice to meet you, Eyros." He stopped to take a breather, closing his eyes for a moment. His eyes fluttered open again, and he nodded his head. "I would assume so. After all, I have this big lion-thing."

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Codie looked around nervously, inching closer to Leo. He felt somewhat safer around Leo. Maybe because they got to know each other a little first. "And does being a paladin do exactly? I don't think four lions are going to do anything for a universe." He looked up at the face of the red lion. Codie didn't understand it. The lion didn't make any sense to him. "I think there might have been a flaw in its system."


“ the lions do not make mistakes. You'll fin your way. He said and smiled “ red.. The color luck and love. Prosperity and a new year's wish” he said and smiled
“ you are very lucky codie.” he said

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Caleb heard footsteps and slowly put his book down. He'd just gotten a fabric bookmark with little weights shaped like stars on the ends, he looked at it for a moment feeling a small surge of serotonin that small, personal items like this gave him. Caleb looked up, offering his usual smile, a soft one, where his eyes slide closed a little bit from his lips pulling so far upwards. The soft-haired man looked at Romulus, surprised that the man had come to say hello, though he did seem the most.. Outwardly friendly of their new rag-tag band. He'd tried to make conversation with everyone, something the quiet Caleb truly appreciated, as he sometimes had trouble getting his tangled thoughts in order enough to speak. Truly the brain was a Gordian knot sometimes.. It was an interesting myth that- Caleb did his best to focus on the person in front of him, rather than myths of people long dead. Caleb placed the book to the side and slowly got to his feet, dusting imaginary dust off of his pants.

"Hello Romulus, can I help you?" Caleb had a very sterile voice, it might sound cold to anyone who didn't know him, but when he was excited it had a vaguely musical tone to it when he spoke. He didn't mean to sound cold, it was just his mode of speaking. Caleb's eyes darted to the group by the door as well, his smile softening further, he was glad to see everyone getting along. At least he hoped that was what was happening over there..

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Romulus was glad to see Caleb in a mood to talk to him. He could tell his big personality was too much for the bookish paladin sometimes, and he didn't particularly blame him.
It was just so nice to have someone he could talk shop with who would understand, and could even correct his design mistakes.
"Hey Caleb, sorry to interrupt your reading, but I had a question. Could you take a look at the ablative armor I just added to my lion's underside? I'm not sure if I've attached it with enough give to ablate like I'm wanting it to."
Caleb's little habits and big brains had quickly endeared him to Rom, more than he had realized. The smaller paladin never seemed over confident, but he had yet to make a mistake, and Rom valued that dependability. He made a point of trying to pull the quiet man into the conversation whenever the group had discussions, knowing that Caleb likely wouldn't get a word in edgewise on his own. Which would be a shame, since he always had something good to add to the think tank.

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Caleb hummed, his head tilting a few centimeters to the side. It was a clear indication that he was thinking, probably tallying up his schedule in his mind. The soft hair fell in front of his glasses and he moved it away casually.

"I could. But what you really need to worry about it giving the lion enough mobility, since too much could end up causing drag in atmosphere. But if you don't add enough, the re-entry could cause you all sorts of nasty problems." Caleb said slowly, clearly thinking of the all the new scenarios in his head. Caleb liked Romulus better than the others, he was perceptive enough to notice whenever he had an idea, but was too caught up to say anything. As well as giving him time to work through his ideas fully, it made Caleb comfortable to know at least someone would wait for him to catch up with the conversation after he got side-tracked in his own mind. Plus, the other man had an incredible knowledge of machines and it was a breath of fresh air for Caleb to be able to speak freely about some of his more obscure projects. Once started, Celeb liked to get stuck into his work and Romulus provided an excellent source of new ideas and odd jobs.
The small man smiled, fiddling with his hands. "But I'm sure you did great, just remember to ask the lion how it feels. Clothes are important for them too." Caleb was very in-tune with his lion. Of course it couldn't speak, but it did give vague impressions or wants. He didn't like speaking with other people, but with the green lion Caleb could just offer his thoughts, speaking out loud with no judgement, and apparently the lion appreciated and reciprocated in its own way. It was absolutely fascinating to experience and document.