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(Maybe if we want sci-fi plus dragons, we could take a page from the Dragon Riders of Pern? If you've read it the dragons can travel through space and time, basically warping any distances? Maybe like space travel? )

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(here, character sheet. feelfree to add anything)
Relationship (open to or in):
Looks: (picture or description)

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( I hope this is ok, please lemme know if I'm way off with the vibe or whatever and need to fix it)

Name: Romulus Vale. Typically goes by Rom. His cage name is Caesar.
Ride: Yellow lion (or whichever critter we go with)
Role/Profession: Engineer. Moonlights as a cage fighter.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Looks: Rom is 6'6"/2m tall and weighs roughly 300lbs/136kg, making him pretty muscular and imposing. He keeps his platinum blonde hair cut short around the sides and back, but roughly 6" long on top, usually rocking a fauxhawk. His eyes are an icy blue, and his left one has a large scar running diagonally across it down to his cheek, making him blind in that eye. He has a square jaw and a Roman nose, and was considered handsome at one point, before multiple breaks to his facial bones messed him up. Usually he can be found wearing a grey trench coat full of tools over black boots. He tends towards black, grey, and red in his other clothing choices, colors which contrast with his pale complexion. Rom is a big, muscular guy, so he tends to work/fight shirtless. This has left his upper body covered in small scars, which aren't super visible on his pale skin until you're up close. He typically wears what look like black jeans over his black boots. His helmet/mask (while flying) is a classic Centurion's helmet, with some modifications. It has no plume; there is an open strip over the top of his head, and his fauxhawk sticks out as the plume. It also has metal strips connecting the two side pieces to cover his face, up to his eyes, which he leaves visible. There is a black glass visor that covers his eyes if he needs it. The entire helmet is black and highly reflective, made of an osmium/titanium alloy. The helmet can be collapsed down to just a collar, with plates covering his face up to the eyes. He has a voice modulator that makes his voice gravelly and deep, more of a rumble.
Likes: Getting into fights, building things bigger and better, being a help to those he's loyal to.
Dislikes: Complete silence, not being fully aware of his surroundings, and lots of rules.
Hobbies: Martial arts, artistic metal work
Backstory: Rom is a street brawler. He has had a ton of extensive engineering training, but his love of confrontation and getting into fights has always gotten him kicked out of jobs and programs. Now, he largely does black market projects or high profile jobs where they can afford his secrecy. He has built and piloted various ships.
Other Details: His boots are actually greaves that extend up to his knee when in a fight. He also wears gauntlets which come up to his elbows. These are the made of the same black osmium/titanium alloy and are cybernetically connected through his helmet. The gauntlets and greaves have various abilities, such as extending plates to form shields or extend Rom's reach, or increasing density to add extra power to his punches. They double as armor and weapons, but are tiring to use, which is why Romulus is so strong. The black jeans mentioned earlier are micro-chain mail, but no cybernetics; they just function as armor. His voice modulator can also be used as a sonic weapon.

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Name: Caleb Luc (Pronounced Luck)
Ride: Green Lion
Role/Profession: Lab work
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan
Pronouns: He/him/his
Relationship (open to or in): Open to currently.
Looks: (picture or description): Caleb has an absolute mop of grey/white hair. It hangs around his eyes, almost covering the eyes if not for the thin, wire frame glasses on his face. Silver/grey eyes, that are very wide and curious. This man is very thin and delicate, looking like a sharp enough breeze would knock him over. Very feminine, facial features, with a soft jawline, and lips that naturally slant upwards even at rest. Standing around 5'5" and with no body mass to speak of, Caleb isn't a very imposing figure. On his face he has the lightest gathering of freckles on the bridge of his nose and around, and a thin nose.
Caleb adores wearing sweaters, as he is constantly cold, and is usually found wearing something warm that goes over his hands. He likes black pants and shoes that get good traction oddly enough, as falling isn't exactly his favorite activity.
Likes: Sweaters, Music, hugs, and sweets
Dislikes: Being cold, not knowing anyone around him, and itchy materials.
Hobbies: Reading, playing instruments, or trying to find music in places not normally heard.
Backstory: Caleb was born a pretty sickly kid, which didn't allow him much time to go play outside or interact with many his own age. He got really into the arts and sciences, being fascinated by new materials. He's a quiet person, but once he warms up to someone he can be rather sweet. As he got older, Caleb always liked watching the stars at night, working on building and drawing models of ships that might one day be able to explore them.

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(I forgot about the lions, lol)

Name: Codie Ashvale

Ride: Red lion

Role/Profession: Fighter pilot

Age: Uhhh—24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi

Pronouns: He/him

Relationship (open to or in): Open to

Looks: He’s 5’10 with untidy black hair and bangs falling in his eyes. It's thick and short. Codie has soft-round electric blue eyes. He has a dainty nose and straight eyebrows. The shape of his face is oval in shape. His skin tone is a tan beige. He is lean and lengthy. His body shape is that of a triangle. He had little scars on his right arm from a bunny. Definition of a soft boy. He tends to wear simple clothes like t-shirts and jeans with a special leather jacket.

Likes: Collecting interesting things, the color baby blue, the smell of rain, moths, ravens, the outdoors, target practice, hydrangeas, sunsets, flying

Dislikes: Oppressive people, the color red, monsters, death (He’s afraid of it… for now), bunnies, hand-to-hand combat, bright lights, ignorance, nightmares

Hobbies: Archery, reading, and tending to flowers

Backstory: I don’t know much about him, but I’ll figure it out as I go