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Alaska Rhodes

Alaska Rhodes close

  • Bane's lieutenant

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Amity Sagewillow

Amity Sagewillow close

She is the deputy

A field agent

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Andrea Runeshade

Andrea Runeshade close

Gives us some insight into the villains' operation

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Bane Malice

Bane Malice close

  • Head of security

  • A reminder not all deemed evil is actually evil

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Dominic Ashvale

Dominic Ashvale close


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Ender close

Nathaniel’s lieutenant, second to the king, Ender is the demon in charge of the first legion. He is a war general and plans most of the wars and sieges. Ender encourages lust and war among humans. He feeds off of both the energy of lust and war

Demon of war and lust

He is also Nikolas’ lover

Temporary ruler of Hell after Ezra's death

Other than soldiers, the other demons under his supervision are succu...

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Eris Rowan

Eris Rowan close

  • The snarky second lieutenant

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Gwendolyn Everclear

Gwendolyn Everclear close

She introduces us to the world and the side non-clairvoyant people do not see

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Haiti close

  • Creator of demons and Hell

  • First king

  • Gets the entire ball rolling by killing Ira

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Holly Blueripple

Holly Blueripple close

She is a therapist

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Ira close

  • Creator of angels and Heaven

  • To get murdered by his brother

last updated 3 months ago

Isen Novack

Isen Novack close

Nurse/ Slate's apprentice

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James Blackwood

James Blackwood close

Founder of the bureau and one of the first to call himself a Clairvoyant

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Jaxon Ashvale

Jaxon Ashvale close

He supports Gwen but also opposes some of her decisions. He is also her mentor and love interest. Besides Gwen, he has an arc of his own and the realization of things that hold him back.

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Julian Rowland

Julian Rowland close

  • Head medical professional at the bureau

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Malak close

  • He gives visions and warnings to Julian about Nathaniel

  • Angel of knowledge

  • Co-supervisor of heaven

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Nathaniel Nightseeker

Nathaniel Nightseeker close

  • The main villain of the story; traitor to the Bureau and Heaven

  • King of Hell

  • Demon of wrath

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Nikolas close

He is the demon of Torture and commander of the third legion of hell. He is also Ender’s lover

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Valerian Havenfrost

Valerian Havenfrost close

He is the best friend to Jaxon and is a close friend of Gwen

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